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Duffed UI v5  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 5.54
by: hank [More]

Hey Dudes,
first of all thanks to Tukz (King), Nightcracker, Eclípsé, Dricus, Elv and all the Guys who help Tukz.

- Tukui v13.26 (bugfix)
- other stuff I took over and dont know why
- As you probably all know I dont really play WoW anymore soooo ..now that means I dont really keep Duffed UI up atm (well i will keep it "alive" but i wont add new features etc) - if u dont like that or ur tired of waiting for updates: Download "Duffed UI v5 continued", im sure liquidbase aka Merith is doing a great job there :P

Duffed UI v5 Continued
Duffed UI
(modified Tukui v13) is a complete UI replacement.

More Screenshots with higher resolution: Tukui Forum - Duffed Thread

Type /tc or /tukui for ingame-configuration.
Type /mtukui to move nearly every Frame.
For everything else: /uihelp
Lower Resolution
There is an lowres-Layout - if u wanna use highres-layout, enable overridelowtohigh in general config.
If you wanna use the lowres Version on highres, enable overridehightolow in general config.
Take a look at mMenu - good friend of mine made it. Link
Already included: Recount, TinyDPS, Skada, Omen, Quartz. For more, visit:
Skinning Section on Tukui.org
Download on Tukui Board.
- Tukui (+Raid & Raid_Healing)
- Tukui_ClassTimer
- Tukui_ConfigUI
- Tukui_InterruptIcons
- Duffed

Have fun!

GitHub (Changelog)

- Tukui v13.26 (bugfix)
- other stuff I took over and dont know why :)
- As you probably all know I dont really play WoW anymore soooo ..now that means I dont really keep Duffed UI up atm (well i will keep it "alive" but i wont add new features etc) - if u dont like that or ur tired of waiting for updates: Download "Duffed UI v5 continued", im sure liquidbase aka Merith is doing a great job there :P

- includes Tukui 13.24 bug fixes (guess its important idk)

- ready for 4.2, lot of changes (most of em are bugfixes)
- add "hideplusminus" config entry (copied out of the continued-Duffed UI versin, teehee)
- Not sure if drink announcement for arena works, couldnt test it.
- whatever, i dont wannt to check every single file now :P!
- This is probably the last patch i will support but liquidbase will keep Duffed UI up2date (hopefully) - thanks at this point.

- add skins.blizzardframes config entry so u can turn the new skins on/off (map etc will sill be skinned)
- rename Addon_Skins to ..skins
- bug fixes Tuku included
- place old blizzardframes.lua in, just in case someone wanna use it
- btw I dont play WoW anymore (but i paid for 2 months, huge thanks to ur donations :)) so ..yeah sorry, there wont be that much updates now :/

- add all those skins Tukz and Elv etc did
- add bordercolor and backdropcolor to general config (so its not changeable via /tc)
- RaidUtilitymenu changes + movable
- ouf Framework update
- You're now able to resize frames via /uf .. but it may looks a bit weird cause of 1px border :/
- fix raidmarker blocked issue
- etc
- btw just noticed the 4 latest version got a wrong version number :>

- remove SkinFrames since i cant test it :>

--> Note: My Gametime expired (no money and lust) so i cant test this version. Please report if everything is working flawless (i know not everything is skinned btw)
- fix blizzfixrealidlink.lua error
- update guild datatext OnEnter
- add "Tukui_SkinFrames" Addon (those skinned windows like Character-info) as an addition addon cause i dont really like it and some other .. may too
- trinket cd 30sec after wotf

- fix interrupt say and aura announce bug (if "arena only" is disabled) .. i hope cause it didnt test it :)

- Add "Arena only" config entry for aura- and interrupt announcement
- skin new ticket frame and make it movable
- enable tab glow again
- add warrior stun to auratracker
- another way to show border for swingtimer ..should work better now

- disable Swingtimer by default

- fix border names
- add option to set framename in CreateBorder function:
frame:CreateBorder("FrameName", Parent)
(Parent & Name are optional)

- Add Swingtimer + options for color & size
- add "CreateBorder" function (creates Border (from topleft to bottomright) with shadow)
- maybe fix recount bug, i dont know
- "WatchFrameCollapseExpandButton" skinned again
- shorten some code (CreateBorder function)

- fix auraannouncement
- fix interrupt stuff as well
- Tukui v13.13 (including less cpu usage and skinned timetrackers for bg etc)
- fix amount of debuffs on some units (i hope ..not tested)
- C.unitframes.powerClasscolored for party and raid

- fix Tukui_InterruptIcons

- hps & dps fix (fps issues)
- fix regen datatext font

- 4.1 Ready
- Mainly bugfixes + some other changes
- too much :s

- Default Layout is now 2
- add "powerClasscolored" config entry (requested) true = power classcolored, false power-colored
- show tot and pet debuffs by default
- total hp/mana now also shows percent (changed other things there too .. but i dont remember everything)
- "Count" Font is now datatext-font
- color links in battlenet chat (took from beta)
- shorten gold-loot text
- fix bug on mage.lua (i guess) and change font

- finally KLE skin is working, credits to Elv

- Add classcolored names to default blizz frames again and scale them lil bit up
- btw im looking for a method to "replace" a texture without replacing the file itself ..is there a way?
- Add config entry for class-colored Panel-Border (:s)
- Add config entry for classicons on enemy nameplates (thanks to Edine)
- fix Lootmaster icon for layout 2
- fix 2 lua errors u get if u try to use /uf without ouf uf's
- fix Colorgradient beeing blue at full hp
- 1 less ToT debuff pls
- disable "NotFullMana"-fadeout (Fader) for warrior and Deathknight
- not that much again

- add a "spell"-list for the aura-announcement (for stuff like Mana Tide Totem)
- remove /ddispel and /dpriest slash commands
- add /duffed or /duff <x> slash command. x =
--> aura or a (enable/disable auraannouncement (temporary if u dont want to spam a rnd grp e.g.)
--> interrupt or i (enable/disable interrupt announcement)
--> priest or p (move Priest SoS Frame)
--> dispel or d (move dispelframe)
- add "autoguildrepair" config entry (repairs from guild bank if possible, otherwise it uses ur gold :>)
- remove backdropcolor and bordercolor from config.lua, back to media.lua cause u wasnt able to change it via /tc
- unitframes.fontsize now affect die unitframe fontsize, awesome!
- unitframes.cbicons now affect castbars ..even playercastbar :>
- we cannot place TukuiPetBar infight so ..stop infight (may result infight in some weird looking bar but i didnt test it)
- add some more libstuff
- allow every datatext tooltip infight (it annoys me :<)
- fix KLE skin (lol dont look at the code! :D)
- add tiny spellstealer & cooldowntogo skin
- blizz debugTool skinned (/eventtrace)
- average item lvl on tooltip (by gsuz) if IsShiftKeyDown()
- add small focus for layout 2 (im not that happy with the position and everything but better than a huge focus pve or whatever, not? :>)
- health-value for grid layout now has an outline..was hard to read
- guess that everything for today, no DR-Tracker :/..

- move backdropcolor and bordercolor config entry to general config (so u can edit them in /tc)
- add ColorGradient config entry (for unicolor only atm). Health Color from red to "healthbarcolor"
- Decrease minimal-chatsize so ur able to decrease the chat? :s
- some stuff Tukz did
- add /layout <1 or 2> command (required Tukui ConfigUI)
- Raidutility uses datatext font & fontsize
- added paladin seals in selfbuffs.lua (@barehugs)
- fix focus debuffs
- Tukui ClassTimer now appears direcly above Playerframe and above Focus if there is an focus :s (so theres no space anymore .."wohoo"?)
- hopefully i dont have to fix too many thing with 4.1 or 4.3 or..whatever the next patch is called :<

- fix dps40 Raid (didnt test it but ..should be fixed)
- ICON or MODEL portrait for focus
- Tukui v13.07
- thats all for today!

- add a 2nd Unitframes-Layout (doesnt affect Party/Raid)
- Added config entrys:
--> "layout" (choose between Layout 1 and 2)
--> "buffrows"
--> "debuffrows"
--> "portraitstyle" (ICON or MODEL for Layout 2)
- prevent sCombo luaerror /mtukui
- only force AddonBackground to show on login, not every loading screen
- dps raid anchor: bottom
- place raid/group directly above chatBG
- some more changes..

- Tukui 13.06
- add small config for dispelannouncement in Duffed/Config.lua and increase fontsize
- Add TinyDPS & Quartz Skin support
- rename the skin function stuff ..may it doesnt get in conflict with telui addonskins anymore idk
- integrate slightly changed sCombo (movable via /mtukui)
- config entry for the stuff above ofc + "showspellid" for buffs etc
- uffontsize = 11 if normalfont == true
- add some spellIDs (@Nihan)
- Hide BnetHolder instead of fade out
- libsharedmedia support (pretty sure i miss something)
- Totembar add shadow (and yeah its still buggy, sorry)
- allow Quest Objects etc infight :s
- BLIZZARD FRAMES are now usable -___-
- hide hp-value for pets
- pretty sure i missed something

- add 3 config Entrys:
--> gridsolo (show grid layout outside of a group)
--> focusdebuffs
--> targetdebuffs(classtimer - target debuffs above target. But it looks crappy imo ..guess i will change it soon but idk how atm)
- fix "no faction tracked" text
- add fade-in effect to mouseover coords on minimap
- add coords on worldmap again
- do not REMOVE ALL chats on chatFrameX on reload (but still SET chats)
- add tiny TinyDPS Skin, hihi!
- fix rebuke SpellID and add warlock teleport to ii

- Add dispel announce to Duffed Addon (move frame with /ddispel)
- Added config entrys:
--> dispelannouncement (well .. u know what its for! btw turned off by default)
--> fading for the chat
--> Enable Addonskins ..config entry for every single skin
- place Addonbackground to ChatFrameX if rightchatborder is enabled (like the ChatFrameX ..yeah ..:>)
- fix target debuffs position
- fix AuraTracker below portrait for larger focus frame
- Add portrait to bossframes and enlarge buffs (portrait size ..will overlap (hope u'll like it))
- btw /testui buffs crashes ur game :>

- better skins for omen & recount

- added config entrys:
--> ["Addon_Skins"].background (same as chat.addonbackground)
--> ["Addon_Skins"].combat_toggle (toggle some specific Addons + the addonbackground in-/outfight
--> ["unitframes"].gridpets (show or hide pets on grid 5man layout)
--> ["unitframes"].gridvertical (stack grid vertical instead of horizontal
--> Move unitframe fontsize to ["unitframes"]
- Added Omen, Recount, Skada and KLE (or something like that) Skins out of TulUI Addon Skins into Duffed ui
- add a "T"oggle butto to Chat and Addonbackground to toggle between Chat and Addonbackground (will also toggle supportet addons itself :>)
- fix target debuffs position
- AltpowerBar for Boss less ugly oh yeah
- hope it work hihihi!

- change some default colors
- show only World Latency on fps mouseover
- do not change fontsize depending on raidscale!
- change Grid Layout (enlarge it a bit) + pet
- overall nothing really important.

- https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/bf0681b79a2cfd2c8335f28a94f40ad5882e4aad
- btw "g1" is not working ..was just a test

- nothing important

- "Timer added to RaidDebuffs. Adding a new list inside functions for reverse timers. Instead of showing time left on debuff it shows the current ammount of time. (Needed for some PVE debuffs aka Wrack debuff from sinestra)"
Thanks Elv :>

- (typo)fix vengeance bar for dk, thanks Cynical

- add honor and honorablekills datatext
- add "largefocus" config entry for a larger focus (looks like arena frames)
- enlarge Arena/Boss Castbar a bit
- enable pixelfont for Russian client
- add 92956, -- Wrack to the debuff list. Ive no idea how to add this revert stuff elv did ..he uses another code for all the stuff
- Fix bug that ..shouldnt exist
- disable Backdrop Highlight for all the layouts..looks ugly as hell
- decrease grid layout by 1px to prevent display bug

- add "uf_font" again in case someone wanna replace combat_font as a combat font, u know?:>
- add "vengeancebar" config entry that will replace the threat bar at the right infopanel with a vengeance..bar :) (oUF_vengeance)
- self.Panel color know has the correct..color :s
- fix shapeshift border size
- 13.06 changes
- change the way, the "C" button is placed - hopefully sucessful
- add home and world latency to fps&ms tooltip (oh yeah)
- skin system/mem datatext
- update RaidUtility (+some small changes)
- change BnetNotification Default Position
- tooltip transparent pls
- skin maintank/assist :x
- change shard-bar color
- things no one will notice

- fix pvp config entrys
- add "classolored" config entry for castbar
- color powerbar to datatext color
- fix druid mana fontsize
- add tooltip when mouseover unit (fader)
- fix classtimer border :s
- slightly dps layout changes
- set backdropcolor to media.backdropcolor

- Strength of Soul Frame only for Player <.<
- OnLeave Show; Hide (status)

- Tukui 13.05 ("Don't use oUF as global in Tukui anymore, use oUFTukui. This should not interfere with original oUF anymore if installed and enabled.")
- Tukui 13.05 ("Fix random healthbar backdrop randomly hiding on nameplates.")
- https://github.com/tukz/Tukui/commits/master
- add T.Duffed Constant for Duffed Addon
- Duffed AddOn is now usable as an standalone AddOn even for other Edits
- Fix Strength of Soul Priest Addon in Duffed/scripts/priest.lua

- add 4 config entrys:
--> fader_alpha (if fader is enabled)
--> leftchatbackground
--> rightchatbackground
--> rightchatnumber
- removed 'addonborder' config entry ..so this crap is solved
- (fader) mouse over frames = set Alpha to 1
- (fader) show castbar
- (fader) set alpha to config fader_alpha value (if not 0)

- castbar classcolored (if not player)
- may that will fix the chat background bug
- ToT mana classcolored
- ToT & Pet Name got "THINOUTLINE"

- add "overridehightolow" config entry
- add "fader" config entry to enable oUF_Fader .. experimental
- disable focus castbar if unitframes.unitcastbar not = true
- disable pets for dps layout .. i dont think someone who choosed dps layout need to see them.
- place player & target bit higher for lowres and hopefully fix the bug, right chatbackground doesnt appear after /rl

- change lowres style and set overridelowtohigh to false by default (/resetui if u're using lowres)
- battleground infopanel clickable again
- increase chat size a bit so Grid fits perfectly on ..it :s
- decrease playerwidth for lowres -> playerwidth-45
- only enable Tukui_InterruptIcons in Arena
- rightclick on the +/- button will now toggle between infopanel and bg-panel (if u're in bg ofc)

- hide MultiBarRight if righbars = 1 at start
- change hotkey font
- add some text that will be replaced
- move durability frame

- write an "Priest Strength of Soul" oUF Plugin
- fix bug if u disable castbar
- smaller the right < and > buttons so the rightbars are closer to the edge
- fix hps and dps datatext
- fix focus size

- mmenu, not mMenu please
- fix 1 rightbars /rl bug
- ClassTimer backdrop Transparent

- add petbarhorizontal config entry (finally)
- add addonborder config entry
- fixed the bug, buttons disappears for warrior, druid etc(!!)
- fix font for some datatext
- tukui v13.03
- update InterruptIcon
- fix focus position
- ...

- typo

- do not unregister this event please, thanks.

- found another pixelfont with additional characters ..use this one know.
- add a general.normalfont config entry to use the old font
- arena auratracker now have a timer
- add lil bit of lowres support but overwritelowtohigh is true by default cause i dont really like the lowres layout atm ^^
- finally fix the damn Rightbars-button bug ..!
- add datatext.font config entry (also used for chat & buffs)
- fix clickable invisible frame
- Tukui v13.02 fixes

- Show Chat Background on right SIDE PLEASE OKAY???sefsrhsd
- sellgrays = true again for 4.0.6

- fix rightbars bug
- fix bug, button doesnt appear on some characters (at least i hope so)
- change keyframe position
- add correct faerie fire spellID (?)

- load profiles.lua after medias.lua :s
- force /resetui
- skin Tooltip-HP
- fix ConfigUI translation(..) for actionbar entrys.

- fix battleground info lua error
- change font back to the normal cause pixel font is missing lot of characters
- readd mage-teleport menu
- readd raidUtility
- fix background above actionbar (at least i hope)
- readd recount and omen skin
- update ClassTimer ID-List

- add ClassTimer colors to config.lua and TukuiConfigUI aswell
- fix bug right chat-background doesnt appear after login (at least for me)
- prevent bad looking lines on actionbars and unitframes

- fix pet size
- fix /tc /tukui bug
- oh yeah baby

- Tukui v13, here we go!
Changes from Tukui v13 to Duffed UI v5 =

- woops ..change bottom48 to false by default :x

- fix rightbars = 3
- add "bottom48" config entry (yeah the name sux) with which you will have 2 large 24 button rows at the bottom
- enable classcolor for every class except priest :s

- add 2 config entrys
--> TukuiCF["castbar"].target-y-offset
--> TukuiCF["castbar"].focus-y-offset
- set sellgrays to false till 4.0.6 to not sell archeology crap :>
- Copy Button Rightclick will now toggle the Chat Menu
- skin menus

- Make the Altpowerbar less ugly^^
- reset BnetFrame Position at /resetui

- it just makes no sense? ...

- disable TbTimer
- Make the Battle Net Notification Movable (/mbnet or /move)
- TukuiCF["actionbar"].macrotext now works again
- change default config
- skin the Collapse/Expand Button (Watchframe)
- if Left-chat Border is enabled, the editbox will be there on the ..top ..panel u know?
- add the bugfix elv did for Boss Power
- make the soundbar prettier
- fix Tukui CLasstimer position for every possible Unitframe lenght etc, ..at least i hope. And and i correct the timer position there

- do not hide the "WatchFrameCollapseExpandButton"

- force "CompactRaidframes" ..that solved the Problem!

- fix size of zonepanel
- fix lua error if zonepanel = true
- hopfully blizz frames are gone now? Oo
- fix TukuiTooltipAnchor and TukuiAurasHeader bug

- disable coords animation if zonepanel is enabled

- hopefully the bug with Blizz group frame is solved

- fix Wyvern Sting SpellID
- add the option to add a border around the shapeshiftbar(border is always there (hidden) to remove the gap between 2 buttons)
- remove the red border around equipped items (causes lua error)
- Skin Totembar (by Tukz ofc)
- change default config a bit .. ofc u dont have to take changes over
- fix a bug in friends.lua
- Blizz default party frames will now be shown if theres no raid layout loaded
- add Holy Word: Chastise to auratracker
- Add /move /moveui command to move:
--> Minimap (/mmm)
--> Tooltip (/mtt)
--> Shapeshiftbar (/mss)
--> Unitframes (/uf)
--> Watchframe (/wf)
- /move reset to reset all Positions (except Unitframes (/resetuf))
- change the installation: chatframes size, right chat will now be Loot and Trade etc aswell
- change style of chat borders
- player hp/mp will now be shorten (for arena & boss aswell) and hp is inside the healthbar. Overlapping Text isnt that great! :)
- Fix Pet position for grid layout

- sort Duffed addon again :>
- bug fix (thanks @comment)
- dunno
(https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/76569fd88f1e6402484d0c24a295801a5ea2886b yeah the changes are included in this commit and .toc isnt updated yet)

4.55 (4.54)
- REMOVE dStuff again and put the stuff into Duffed
- sort Duffed Folder
- REMOVE a font file not needed anymore
GITHUB DRIVES ME CRAZY ... all the logs are gone and ive no idea why. Anyways i tryd to .. eh ..whateverlalalala)

- Tukui v12.64
- ADD oUF_AuraTracker (-> Arena Frames)
- ADD oUF_ClassIcons (-> Arena Frames)
- ADD oUF_Talents (-> Arena Frames)
- ADD "dStuff" (dunno a new ..Stuff like the new config entrys)
- REMOVE Filger (will add in to Extras i guess)
- reskin Arena Frames
- ADD 2 Config Entrys:
--> ["pvp"].drinkannouncement (drink announcement for arena)
--> ["pvp"].ccannouncement (Announce CC/Buffs/Debuffs (config in AddOns/dStuff/config.lua))
- Color Trinket (Arena) green if its ready, red if on cooldown (oh and its now a small square)
(Files: Sorry Github is buggy (Bluescreen while updating) .. listing all files would be to much :/)

Screen of the new Arenaframes + AuraTracker etc

- Tukui v12.61 (lot of stuff)
- mMenu datatext support
- increase heal layout size a bit
- github.com/tukz/Tukui/commits/master

- add feral kick to spelltracker
- All the stuff from Tukui version 12.53 - 12.55 including:
- updated ouf framework
- some bug fixes
- left an rightclick on time panel (open calender or clock)
- show Inner Fire/Will on UFs
- etc pp read https://github.com/tukz/Tukui/commit/f0fafcb61efbd1e683ecc67797c7c92a2893f946 :>
- btw what is the AltPowerBar for? I dont got it ..anyways
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/1c4a0ea9338d3365eb1de48e791d16b7ddf2ca24)

- add the option to add a spell in Filger per SpellID (thanks mrruben5)
- fix position for focus and ClassTimer for some classes

- Tukui v12.53 (no this is not a Tukui v4.50 edit^^)
- overwrite blizzards entering- and leaving combat string
- add resting-icon
- style boss & arena frames + add castbar
(cant rly test it yet ..let me know how it looks in arena)
- ClassTimer add some spells
- ClassTimer change a color and change the way, the bars are anchored (not to focus frame anymore)

- add rested xp information + rep percentage

- fix maintank border

- add shadow to bags, pet & petbar

- fix bug if theres no faction reputation tracked

- thek_castbar code cleanup and add shadow
- sort group 1-8 not 8-1 and fix healcomm
- fix 1px too long holy power bar
- readd exp/rep bar (if portraits are enabled)
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/4cb079c30ca8acf9afb239e240d25c4942e605b0)

- fix sizes of eclipsebar, runebar etc etc
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/0fe15e44f1f36dea6f8149ef9753c7c3dc4c8dc0)

- clean up code a bit
- player and target a bit smaller
- new border for classtimer icon + 2.16 spell IDs
- fix sizes if portraits are disabled
Im not thaaaat happy with the smaller unitframes (the look) but they are too long so ..i dunno .. hope u r okay with that.
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/1f4107f7585136a17817479b65963f46173ac88f)

- add shadow to recount and omen skin
(Files: panels.lua)

- Grid Layout Column spacing = 8

- new player and target layout
- grid layout changes
- everything got shadows
- darker
- Zonepanel fix
- first login-fix
- add thek_castbar again
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/9877097d200ccbee0b2441324609815eba594627)

- change style of Grid Layout (hope u like it)
- fix classcolored names bug for blizz unitframes (temp disable it)
- add rogue filger config but u dont rly need to update it..
- config.lua
- fix the map.lua bug if u use blizz frames
- delete a font file which isnt needed anymore

- rightbarsmouseover = true
- copied Hydras watchframe (/wf to move it now)
- Set Chat-fading to true if border isnt enabled
- Tukui stuff whatever update
- move rightbars and minimap a bit

- dunno if this is a fix but after I copied this damn part again it works oO

- Add Tol Barad (or whatever its called) Portal to Mage-portal-bar
(Files: class/mage.lua)

- Add menu entry "Toggle KeyFrame" on the close-button @bags
(Files: bags.lua)

- Tukui v12.50
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commit/44967d607becea3ff0e214d2d95ea12be51ea1c4)

4.33 & 4.32
- Maintank & assist border
- chat fix (Thanks Zakon)
(Files: https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commits/master)

- https://github.com/Duffed/Duffed-UI/commits/

- fix bag.lua (so u can now use bags in ur bank ......is this sentence correct?)
- update datatext (e.g. friends, guild)
(Files: datatext/ friends.lua, guild.lua, gold.lua, currency.lua, avoidance.lua, armor.lua, scripts/bags.lua)

- Cataclysm update
(Files: config.lua, watch.lua, actionbar/Range.lua)

- fix eclipsebar "shadow" bug
(Files: unitframes/functions.lua)

- thekCastbar is back
- Map fixed i guess (dunno)
- take the backdrop back in bags
- some more things i dont remember
(Files: AddOns/thek_Castbar, map.lua, minimap.lua, bags.lua, ...?)

- Names in group (dps layout) in classcolor
(Files: dps_layout Folder..)

- fix TukuiCF["chat"].background entry
- add config entry ["belowrightbars"] (tooltip position)
(Files: chat.lua, config.lua, tooltip.lua)

Only 1 exit-vehicle button please
(Files: scripts/actionbar.lua, actionbars/others.lua)

fix "swapbar1and3"
(Files: sripts/actionbar.lua)

- some small changes @libs etc..dunno everything sry

- Lot of stuff .. Tukui 12.47

- sry .. Chat Tabs are hidden again

- Tukui v12.29
- chat and battleground Things translated
- some bug fixes etc i dont know ..too much :D
- Btw the castbar bug is not my or tukz fault .. this also happen with 0 addons loaded :/
(Files: invite.lua, minimap.lua, libs/ouf/elements/aura.lua, arenatrack.lua, datatext/battleground.lua, chat.lua, skin.lua, config.lua, layout.lua, launch.lua, bubbles.lua, ..?)

- guess i fixed the bug with the bar and changed talent specc .. u know?
- nameplate stop rezising
- Tukui v12.26
- Battleground panel fix color of the frame behind + fix the tiny cube + change color of text
- right chat justify to right
(Files: chat.lua, actionbar.lua, nameplates.lua, layout.lua, unitframes/functions.lua, datatext/battleground.lua, ..?)

- fix flashinfo and pvp status position
- fix focusframe position for pala
- fix classtimer position :s
(Files: Classtimer/core.lua, Unitframes/layout.lua)

- fix wintergrasp Timer
(Files: datatext/time.lua)

- fix hp-deficit color of raidframes
(Files: Tukui_dps_layout, Tukui_heal_layout)

- dont like some of the changes anymore ^^
(Files: media.lua, panels.lua)

- update all .toc Files <.<
- Small changes at the ..style :s
- Tukui v12.25
- disable multisampleprotect by default cause it doesnt affect the UI itself anymore?
(Files: kill.lua, panels.lua, actionbar.lua, local/german.lua/, *.toc, media.lua, nameplates.lua, BarPet.lua, vehicle.lua, buffs.lua)

- Classtimer is back

- Tukui v12.22 = lot of changes @ ouf_ Stuff
- Runebar fix
- much more >.< dunno
(Files: config.lua, Tukui.xml, /libs/ Folder, Kill.lua, Hide.lua, actionbars.lua, hunter.lua, functions.lua (/modules), datatext/gold.lua, map.lua, ..guess that was all)

- Oops ..Totembar is back!
- Shapeshiftbar saves position now -.-
- everythingclasscolored works now
(Files: config.lua, Tukui.xml, actionbars/

- "fix" the holypower/eclipse crap Bug
- ..dunno
(Files: Duffed Folder)

- Tukui v12.15
- fix tooltip bug for tot debuffs
- shapeshift stuff should be fixed ..dunno
- some more stuff
(Files: config.lua, libs/elements/aura.lua, BarShift.lua, Hide.lua, scripts/functions.lua, Style.lua, autodisable.lua, ...?)

- Priest soul bar
- add raidUtilitys
- set totdebuffs to false by default cause dunno how to fix the tooltip bug
- ..something i forgot
(Files: config.lua, class/priest.lua, Tukui.xml, scripts/raidutilitys.lua, ..more :) )

- Sorry cannot list everything cause i forgot the most (too much) :s

- eh..fixes!

- eh..fixes!

- eh..fixes!

- readd hyperlink
- Alwaysshowactionbars

- Some fixes

- 4.0.1 ready ..i hope

- usable with unicolor = false ..:> sry
(Files: unitframes/layout.lua; Tukui_Dps_Layout/...; Tukui_Heal_Layout/...;

- add mage.lua (= click on the left panel below minimap opens a menu for portals and port (leftclick is port ..rightclick portal))
- change focus-castbar style ..its more a test
- fix lag when open bags
(Files: Tukui.xml, bags.lua, unitframes/layout.lua, class/mage.lua)

- Sorry guys ..bonusactionbar was wrong placed if swapbar... not = true
(Files: actionbar.lua)

- Tukui v11.42 (some fixes)
(Files: Tukui_Heal_Layout, unitframes/functions.lua

- Tukui v11.41 includes:
-- auto-greed on frozen orb
-- new way to show debuffs on raidframes
-- other stuff etc .. http://github.com/tukz/Tukui/commits/master
(Files: Tukui.xml, Tukui.toc, Tukui_Dps_Layout, Tukui_Heal_Layout, scripts/colors.lua, modules/autodez.lua, unitframes/functions.lua, unitframes/layout.lua, tooltip.lua, datatext/mem.lua, datatext/fps.lua, /libs/oUF_RaidDebuffs/ ...all? dunno)

- forgot to swap Bonusactionbar if swapbar1and3 = true, sorry dudes
(Files: actionbar.lua)

- fix exp and rep bar on ouf_frames
- clean up before she comes!
(Files: unitframes/layout.lua ..guess that was all :D)

- Tukui v11.35
- bug fixes
- remove some textures
(Files: skin.lua, libs/ouf_trinket/, media/textures/)

- new config entry "swapbar1and3" (Swap Bar 1 and 3 so ur Mainbar will be on top)
- remove lvl display from focus target
- tukui v11.33
- classcolored castbar now possible for ouf_frames
- ready check bug fixed
- Boss and Arena frames now have border :>
- change cooldown font size for larger frames
(Files: config.lua, modules/autodisable.lua, actionbar.lua, unitframes/layout.lua, unitframes/functions.lua, bags.lua, cooldown.lua, chat.lua, skin.lua, ..guess thats all)

- add new config entry TukuiCF["datatext"].zonepanel
here with mouseover:

(Files: config.lua, panels.lua, minimap.lua, datatext/miscellaneous.lua)

- forgot a comma in skin.lua

- Tukui v11.30
- change dmg font to the one Id use before
- fix bug with horizontal pet + mouseover
- add ToT and Pet manabar
- change config
- classcolored castbar isnt done yet sry
- dont remember anything
(Files: skin.lua, config.lua, unitframes/layout.lua, unitframes/functions.lua, actionbar.lua, buttonstyler.lua, Addons/thekCastbar/configurations.lua, .. hope that was all)

- Tukui v11.27
- change BNToastFrame position if leftchatborder = true
- new function "TukuiDB.CreateShadow(f)" for tiny shadow
- guess thats all ..btw the function isnt used in any frame till now but u can if u want, yeah!
(Files: modueles/functions.lua, skin.lua, chat.lua)

- Tukui v11.26
- totemskin pushed texture = none now
- some bug fixes
(Files: totemskin.lua, skin.lua, cooldown.lua, libs/oUF_MovableFrames/movable.lua, modules/copyurl.lua, chat.lua)

- right click on the "copy" Box will now open the Chat Menu for language, emotes etc
(Files: skins.lua, chat.lua)

3.72 (Tukui v11.20)
- delete local/china.lua
- remove third panel below minimap cause Alleykat write a cool script for mouseover information on ur minimap - check it out! :)
- change ConsolidatedBuffs position
- remove Zone datatext script
(Files: config.lua, Tukui.xml, panels.lua, minimap.lua, datatext/miscell....lua, buffs.lua,

- add a third panel below the minimap .. to turn it off just set NO datatext stat to "9"
- fix the size of focus target name
(Files: config.lua, panels.lua, modules/functions.lua, Unitframes/layout.lua)

- unitframes = true ........

- bottomrows = 2 -.-

- aaah another update sry ^^
- thekCastbar color fixed ..
- config.lua new entrys for thekCastbar
- think that was all
(Files: config.lua, AddOns/thekCastbar/)

- Tukui v11.18 (http://github.com/tukz/Tukui/commits/master)
- new config entry: castbar color
- copy stuff out of modules/functions.lua for UFs into unitframes/functions.lua
- new texture

- readd outline @tooltip healthbar font
- add new option blizzardsct
- sorry for the huge amount of updates
(Files: config.lua, tooltip.lua, font.lua)

- change focus size if portrait = false
(Files: unitframes/layout.lua)

- fix Weakendsoul(or whatever) Bar for priests
- dont remember
(Files: class/priest.lua, ..)

- fix bug in dps 40man layout
- change fontsettings on UFs
- change default config a bit
(Files: config.lua, unitframes/layout.lua, Tukui_dps_layout/..40.lua)

- Tukui v11.14
> http://github.com/tukz/Tukui/commits/master
- will finish the UFs later
(Files: Tukui.xml, totemskin.lua, libs/.../runebar.lua,

- change some skins
- reverse bag sort function
(Files: bags.lua, skins.lua)

- pet hp bar fix
- buttonstyler fix
(Files: unitframes/layout.lua, buttonstyler.lua)

- forgot something

- Tukui v11. WIP!
(Files: any)

- Tiny update (read comments). fps&ms + mem ..on leftclick = pvp frame, on rightClick = collectgarbage
(Files: datatext.lua)

- Enable any datatext tooltips infight cause otherwise it sucks
(Files: datatext.lua)

- fix(?) an small issue .. hopefully :S
(Files: unitframes.high.lua)

- thekCastbar. fix texture path
(Files: configuration.lua)

- fix enchantbuff position if Zonepanel is hidden
(Files: buffs.lua)

- Tukui v10.71
- Fix a bug with the position of thekCastbar, sry for that
(Files: thekCastbar/configurations.lua, datatext.lua)

- hm TukuiDB["duffed"].everythingclasscolored has now a function...
(Files: autodisable.lua)

- fix Enchantbuff position
(Files: buffs.lua)

- chat.lua on /rl
- (Tukui v10.70)
(Files: chat.lua)

- sry 3.45 was buggy
- fix threath.lua
- fix chat on start
- fix tooltip position
- add more fontsizes and right click ..u know what i mean!
(Files: launch.lua, chat.lua, tooltips.lua, unitframes/plugins/threat.lua, Addons/Duffed/Settings.lua)

- Tukui v10.69
- (threat error & chat on /rl)
(Files: unitframes/plugins/threat.lua, chat.lua)

- fix the way zonetext is limited..
- mouseover -> coords. No one need it buut ..here u got it!
(Files: datatext.lua)

- Tukui v10.65
- move and resizeable chatframes
(Files: launch.lua, chat.lua)

- fix buff position
(Files: buffs.lua)

- some cosmetic changes on panels and buffs
(Files: buffs.lua, panels.lua, minimap.lua)

- Tukui v10.6x
- Chatposition isnt fixed anymore
- korean localization
- Panel above the minimap (if datatext = 9 isnt set the frame will disappear)
- zone Text click -> open worldmap
(Files: config.lua, Tukui.xml, Tukui.toc, functions.lua, launch.lua, chat.lua, datatext.lua, minimap.lua, buffs.lua, local/korean.lua)

- Tukui v10.55
(Files: buttonstyler.lua, modules/launch.lua)

- Add FRIENDS.ttf
(Files: /Fonts/FRIENDS.ttf)

- bag/bank frame transparent
- Buttons 100% visible if usable
(Files: bags.lua, buttonstyler.lua)

- Tukz update ..remove something
(Files: buttonstyler.lua)

- Fix vertical Petbar buttonsize
(Files: panels.lua)

- Tukui v10.53
(Files: plugins/aurawatch.lua, chat.lua, buttonstyler.lua)

- totalonline, not online ..
(Files: datatext.lua)

- PetActionBarBackground1 = TukuiPetActionBarBackground1 .. -_-
(Files: unitframes.high.lua)

- dont remember

- Fix the trinkets.lua bug ..i hope :>
(Files: /plugins/trinkets.lua)

3.24 *Important update*
- Change BNet Notification Position so u will see it :D
- Change Chatsettings (and no sry u cant adjust the size ..its buggy dunno :<)
- Change the Way chatborder works
- Add config entry but it doesnt care cause u cant drag the chat and resize .. -.-
- some other things
(Files: chat.lua, tooltip.lua, panels.lua, config.lua, ..)

- Add option to enable or disable BG autorelease ghost
TukuiDB["duffed"] = {
["autorelease"] =

- change default config
- Tukui 10.51
- back to 1) p) etc in Chat ..sry guys i like it more :D

- remove glow from buffs

- 3.3.5 features (Tukui v10.50 ~)
- Remove evl combattext
- Add classcolored names in duffed Addon
- more ..stuff .. dunno
- report bugs!

- fix an actionbar.lua/config bug

- okay now this is the real reverse sort-bag function :> Done by Foofs, thanks! Report error btw

- reverse sort-bag function (rightclick on the X Button) - Thanks to duffry!! :)
- Add 3.5.5 tooltip.lua = Classcolored Border
- may some more things i forgot

- Add class colored Borders to Tooltip (Tukui 3.5.5 Beta Feature)
- Change some positions

- Add options:
-* locked chat .. hidden background and saved position
-* everything classcolored so u dont have to set it to classcolor ..3 times! :>
- change chat background

- Add options for: (screen)
-* Castbar classcolored (credits to Foof)
-* Datatext classcolored
-* Filger classcolored

- autoscale = true .. its better.

- fix trinket bug in arena (btw id never test the ouf arena frames .. so if they are buggy, let me know it pls.)

- change some unitframes settings ..should work better with other reso than mine

- change buff duration font .. forgot to upload :o

- readd evl_ct soundfile (that should fix some problems..)

- fix tooltip (i hope)
- shift click on a merchant and u can choose Guild bank repair(tukui changelog)
- overwritelowtohigh = true
- try to fix some unitframes issues ..we will see.

- Fix Runebar
- change the way mouseover unexplored map works
- fix tooltip issue (hope so:>)
- fix config entry -> Filger Color.

- adjust chat border

- Add more options:
- * Pet Bar Horizontal at the bottom
- * horizontal pet bar mouseover
- * Left Chat Border
- * Right Chat Border
- adjust castbars

- ouf_Frames now inside the UI .. not just a Patch.
- ouf_Frames skinned
- Add in config.lua for:
- * set up filger BARMODE Bar-Color
- * thekCastbar Playercastbar color
- * unitframes: Party debuffs on right side
- * ouf_frames Playercastbar color
- * Charportrait target of target? Focus target is not working yet
- * Petbar always visible
- * datatext color
- * Chat Border
- * blizz combat log skinned? (not ur dmg output)
- Better performance
- Add another Font in Tukui/media (rename if u wanna use it)
- Remove ncCooldownflash (ll upload it @ Extras)
- Recount, Omen & Skada Skin now here included
- Add ncExploreMap

- Change many Settings in thekCastbar .. u will see a dragframe now (exact size) and u can change any Settings of ur Player Castbar (and alot of the others) .. yeah and u dont have to enable the Border first :S
- clean up

- Update Filger (Thanks to Karduso .. but i didnt integrate ICONBAR Mode)
- Change Config (Set Autoscale true, and while lvling XP bar instead of repbar)
- allow every tooltip incombat

- Changed Config again :)
- Only let the Chat configure by the first startup .. it was annoying it know

- Change default Settings
- update Tukui to v10.29
- BG Score clickable -> open Stat Frame

- Fix Bottomrow 1, rightbars 3, mouseover true etc functions .. now every possible Setting should work fine :)

- Fix a bug .. now u can set Bottomrows to 1 and see the Castbar :>
Sry for this amount of small updates.

- config.lua
- Bottomrows = 2 or 1 now
- Rightbars = 1 or 2
- Fix Vehicle-Exit-Button

- Add some first-installation configurations:
> Chatframe Position and Size (but not Alpha of Chatfram4 .. can someone help me there?)
> Castbar Position
> Enable lua errors

- Add Panel Stat: Current Honor
- Add Panel Stat: Current Honorable Kills
- Add Panel Stat: Zone-Text
- Tukui/config/config.lua

["zone"] = 0,
["honor"] = 0,
["honorablekills"] = 0,

- Remove Ampere .. ACP is better :> but u can dl that urself :P

- Add Reputation and Exp in the Panel-Stats (thanks to Eclipse)
- FPS & MS = Memory Usage Tooltip
- Change Position of bar3 so it will work even if u change ur UIScale
- Change config default Settings

- sry .. barf3:hide() -.-

- update .toc and readd (is this a word?) mirror.lua

- "force all action bars to show Grid and fix spellbook "action blocked ..." when
using minimap menu." = Tukui v10.28 :)

-thekCastbar - Change Player-Castbar Style

- tehkCastbar - RequiredDeps: Tukui

- Thek:Castbar update
Add an option to use Target and Focus Castbar. Turned off by default.
Note:[/b] If u change the size of the Castbars u have to adjust the Border too (and u have to set the Border to true/false if u use more than Player Castbar .. "PLayberB = true" e.g.) so .. just change it if u know what to do.

- Edit Filger.lua

- Make Tooltip Backdrop a bit transparent
- overridelowtohigh = true
- Delete some .blp
- edit config
- Add a option so set the the third bar at the bottom to mouseover
- edit thekCastbar.toc
- edit Filger.toc

- change Border Color
- clean up Duffed Addon
- fix some bugs
- change login message
- delete FocusFrame
- Add ncCooldownFlash
- skin thek:Castbar
- clean up Class Colors
- skin Filger
- add Tukui v10.27 Features (BG Panel)
- delete tCooldowntracker (tracker in Tukui Folder seems to work now)
- change buffbar position
- disable mirror.lua for a while ..will skin thek's
- update description
- Add small version of "BetterBlizzOptions" (in Duffed) to let the OptionFrames be move and resizeable
- add .txt

- Change vehicle ..button position

- deactive skinned lootframe (i dont like it :>)
- memory clickable -> PvP Frame
- added a Petbar alternative (info.txt)
- delete LFGFrame (oops ..dont fit to blizz frames :D)
- update mage config in Filger
- edit first-load-configurations..

- Changes Tukui v10 ..many new Features.
- delete Badboy

- Update Badboy
- Credits to weiyo for his/her ..great .. Texture.

- Forgot something.. upate Filger with my Mage configuration (in German!)

- Delete tInnerfire (buggy..dunno)
- Just update Badboy

- Fixed size of the blank image (tukui.org for more infos)

- Filger - Fix Hunter configuration

- tbuff - Change position of enchantbuff
- rActionBarStyler - Add LFD Icon to Micromenu
Optional Files (0)

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Unread 04-21-12, 11:23 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0

Last edited by kaelem : 04-21-12 at 01:05 PM.
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Unread 12-07-11, 06:35 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 13
File comments: 16
Uploads: 1
Im experiencing a few problems now with the new patch.
If anyone know's the solution to my questions/problems. Please help!

Used my paintskills to show problems 1 and 2!

My problem number 1 is the classtimers. As you can see, they stack ontop of eachother. I've payed a visit to the lua files but couldn't find something that looked strange.
I would also like to remove the trinket proc from classtimers called "Devour" with item/spell number 97125. searched files with keywords devour and 97125 and can't find anything.
Is there any way to remove trinket procs totally from classtimer?

Problem number 2 is that the spellbars doesn't update the cooldowns of (here on the printscreen for example) cooldowns.
When using killing spree u get a 2 min cooldown, using Finishing moves decreases your cooldown but that's not showing on the spellbars.

A tiny problem which would be a big + to have removed is the debuffs showing ontop of the enemy nameplates. I would like to remove them!

Once again, thank you very much for your help!
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Unread 12-05-11, 01:57 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 2
Uploads: 0
Currently experiencing a bug/issue where when I log on my Paladin, I have the DuffedUI Holy Power bar but the default Blizzard one is also there stuck in the exact middle of my screen and I am unable to move it.

I've looked through the the UI menu on Duffed for an option to get rid of this. I've tried installing MoveAnything and moving/hiding it that way. However, it remains unaffected.

How do I get rid of it?
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Unread 11-28-11, 12:18 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0

What's new version for 4.3 patch? v6?
She's ready ?

Thx for your work, you're the best !
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Unread 11-08-11, 06:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 4
Uploads: 0
UI modifications

Great addon, but how do i get an experience bar and how do i move objects like quest tracker?
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Unread 10-26-11, 10:57 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 1
File comments: 2
Uploads: 0
Hey im sure this has been asked before but i cannot find the answer.

There is an addon tracking interrupt cooldowns, is there a way i can move this frame?

EDIT: just found the answer if anyone else is having the same problems:
Last edited by Cabinfever : 10-26-11 at 10:59 PM.
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Unread 10-14-11, 07:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
Aseeltare's Avatar

Forum posts: 0
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Uploads: 0

How do I save a profile so all my characters can have the same setup as my main? Cause I move things around and I don't wan't to move things over and over again everytime I log into a new character?.
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Unread 09-16-11, 05:01 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 0
File comments: 10
Uploads: 0
Change healthbar texture.

How do I go about changing the healthbar texture? The default ones look all blotchy for some reason.
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Unread 08-17-11, 05:59 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 13
File comments: 16
Uploads: 1
I have some problems with my chatframe. Ill let the picture speak.
Instead of starting from the left going to the right it goes from the right to the left for some strange reason.
Also when i try to click an item/achievement or whatever that's linked in chat it doesn't work.
Besides the problem with clicking an item/achievement i cant click the playername to write them back.
The author or someone else with knowledge about how to fix this, please back me up. Need this fixed as soon as possible.
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Unread 08-17-11, 06:16 AM  
A Murloc Raider
hank's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 9
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Uploads: 8
Originally posted by Nerielle
Is there a way to make the portraits not of the class icon but of the actual character? Like the second screenshot you have up? I have mine hidden at the moment as I would prefer character than class.
set portrait mode to MODEL instead of ICON
„Just avoid holding it that way“
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Unread 07-31-11, 07:54 AM  
A Cyclonian
Nerielle's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 47
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Uploads: 1
Is there a way to make the portraits not of the class icon but of the actual character? Like the second screenshot you have up? I have mine hidden at the moment as I would prefer character than class.
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Unread 07-30-11, 11:03 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 13
File comments: 16
Uploads: 1
guess there isnt any way to fix this then?
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Unread 07-26-11, 08:35 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 13
File comments: 16
Uploads: 1
Originally posted by liquidbase
Sorry my fault. It was the correct line but the wrong position. The frameheight is setup with this entry
Edit it with an number.
Maby it's me not being able to get this right, but whatever i do i just get the energy bar ontop of the combopoint bar or a huge distance between them two.
could u please post the whole code with the height number 12?
Thanks once again!
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Unread 07-26-11, 08:10 AM  
A Black Drake
liquidbase's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 81
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Originally posted by fnacke
I changed the -(Options.comboHeight+6) to -(Options.comboHeight+16) and the only thing i got was an increased distance in spacing between the combo-points and the energy-bar. not a thicker energy frame. :s
Picture: http://i55.tinypic.com/333e33l.jpg
Got any idea whats wrong? or what i did wrong?
Sorry my fault. It was the correct line but the wrong position. The frameheight is setup with this entry
Edit it with an number.
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Unread 07-26-11, 07:56 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

Forum posts: 13
File comments: 16
Uploads: 1
Originally posted by liquidbase
@Tukui\modules\misc\sCombo.lua at line 103
sPowerBG:CreatePanel(nil, (Options.comboWidth * 5) + (Options.spacing * 5) - Options.spacing, Options.comboHeight, "TOPLEFT", Anchor, "BOTTOMLEFT", 0, -(Options.comboHeight+6))
edit the -(Options.comboHeight+6)
I changed the -(Options.comboHeight+6) to -(Options.comboHeight+16) and the only thing i got was an increased distance in spacing between the combo-points and the energy-bar. not a thicker energy frame. :s
Picture: http://i55.tinypic.com/333e33l.jpg
Got any idea whats wrong? or what i did wrong?
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