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RepairGear (fan update)

Version: 1.6
by: 10leej [More]

Addon is discontinued, Rakzul is updating Repair Gear on his own.

I got permission a long time ago from Rakzul to include the code from BobUI (if fact he told me I can do whatever I want with it) so I figured I'll just post this fan update. This code has been available in BobUI for a while now (I think a little over a year in fact) and it still is one of the best auto repair addons out there imo.

Yet another auto repair addon. Automatically repair your gear when you visit a repair merchant, also includes support for repairing from guild bank if available.

Configuration can be with the slash command /rg or /repairgear. The following options are available:

- Toggle using automatic repair
- Toggle using guild bank for repairs
- Toggle displaying messages when repairing

Configuration is stored on a per character basis.

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Rakzul is now posting an updated version on curse.com
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