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Questie  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 4.1.1
by: AeroScripts [More]

Questie ~ The Classic Quest Helper

This version of Questie is still under HEAVY development. it receives several updates each day on GitHub. The builds on here will be updated weekly, but if you want the latest fixes make sure to check there: https://github.com/AeroScripts/QuestieDev

Make sure the questie folder is named "Questie", you shouldn't need to rename anything

If you have any issues make sure to check the FAQ (needs to be updated for classic), or post an issue to the issue tracker. You can also chat with us on discord and post bugs there.

Questie is a quest helper for Classic World of Warcraft. It adds icons to the map for the quests in your log, and shows what quests you can pick up. It's not a guide, but we plan to add integration for any classic guide addons to make sure they work well with questie.

Currently, most of the 1.12 features have been ported in, but a few things may be missing

If you find any bugs or problems please post them to the GitHub issue tracker, or in #beta-bugs on discord. Now is also the time for feature requests and suggestions as everything needs to be redone, if you have any ideas we're open to hearing them

v4.1.1 - You must restart the game to install this update!
- Add support for profession quests
- Fix the "enable tracker" checkbox not working without /reload

Fix compatibility with the following mods (Some others may be fixed also)
- QuestGuru
- Classic Quest Log
- Modern Quest Watch
- Bartender

Language fixes
- Fix tooltips/nameplates not working on non-English clients
- Fix tracker not displaying objectives on zhTW/zhCN
- Improved translations for Chinese and French

Quest data fixes
- Fix "Researching the Corruption" bad requirement data
- Fix "Arcane Runes" bad requirement data
- Add missing item for "The Super Snapper FX"
- Fix bad data for "Sandsorrow Watch Water Hole"
- Blacklist "Cenarion Aid" (not in this phase)

- Add the Questie tracker, this adds many functions, and allows you to track more than 5 quests. Make sure to check out the right-click menu
Some key features of the tracker:
- Focus Quest/Objective: This can be used to highlight the specific quest or objective
- Show on Map: This will open the map show/highlight the quest or objective. If the quest is finished it will show the turn-in location
- Shortcuts to show in quest log / set TomTom target
- Hide specific quests or objectives from the map
- "Automatically track all quests" will fill the tracker with your current quest log by default. You can un-track quests by shift-clicking them or from the tracker right-click menu
- Move it with ctrl+leftclick
- You can adjust the font size / spacing in the new config tab
WARNING: If you enable the questie tracker, please disable "modern quest watch" as it can cause issues with the tracker, this will be fixed in a future update

Other Changes

- Repeatable quests are now colored blue
- Add an option to color icons by objective, this makes them a lot easier to see on the map (Thanks siikamiika!)
- Prevent "Minimap Button Bag" from putting Questie icons in it's bag and causing lag
- Change to LibUIDropDownMenu to prevent taint of Blizzard UIs like the guild permissions UI
- Change minimap tooltip clustering threshold to prevent merging tooltips that are too far
- Start database rework, this should improve performance and memory footprint once it's finished

Locale Fixes:
- Improved translations for French, German, Russian and Chinese clients
- Import new localized names for all currently supported languages

Quest Data Fixes:
- Fix trade goods like herbs and cloth adding tooltips to mobs
- Fix wrong faction data for "Soothing Spices" (thanks haggen!)
- Add missing drop data for "Hyacinth Mushroom"
- Fix "Find Bingles" spawn showing in the wrong location
- Fix "The Mindless Ones" bad requirement data
- Fix "Researching the Corruption" bad requirement data
- Fix "James Hyal" bad requirement data
- Fix "Report to Captain Stout Fist" bad requirement data
- Fix "Tainted Parchment" bad requirement data
- Fix "The Tome of Nobility" bad requirement data
- Fix "Shadowshard Fragments" bad requirement data
- Fix "Save Techbot's Brain" bad requirement data
- Fix "Your Place In The World" bad requirement data
- Fix "Mudrock Soup and Bugs" bad requirement data
- Fix "March of the Silithid" bad requirement data
- Fix "Senir's Observation" bad requirement data
- Fix "The Black Shield" bad requirement data for the last step
- Fix "Raven Hill" breadcrumb
- Fix "Horns of Nez'ra" (not in classic)
- Fix "The New Horde" (not in this phase)
- Fix "A Lesson to Learn" (wrong faction)
- Fix "Shadowshard Fragments" (Horde version)
- Fix "Book of the Ancients"
- Fix "As Water Cascades"
- Fix "The Sacred Flame"
- Fix "Battle for Darrowshire"
- Fix "Ignition"
- Fix "Zapped Giants"
- Fix "Gadgetzan Water Survey"
- Fix "The Burning of Spirits"
- Fix "The Scent of Lar'korwi"
- Fix "Alien Ecology"
- Fix "Fool's Stout" not being flagged as repeatable
- Fix "The Everstill Bridge" bad drop table
- Fix "Elixir of Agony" not adding turn-in location
- Fix "The Third Fleet" not adding turn-in location
- Fix "The Lost Pages" not adding turn-in location
- Fix "Elemental Bracers" not adding turn-in location
- Fix more incorrect race data for "A New Plague"
- Change "Un'Goro Soil" to only show the dirt piles, not mobs that drop it
- Add "Samophlange Manual" to the item db (this fixes the related quest)
- Add "Venomtail Antidote" to the item db (this fixes the related quest)
- Add "Grish Longrunner" missing spawn
- Add "Warsing Scout/Runner/Outrider Update" to the item db (this fixes the related quest)
- Fix error when accepting "The Restless Souls". It's still not possible to show icons for this quest as it's in an instance.
- Fix error when accepting "Deeprun Rat Roundup". It's still not possible to show icons for this quest as it's in an instance.
- Blacklist many endgame quests that aren't available in this phase (please keep reporting these!)

- Add a warning when updating to a version that has new source files. Normally updating without restarting the game is safe, but not always. If we add new source files, the game can't load those new files in until it restarts which can cause a lot of problems
- Add checkbox to hide or un-hide quests to the quest search, and one to indicate if the quest is hidden by questie for other reasons
- Show tooltips on items for finished objectives, so its easier to tell what quest the items are for
- Fix a bug where blacklisted quests weren't properly being hidden (so quests like CLUCK! were showing)
- Fix a bug where only 1 quest would show in a tooltip or on the map, even if multiple quests or objectives needed the mob
- Fix quests sometimes being added to mob/item tooltips multiple times
- Fix journey window grouping quests by the wrong month
- Fix a bug where quest recommended level range limits were off by 1 level (thanks stijnherreman!)
- Fix name display in mob search results

Locale Data
- Import more translated NPC names/quest text for all languages, add Portuguese lookup data
- Some translation fixes for French and German languages
*Note:* There have been some users on German and Russian game clients who have reported issues with recent updates. We're working on it but needed to get these other fixes out first

Quest Fixes
- Add missing items to the DB for the quest "Cliffspring River Sample" and "Crown of the Earth"
- Fix un'goro power crystals incorrectly showing that they drop from mobs in the zone
- Flag "Gift Giving" as a holiday quest so it doesn't incorrectly show
- Fix "Touch of Weakness" incorrectly showing in brill
- Flag some Argent Dawn quests that aren't available in the current phase
- Fix more incorrect requirement data for "The Tome of Divinity" quest chain

- Add function to reset questie without /reload. You can do this by CTRL+Clicking the questie minimap button or /questie reload
- Ping minimap when you click a questie minimap icon
- Start work on the tracker. It's VERY work-in-progress, so it's disabled for now.
- Fix some errors in the journey window
- Fix a bug where hidden icon types would start appearing after some time
- Fix a bug where holding shift while mousing over map icons would cause Lua errors
- Clean up database structure to reduce global variable use

Locale Fixes
- Add Spanish translation (Thanks Dranthos!)
- Improve German, Russian and French translations

Quest data fixes
- Fix "Troll Necklace Bounty" incorrectly showing as repeatable
- Fix "Trial of the Sea Lion" showing wrong faction locations
- Fix "Small Crag Boar" incorrectly indicating that it drops "Crag Boar Rib"
- Fix "pickpocketed from"-type quest items not showing on the map
- Fix "Curing the Sick" missing objective icons
- Fix "The Blackwood Corrupted" missing objective icons
- Fix "Dig Rat Stew"
- Fix "Get Me Out of Here!" showing as available for horde players
- Fix "Water Pouch Bounty" showing constantly
- Flag "Kodo Hide Bag" as a profession quest
- Blacklist "Alterac Swiss" from showing on the map (it should be obvious how to get it anyway)

- Add basic TomTom integration. If you have TomTom installed, you can now CTRL+Click icons to set the crazy arrow target
- Set map to parent zone when right clicking icons (This happens when you click the normal map)
- Fix for "spawned by an item or script"-type mobs causing an error in chat and not adding icons
- Fix repeatable subquests incorrectly showing as available a day after you complete the chain
- Properly add/remove quests from the map when accepting them (Some quests lock out or open up other quests)
- Fix an error with the journey system (it would create a LUA if it came across a missing quest)
- Fix some unlocalized strings

Quest data fixes
- Fix frost oil incorrectly showing that it drops from mobs in a few different zones
- Fix horde voidwalker quest line showing some parts of the quest as available when they aren't (other cities)
- Add more missing IDs for "The Tome of Divinity"
- Fix "The principal Source"

Locale fixes
- Fixes french/russian/german/chinese/taiwanese translations (Thanks Pgmbru, Therebro, vriic and eke00372!)
- Import/correct some more missing NPC/quest names for non-english wow clients (Thanks TheCrux!)

- Properly check faction info when adding available icon (It wasn't working quite right in .14)
- Fix a rare error when holding shift to view more info in icon tooltips
- Fix the search / journey feature, last update had some bugs
- Move some things in to a shared global to reduce the chance of addon conflicts

Quest data fixes
- Fix quests "Candles of Beckoning" (431) and "Dormant Shade" (410) incorrectly showing as available
- Fix quest "Hand of Iruxos" (5381) missing spawn locations of NPC "Demon Spirit" (11876)

- Add translation data for some languages and code to use it. Thanks @BreakBB and @bmagic
Added locales: deDE, esES, frFR, ruRU, zhCN
Missing locales: koKR, ptBR, zhTW
This should fix tooltips and nameplates on non-english clients where data is available.
Not all names are pulled in for each language, but most of them should be
- Add individual toggle option for map and minimap notes.
- Add "Shift+Click to hide" for available quests. Please report bad quests sill so we can correct them in the database
TIP: Press shift to read a brief description of the quest!
- Change how player login events are handled, this should hopefully solve the issue people were having with quests showing up as available that they currently have
- Import new spawn database, including NPC faction data. This should fix quests that have a specific quest giver for each faction
- Begin restructuring of search feature. Work in progress.

Quest data fixes
- Add missing breadcrumbs for "Tome of Divinity". There may still be some missing though, there are a bunch of breadcrumbs for that quest.
- Add more spawns for "Glinting Mud"
- Fix "Search for Incendicite" incorrectly indicating that spiders drop ore (they don't)
- Fix "Burning Key" drop table
- The updated spawn DB should fix a number of bad quests

- Fix for quest database becoming corrupted. This could happen a number of ways on previous versions, and would cause many previously completed quests to show as available
- Fix a rare bug where questie would sometimes cause unrelated blizzard UIs (guild permissions, group UI etc) to throw errors about actions only available to the blizzard UI.
- Change how tooltip clustering is calculated. It should now merge tooltips (map/minimap) less aggressively
- Performance improvements

- Fix compatibility with some addons like Zygor's guide with 4.0.11. (Icons not showing on map)
- Some spelling mistake corrections

- Partial fix for desync (/reload) bug. Should be much better than before, If you still have bad/missing icons on your map that appear after /reload, please let us know!

- Fix icons not showing on the map on non-english clients (Thanks bmagic!)
- Fix for subquest-type quests incorrectly showing as available after the chain has been completed
- Smoother minimap icons by disabling texel snapping (Thanks Nevcairiel!)
- Import proper classic build of HereBeDragons

Quest data fixes
- Fix "lost deathstalkers" requirement data
- Fix "guarded thunder ale barrel" (there still seems to be a bit of trouble with parts of this chain)
- Fix "distracting jarven" subquest
- Fix "gathering leather" incorrectly showing as available

New translations have been made for the following languages (config UI only! DB coming soon):
- Russian
- Chinese (zhCN + zhTW)
- German
- French

Thanks to everyone who submitted translations! Translation data is still needed for NPC names and quest text in these languages, but that's coming.

Next update: Quest tracker / arrow

- Added toggles for different icon types (objectives, turn-ins, complete quests) and also tooltips. This allows you to turn off all objective icons and only show available quests

- Fix for "Candles of Beckoning" and "The Dormant Shade" (a few quests in this chain had incorrect data)
- Minor config UI fixes

- fixed green square bug (don't rename Questie folder)

This build also includes some changes from July that were missing in previous versions:
- fixed a bug where item tooltips were sometimes registered multiple times
- icon glow is now per-objective instead of per-quest
- fix incorrect minimap zoom values when indoors
- improve error handling for issues with localization data
- disable minimap coordinate display by default
- fixes to the config UI layout

Quest data fixes:
- Fix "pearl diving"
- Fix location of "supply crate"
- blacklist gems & herbs & mining nodes from showing to prevent icon spam
- blacklist green hills of stranglethorn and shredder operation pages, to prevent map icon spam
- blacklist "giant egg"

- Added option to add glow behind icons, unique to each objective
- Objective tooltips will now show additional information like NPC name when shift key is pressed
Added new Journey System
- Opens via Right click on minimap or /questie journey
- Shows your questing history, when you accepted quests / completed them / and who you were questing with
- Shows a breakdown of all quests by zone and what is complete / available in each zone and information about each quest.
- Advanced search system for searching through quests and NPCs in the game.
- More features to come!

Core fixes
- Make sure complete quest icons are above others
- Fix misdetecting quest objectives when an objective has missing DB data
- Cleaned up some minor issues with the config ui
- Tooltip cluster code now properly accounts for minimap zoom
- Fixed a bug where item tooltips were registered multiple times, or never registered
- Temporarily rename HereBeDragons library to prevent conflicts with other addons. This should prevent bugs like "icons showing in the wrong zone"

Quest data fixes
- Import new requirement data that should fix a lot of "breadcrumb" quests, which were incorrectly showing as available before
- Add soothing spices vendor icons nearby their respective quests
- Fix "pearl diving" incorrectly showing drops from badlands mobs
- Fix spawn point of "supply crate" for badlands quest
- Blacklist gems, green hills of stranglethorn pages, and shredder operator manual pages to prevent map clutter

- Tooltips now sometimes show additional info when shift key is pressed
- Fix misc bugs with the config ui
- Fix an issue where tooltips were sometimes removed too early
- Added target frame icon feature for nameplates
- Add folder detection code to support multiple addon folder names, without breaking textures
- Fix a bug where icons weren't properly reset on unload
- Start work on a system for sharing quest progress with other players, and quest chat links. This is currently disabled as it's not quite functional yet
Quest data fixes:
- Fix "Raene's cleansing" quest chain
- Fix "zzarc vul" spawn point
- Fix "vincent hyal" spawn point
- Fix "Flawed Power Stone" not showing as available
- Proper fix for lightforge ingots incorrectly showing as available (previous fix didn't work in all cases)

- fixed a bug where item tooltips would sometimes show incorrect quest
- fix nameplate icons overlapping raid target icons
- added a button to reset questie config to default
- added optional coordinate display to the map/minimap
- improve support for non-english clients (This still needs a lot of work)
- add a way to remove the "show/hide questie" button from the map
- fix some config ui bugs
Quest data fixes:
- fix "tome of the cabal" showing in wrong location (#586)
- fix "lightforge ingots" breadcrumb (#587)
- fix "ogre thieves" not showing abercrombie's crate (#579)
- fix "the corruption abroad" breadcrumb (#576)
- fix "deliveries to sven" breadcrumb

- fix a bug where quests were sometimes double-added to item tooltips
- improve "unlisted" objective logic
- fix martek the exiled requirement data
- blacklist cloth to prevent map clutter
- fix event notes not being removed on objective complete

- fix double-adding of special objectives to tooltips
- fix map notes randomly ghosting
- notes now fade when near the player, still trying to figure out a way to make them below game icons
- fixes to the objective note logic
- fix mage robe breadcrumb requirement data
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Unread 10-06-19, 04:58 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Quest tracker

For the tracker, might want to limit the line length or add in a wrap around(I'd rather line length myself). Doing the Druid quest for bear form and it's super long.

Also CLUCK! Someone killed the chicken before I could turn in and now it's all over the map after I got it from another chicken and turned in(got the egg).
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Unread 10-03-19, 11:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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members joined error

when looking at my journey (great feature!) it shows my other two companions that have joined me on my journey. except it just duplicates one of them and lists them twice instead of listing each of them. wanted to point it out in case there is a snippet of code that is incorrect.
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Unread 09-30-19, 02:47 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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map icons

I untrack some quests that are to high level for me but they're icons still clutter my maps. Is it possible to tie this into the icons so untracked quests won't show on both the mini map and big map?
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Unread 09-25-19, 11:59 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Not sure if this or CurseForge is your primary release spot, so posting this here as well:

When you're registering the Questie minimap icon in LBD, you're calling it something generic like "MinimapIcon" -- would be better to register it as "Questie" :-)

Easy fix, line 1276 in Questie.lua, change the first parameter to the LibStub NewDataObject() call to be "Questie", like:

Lua Code:
  1. local minimapIconLDB = LibStub("LibDataBroker-1.1"):NewDataObject("Questie", {
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Unread 09-22-19, 03:31 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Question Tracker UI Request

Hey Guys. Love your work.
Just have 1 request that I have seen so far and that is can we get a background on the quest tracking window please that stays without having to hover over it. Can be really had to read at times.

I could not find an option for it in the 'tracker' tab, but if it does exist and I have missed it somewhere, please point me to it.

Last edited by Darkrenzo : 09-22-19 at 03:33 AM.
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Unread 09-22-19, 03:27 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: request

Originally Posted by WoWEyE
I'm wondering if there's a way to make the quest tracker movable? I find when I'm doing timed quest the timer is unreadable as it's hidden behind the tracker.
It is movable. Hold Ctrl and left click and drag the box.
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Unread 09-21-19, 07:24 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Question request

I'm wondering if there's a way to make the quest tracker movable? I find when I'm doing timed quest the timer is unreadable as it's hidden behind the tracker.
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Unread 09-17-19, 01:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Quest tracker became totally broken after blizzard night servers update. All tracking quests just disappear from screen a few seconds after login. And doesn't show check marks on tracking quest in quest log. Fixed that shit with disabling Questie quest trafcking module.
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Unread 09-16-19, 04:32 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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having an issue where quests that aren't currently being tracked still have their objectives showing on the map. anyway to remove this? thanks!
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Unread 09-15-19, 09:28 AM  
A Defias Bandit

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Absolutely irrelevant due to the high RAM values on computers these days, but is this supposed to eat 80MB+ of addon memory? It legit eats more than all my other addons combined, and I have a boatload of 'em. Not complaining, just found it weird.
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Unread 09-11-19, 01:59 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
shervin's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Please fix the quest:*[25] The Sacred Flame ID: 1195

The moon well location is not marked on the map.

The marks is still on the map even after filling the*[Etched Phial] and getting the*[Filled Etched Phial].
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Unread 09-09-19, 07:09 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thanks for the addon.

A few things I miss:

- mark daily quests with blue ? and !
- Sunken Temple class quests are not in game yet
- an option to not display stuff on map and minimap if you already got all of the quest-items
- the quest [Tempel of Atal'Hakar] shows the objects on the swamp map while it is inside the instance
- the quest [Badlands Reagent Run II] is only avaible if you are alchemist
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Unread 09-07-19, 01:18 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Available quest is not available

I have a small issue. I'm a gnome warlock. Therefore I did the warlock quests starting from Dun Morogh.

However the quest in the human starting area "The Stolen Tome" still shows up on my map despite that I cannot actually acquire this quest (it seems it teaches "summon imp", which the Dun Morogh quest "Beginnings" does).

Is it possible to detect that? If not (or in addition to) is it possible to flag a quest as "ignore" so I can stop seeing it on my map. I'm a completionist so I still let low level quests be visible. I made sure to get the latest version and reload the game to see if this was already handled.

(Also after updating my repeatables came back. Is there a proper way to update? I removed the previous version)

But this is a great add on, thanks so much for making it!
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Unread 09-06-19, 05:31 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally Posted by Moosetrax
Hi AeroScripts! Thanks for all your hard work on this Addon it's all I wanted and more.

Just an FYI, I got the following error message after the most recent update and thought you would want to know.

Message: Error loading Interface\AddOns\Questie\Locale\esES\lookup.lua
Time: Wed Sep 4 17:02:18 2019
Count: 4
Try the latest update, should be good now. This may have been a bad install actually
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Unread 09-04-19, 03:07 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Hi AeroScripts! Thanks for all your hard work on this Addon it's all I wanted and more.

Just an FYI, I got the following error message after the most recent update and thought you would want to know.

Message: Error loading Interface\AddOns\Questie\Locale\esES\lookup.lua
Time: Wed Sep 4 17:02:18 2019
Count: 4
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