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Version: 3.03
by: Zax [More]

SlashLib is a user defined slash-commands library.
It can be used like the built-in WoW macro interface but without tons of buttons on screen and no 255 character limit.

The friendly interface allows you to store and quickly execute all slash-commands (built-in or created by other AddOns), scripts and macros. All the available slash-commands are listed and accessible from the "Edit" window. Please note that only slash-commands are listed and not emotes.

How to use
Just open SlashLib main interface and create macros just like in the standard macros interface.
A list of all available slash-commands - built-in and created by other addons - is accessible from the "Edit" window, or by left-clicking with ALT on SlashLib minimap icon. Please note that this list doesn't show emotes, only slash-commands.
When checked, option "close before running" will close the library before performing your scripts.

Advanced usage - calls with slash-command
Any script stored in SlashLib can be called with a single slash-command by passing the script's name as parameter.

/slashlib do myScriptName

Where myScriptName is the name of a stored script, as it appears in the library list (case insensitive).

- Example:
/slibdo SampleScript
/slibdo Bow and Thanks

These slash-commands can still be used but they are deprecated:

Supported slash-commands:
/slashlib -- open settings in the standard addons settings panel.
/slashlib ui -- open SlashLib panel
/slahlib cmds -- display all available slash-commands (part of SlashLib UI)
/slashlib do SCRIPTNAME -- run stored SCRIPTNAME, as it appears in the library list (case insensitive)
/slashlib reset -- reset all settings to default - only settings will be deleted, not the user defined library


- 3.03 : 2014-11-02 : Patch 6 compliant (checkboxes bug fixed).
- 3.02 : 2011-18-03 : Saving some options bug fixed.
- 3.01 : 2011-12-03 : Hotfix for patch 4.03. Thanks again Dridzt :)
- 3.00 : 2011-06-29 : Major LUA and XML optimizations. LUA 5.x compliant. Edit field enlarged. Commands liste can be called directly. Settings are now available from the standard settings panel. Patch 4.2 compliant.
- 2.14 : 2010-10-17 : Hotfix for patch 4.01.
- 2.13 : 2008-10-18 : Minimap button bug fixed.
- 2.12 : 2008-10-17 : Patch 3.02 compatible. Thanks to Dridzt :)
- 2.11 : 2007-10-30 : Delete stored command bug fixed. Patch 2.2 compliant.
- 2.1 : 2006-12-12 : Patch 2.0 compatible.
- 2.01 : 2006-10-26 : User's command scroll bug fixed.
- 2.0 : 2006-10-25 : Ability to call scripts by name with slash-cmd added. List of all available slash-cmds added.
- 1.01 : 2006-10-20 : User's slash-cmds now saved (bug fixed). 255 characters limit in scripts removed.
- 1.0 : 2006-10-18 : First public release.
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Unread 02-19-09, 11:43 AM  
A Theradrim Guardian
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Here are a few ideas:

1) Shorter /slashlibdo; I think /sl would suffice
2) Ability to create unique slash commands in with the addon (IE:, something is called 'in', have the mod run the code (provided 'slashName' is the var storing the string 'in', _G["SLASH_"..slashName.."1"] = "/in" SlashCmdList[slashName] = function( msg ) ... end ) this could be a shortcut or the name of the thing
3) Passing of parameters to slash commands (IE: with '/slibdo in bop mo jo jo' or '/in bop mo jo jo', call what slib has of under the index of 'in' with 'bop' the first arg and 'mo jo jo' the second arg, accessable by a global arg (there should also be defaults assigned by the script if the first or second arg were not provided)) the first arg could be called SL_arg1 and second SL_arg2 or something, and then used in the script part of your addon (there could also be 'override' features)
4) LDB button instead of the mini-map icon
5) A way to share and import scripts; invoke a command via the addon and the current selection or all of the commands in the addon are made into a string ( with the different args separated by something like double $$, followed by a line return) then put into a copy-frame; from this copy-frame, the user can then put the output where someone else can then copy it and put it on their system. Also, there could be a P2P way to share in game.
6) False positive blank line errors. I get 'SlashLib: ERROR - is not a valid command!' when there are line returns when I run a script
7) A default script for /slashlibhelp; the only way I found the addon's ingame help was looking at the code, in my text editor
8) Key bindings for scripts

Example: I want to make a slash command, called dd, with your addon that runs SetDungeonDifficulty() with a dynamic parameter (1, 2, or 3). The script of the entry would be "/run SetDungeonDifficulty(SL_arg1)) If I click on the addon's window to run it, it should pop up a static popup dialogue and ask me to either select or input the pram. If I wanted to do it with a slash command, I could key '/slibdo dd 1' or '/slibdo dd normal' (if normal/heroic/epic, the addon would set the pram to 1/2/3 respectively). It would then run the command, setting the dungeon difficulty to the desired setting.

Edit: Added 8
Currently contemplating coming back to Authorship.. been away for years. Please let me know you care, by commenting on what addon(s) of mine you want to see updated.

Author of Daily Bean Counter, MyNameTogglesWhenIAFKorDND, Extended Shutdown Warning, Auto Mail Director, Duel Nullify, Spec Transmiter, Say Again, Window Teller, Who Crafts, Ad Repeater, Privy Cork, Mac Backup, and more.
Last edited by Mike-N-Go : 02-23-09 at 05:52 AM.
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Unread 09-16-08, 10:59 PM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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WotLK compatible version

Fortunately this beautiful addon only needs minor fixes to work on WoW 3.x.

A couple edits (mainly scrollframe fixes) was all it took to have it 100% working on the WotLK beta.
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Unread 03-13-08, 04:55 AM  
A Warpwood Thunder Caller
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Re: Problems with 2.3

Hapepe82, could you post your macro?
At this time, I doesn't encounter error with WoW 2.3
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Unread 03-07-08, 02:49 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Problems with 2.3

Hey, shashlib is a great idea, and I tried to incorporate it into my macros.

But I had a serious problem with the way, the commands are invoked by slashlib. I Always get an error of the chat-editbox when sending the command.

I traced it down to the lines 365++ of the slashlib.lua which read:

if (string.sub(chaineTemp,1,1) == "/") then
echo(SLIB_NOM..": ERROR - "..chaineTemp.." is not a valid command!","red");

Now i changed them to something like this:

local editbox = CreateFrame("EditBox", "myEditBox", UIParent, "ChatFrameEditBoxTemplate")


While this solves my error problem, it does nothing else... it does NOT invoke the command at all

Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Unread 11-01-07, 02:40 PM  
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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"Don"t tase me bro!" ~ Andrew Meyer
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Unread 11-01-07, 07:37 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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I'm sooo trying this ... have been waiting for something like it since Jim and his Slash Commander disappeared.

Very nice idea.
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