Compatible with Retail, Classic & TBC
Updated: 06-22-24 03:31 PM
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BigWigs Bossmods.
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The War Within Beta (11.0.0)
Dark Heart (10.2.7)
Cataclysm Classic (4.4.0)
Classic (1.15.2)
WOTLK Patch (3.4.3)
TBC Patch (2.5.4)
Updated:06-22-24 03:31 PM
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Version: v10.2.69
by: funkydude [More]

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A collection of BigWigs modules for bosses found in 5-man dungeons and scenarios.

LittleWigs is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there:

v10.2.69 (2024-06-22)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Delves/Trash/Rares: Add trash module (#1090)
  • Delves/SkitteringBreach/FacelessOne: Add boss module (#1094)
  • Delves/TheSinkhole/LeviathanCaller: Add boss module (#1093)
  • Delves/TheUnderkeep/ResearcherXikvik: Add boss module (#1092)
  • Delves/TheSpiralWeave/ThePuppetmaster: Add boss module (#1091)
  • WarWithin/CityOfThreads/Izo: Don't enable module during RP
  • WarWithin/CityOfThreads: Izo warmup
  • Legion/VaultOfTheWardens/TirathonSaltheril: War Within compat
  • Legion/HallsOfValor/Trash: Autotalk update
  • Legion/HallsOfValor/Odyn: Autotalk update
  • Legion/HallsOfValor/Hymdall: Don't re-enable module after a win
  • Cataclysm/GrimBatol/Erudax: Abyssal Corruption
  • BfA/Freehold/Booty: Autotalk update, War Within compat
  • BfA/Freehold/Trash: Remove Ring of Booty enable mobs
  • Shadowlands/TheNecroticWake/Blightbone: Timer updates
  • Shadowlands/TheNecroticWake/Amarth: Timer updates, Unholy Frenzy scoping
  • WarWithin/CinderbrewMeadery/BrewMasterAldryr: Cleanup
  • WarWithin/PrioryOfTheSacredFlame/Trash: Alert for Defend on cast success
  • WarWithin/PrioryOfTheSacredFlame/CaptainDailcry: Savage Mauling
  • WarWithin/CityOfThreads/Trash: Add enable mob
  • WarWithin/DarkflameCleft/Blazikon: Blazing Storms, Extinguishing Gust
  • Delves/TheSinkhole/Murkna: Engage update
  • Delves/Trash/Underkeep: Cleanup
  • Delves/KriegvalsRest/TombRaiderDrywhisker: Engage update, timer update
  • Delves/MycomancerCavern/Bogpiper: Engage update, timer updates
  • Delves/SkitteringBreach/Nerlathekk: Engage update, timer update
  • Delves/Trash/Nerubian: Additional gossips and enable mobs
  • Delves/Trash/Nightfall: Add autotalk
  • Delves/Trash/Underkeep: Additional gossips and trash abilities
  • Delves/Trash/Kobyss: Additional gossips and trash abilities
  • Delves/Trash/Kobold: Additional gossips and enable mobs
  • BfA/Freehold/Trash: Fix Painful Motivation scoping

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