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FuBar - PointMan  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.4
by: Vrul [More]

Please use LDB - PointMan instead.

Shows the current zone/subzone and coordinates in the FuBar panel as well as in the tooltip. When the world map is open, the coordinates for the mouse cursor's position are shown.

There is an option to open Atlas (if installed) instead of the world map when you click on PointMan in the FuBar panel.

Options are available to show the current tracking icon in the FuBar panel. There is also an option to show a mail icon when you have unread mail, however that icon is not visible if you are tracking something.

The drop-down menu can be changed to be more like the minimap tracking button. If this option is activated then the normal options menu is moved to a submenu.

The tooltip is very customizable and has options to show hearthstone information (destination and cooldown if not ready), current tracking type, and unread mail notification. You can also add spaces between lines in the tooltip to better group information to your liking.

Version 1.4 (10/18/2008)
Updated for WoW client version 3.0.2. Clicking on PointMan in the FuBar panel will no longer open the World Map (or Atlas) while in combat.

04/05/2008 - Version 1.3: Removed the minimap options due to tainting issues.

12/09/2007 - Version 1.2: Fixed an error where going from an inside area to outside would not update the zone/subzone text. Added several options.

11/25/2007 - Version 1.1: Added a couple options and support for multiple profiles.

11/03/2007 - Version 1.0: Initial release
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