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Priority Target

Version: 1.3.8-40400
by: Dridzt, dakryon

How does it work? What does it do?
prioTarget can hold a list of targets ordered in priority from most important to least important.
Once such a list is loaded you can use it to target switch very easily.
It is mainly intended as a damage dealer assistant on fights with complex dps priority requirements.
(typically add fights: Galakras, Nazgrim, Spoils, Paragons of the Klaxxi to mention some t16 examples)

How do I use it?
When first extracted in your AddOns folder and after logging into the game prioTarget will put a floating button with a cross-hair graphic on your screen.
Alt click and drag it wherever you want to place it, it will save its new spot.
You can also choose to hide it completely from the addon options and use its keybind or macro functionality.
Ref: Image #1
Once a suitable priority list is loaded, interacting with the button will target the highest priority target that is alive, and move on to the next once it's dead.
You can interact with the button in one of three ways (or a combination)

  • Click it.
  • Set a keybind to it and press that key.
    You can do that from the game keybind options or from the addon options. Ref: Image #2
  • Include it in an ability macro. Example:
        /click prioTarget
        /cast Arcane Shot
    The prioTarget macro line accepts all other macro conditionals.
    If for example you want the button to only do its target switching when you have a modifier key pressed you can edit that line to
        /click [mod] prioTarget
  • At the simplest you can just leave the prioTarget button visible as a mouseover reminder of the dps priority you've been assigned.

How do I load lists to it? How do I configure it?
prioTarget comes with some preset example lists but its greatest power is the ability to create your own target lists and as a group leader even share them with other group members that have the addon.
At present the player needs to load one of the preset priority lists to the button from the addon options or accept a priority list sent by the Group Leader.
Advanced users can also create auto-load conditions and link them to Priority Lists to have the addon try auto-load them.

You can bring up the options in one of two ways.
  • Right click the minimap button with the cross-hair graphic.
  • type /ptarget opt in chat.
Once you do, an option screen like this will appear.
Ref: Image #3
The tree control on the left allows navigation of the various option panels, the right panel shows details for each section.
<Auto Accept> controls whether any priority lists sent by the group leader are accepted automatically or need you to respond to a confirmation popup.
<Auto Select> controls whether the addon will try to automatically load priority lists for which there are loaders.

The good stuff comes when you click the <Priority Lists> heading on the left panel.
Ref: Image #4
Now you can see what priority lists are available and which one is currently loaded on the targeting button, marked with the jolly roger (skull and bones).
Left click any list to load the associated targets on the prioTarget button.
Typing a list name into the <New List / Rename List> lets you create a new empty list.

How do I change target priorities for an existing list or add targets to an empty one I just created?
Expanding <Priority Lists> at the left panel or right-clicking a priority list button and selecting <Manage Targets> from the menu will allow you to navigate to a specific target list on the left panel.
Once there the right panel will show the targets included in the list ordered from highest priority (top) to lowest (bottom).
Ref: Image #5
Clicking one of the target name buttons allows you to raise or lower its priority or even remove it.
The <New Target> input field is where you can type a new enemy name and press <Enter> to add it to the list of targets.
Alternatively if you are able to target the enemy, you can press the <Add Target> button which will fill in the name ready for storing on the list. This is also how you would add targets to a new empty List you just created.

Advanced; Managing Loaders and linking Priority Lists to them.
Selecting the <Loaders> from the left panel shows on the right the interface where you can manage existing loaders and add new ones.
There are two types of Loaders: NPC and Location.
Ref: Image #6
  • An NPC loader allows the addon to load a target priority List, when the player mouseovers or targets an NPC with a specific ID out of combat.
    (you can find NPCids at wowhead or wowdb or if you can target the NPC, the addon itself provides a button to fill in its ID)
  • A Location loader allows the addon to try load a target priority List when the player enters a specific area or location.
    The location loader has a map integration module to let the player limit the loading zone to a subsection of the map (when for example the same map is shared by 2 encounters so the general area is not enough)
    This is only active on the world map while the prioTarget options are shown and the Location button has been used. Ref: Image #7

Loaders can be linked to priority Lists from the right-click menu on Lists
Ref: Image #8

Note: The <Auto Select> general option needs to be active for the addon to even test conditions for auto-loading.

Known Limitations, Caveats
  1. While the addon will at times appear almost magic in its ability to follow a target priority list it works entirely within the constrains of the secure system and Blizzard policies.
    Nothing it does couldn't be done with the use of complex macros; all it does is add convenience and save you (a lot) of macro space.
  2. Due to the above any auto loading of priority lists, either from using the Loaders functionality or accepting a list sent by the group leader can only happen out of combat (or at the next out of combat opportunity)
  3. It is best used in instanced content where named NPCs or specific groups of NPCs can be found and any enemies that cannot be targeted through a macro cannot be targeted by the addon, such are best omitted from priority lists (example: Dragonmaw War Banner dropped by Flagbearers in Galakras encounter cannot be targeted through a macro, while Kor'kron Banner NPC spawned by Nazgrim can - and aren't you happy for that :-) )
  4. Finally at the moment prioTarget will make use of your focus target (set it or clear it automatically at times) to allow target switching to work intuitively.
    If you have an assignment that requires you to keep a specific target stored as focus during the entire encounter take this into advisement.

This is the first public release, addon has had only internal/guild use so far hence the lack of localization options (maybe in the future).

Enjoy ;-)

- fix for no positional data in instances
- add a way to unload/clear current priority list (cmd + minimap button)

- Let's bring this back for Cataclysm Classic

Tag 1.3.1-62000
dakryon <[email protected]>
2015-08-31 17:11 +0500

Minor bugfix.


- Removed forgotten debug message.

Tag 1.3.0-62000
dakryon <[email protected]>
2015-08-31 04:52:18 +0500

Release for game version 6.2.0.


- Fixes for various target input errors.
- Localization tables added including full Russian localization.
- Focus target use is now optional; see "Safe Targeting" setting.
- Minor interface events fixes.

Tag 1.2-50400
Dridzt <[email protected]>
2013-11-23 03:56:02 +0200

Released to the public.


- Loaders functionality added (set NPC or Location conditions to cause priority lists to auto-load).
- Some example link presets added (Loaders linked to preset priority lists).
- Keybind set from addon options screen now persists logons regardless user keybind set game option.
- Various usability improvements and options screen help/tooltips.
- button visibility and position moved to per character settings
- show the targets in the list when mouseovering the active list icon in options
- refactor some code and simplify/improve list management
- more work on auto-load conditions (not finished yet)
- Start the groundwork for link lists.
- Prevent the options frame dragging off-screen.
- Close any options dropdowns when closing the options.
- Tooltip improvements.
- - exclude notes and test packaging
- Initial Import, off we go!
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