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Version: 1.10
by: Zax [More]

DamagedTarget displays a customizable frame - and eventually plays an alert sound - when your target's health drops below a user defined percentage.
This addon works with friendly or enemy targets.

This alert frame is movable and resizable.
Color and transparency can be customized.

All settings can be modified with the standard addons settings panel.

When the alert frame is visible and unlocked, you can:
- Drag the frame using left click
- Resize the frame with the bottom-right handler
- ALT-click to change its color
- Right click to lock and hide the frame

Quick Start
Move, resize and change alert frame's color.
When done, lock the alert frame because this frame only works when locked.

Supported slash-commands:
/damagedtarget -- open settings in the standard addons settings panel.
/damagedtarget show OR unlock -- unlock and show the alert frame.
/damagedtarget reset -- reset settings to default.


- 1.10 : 2011-06-29 : Major LUA and XML optimizations. Default button in settings UI fixed. Patch 4.2 compliant.
- 1.00 : 2011-05-26 : First public release.
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