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Eternity's End (9.2.0)
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Clean Icons - Thin (

Version: 9.2.0
by: phrenetic [More]

This is a copy of Clean Icons - Thin ( and contains all new icons from latest patch
Icons are generated using this tutorial.
If you need any additional information feel free to use comments section.

New icons 433
Instruction: Once you download the file, open it, you'll find "ICONS" directory in the archive - just extract it under X:\PATH\TO\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\

PROs for using modified icons:

  • 0Mb memory footprint
  • No need to use any additional addon
  • Any other addon you are using will use those icons without any additional configuration
  • The only recommendation is to use appropriate UI scale (using different values, may lead of non-visible border - just need to adjust the UI scale eg: if it's 0.7 try 0.71)
CONs for using modified icons:
  • You have to wait for people around to update when patch arrives with new icons
  • Additional ~100Mb directory to take care for


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