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Updated: 11-01-06 11:45 PM
Updated:11-01-06 11:45 PM


Version: 1.5a
by: Valconeye [More]

This addon can automatically updates your spell ranks when you train new spells (toggleable). It can also check to see if you are missing spells on your action bars. There is also an ignore list to ignore certain spells from being updated/checked.

Still needs more French and German translations to it

Slash Commands /vault command

/vault toggle
(turns vault on or off)

/vault autotoggle
(automatically updates spells when you train)

/vault updatespells
(manually update your spells)

/vault checkspells
(cheks to see if you are missing any spells from your action bars)

/vault addignore
(adds a spell to the ignore list, it will not report on checkspells and will not update on updatespells. Works for long spell names, spell and rank, or spell, or rank, example Earth Shock Rank 1 will exclude that spell from being updated)

/vault removeignore
(removes a spell from ignore list)

/vault printignore
(prints current ignore list)

/vault help
(displays the commands)

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A Kobold Labourer

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2.0 update ?

Really missing this already, any chance of a fix for it. Really it does save a ton of time at training.
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