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Version: 20140124
by: Graši [More]

Purpose :
It lists all the emotes sorted by types,
allows you to use the emotes without knowing the commands.
I made this for my little girl who loves the emotes but doesn't know how to spell them yet ;-)

Features :
the list shows you a slash command, if the emote is an A(ction) or V(ocal), and the text that will be emitted, according to your target.

You may choose favorite emotes that will be listed in the main menu and in the minimap button (or LDB Item) tooltip.

The last emote used is shown on the DataBroker Button (or minimap button), for a quick repetition.

Config Panel :
The config options are in the config panel.

Localization :
It is localized for EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, RU, with an automated localization.
If you want to help with other languages, I will explain how to do so.

Thanks :
It is a revamping and localization from EmoteLDB by Cilraaz. Many thanks to him for the original idea.

v20140124 :
added ptBR translations, courtesy of Kasth

v20130913 :
Wow 5.4 compat

v20130630 :
fixed a bug with the config panel when no LDB Display

v20130525 :
Wow 5.3 compat

v20130117-2 :
Solved missing localization entry

v20130117 :
Solved bug of a missing lib
added config panel

v20121129 :
Wow 5.1.0 compatibility (toc version)

v20121127 :
The menu now closes when exiting the tooltip.
New Minimap button / LDB Item smaller tooltip.
added the emote /yw.

v20121110 : Initial Release
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Unread 09-13-13, 06:33 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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Re: nothing happens

Originally Posted by Happymeal1887
i have installed your addon.
But when i press the minimapicon nothing happens why
Sorry I just saw your question.
Do you still have trouble ? do you have an error when you press the icon ?
can you disable the other addons to see if it works alone ?
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Unread 06-30-13, 09:05 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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nothing happens

i have installed your addon.
But when i press the minimapicon nothing happens why
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