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Shadows of Argus (7.3.0)
Tomb of Sargeras (7.2.0)
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Lei Shen Coordinator 3

Version: 3.00.06
by: Lazare [More]

A moveable frame accessible via slash command to let your raid know which groups go to which world markers in the Lei Shen fight. Slash command ( /lsc or /leishen ) opens the main window which has eleven buttons. The first button opens a "help/instructions window with instructions on how to use the addon. The next four buttons are world maker buttons for the first four world markers. Clicking the button gives the placement cursor for that world marker. Right-clicking the same button clears that world marker. Below those is the Ready Check button (self explanatory). The Announce Markers button announces which group goes to which world marker. The four buttons below that correspond to each of the four quadrants of Lei Shen's platform (and the world markers placed at each). The raid leader or person that has assist can then press which ever button that corresponds to the area that was destroyed, i.e.. "Blue Destroyed". This outputs as a raid warning, so either the raid leader must have this addon or someone that has assist.

Lei Shen Coordinator Change Log

Version 3.00.06
Move the close box from the bottom right to top right

Version 3.00.05
TOC update for 7.3

Version 3.00.04
TOC update for 7.2

Version 3.00.02
Updated TOC for 7.0.3, all else is fine. Cleaned up change log to make more readable.

Version 3.00.01
Updated TOC for 6.1 and changed version number system, all else is fine.

Version 3.0-60000
a little fine tuning and TOC change for 6.0.2 patch

Version 2.01a-050400
TOC change for 5.4 patch

Version 2.01-050300
Didn't really like the red button background behind the raid icons so removed it (Thanks to Phanx and SDPhantom for coding help!)

Version 2.00-050300
MAJOR CHANGES. The project is now totally Lua based with no XML. Raid Marker buttons now have the raid icons instead of text. Created a "help/instructions" window. Moved the close box to the bottom right so it doesn't interfere with the title.

Version 1.02a-050300
Added feature to clear a world marker by right-clicking that world marker's button.

Version 1.02-050300
Changed version numbering. Also added world markers to the main frame to make placing them easier. Also added a ReadyCheck button.

Version 1.01a
Cleaned up more coding. Added lua and xml comments. Refined addon hiding when WOW loads or reloads.

Version 1.01
Cleaned up some coding. Got hiding, showing and help squared away
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