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Version: 0.64
by: LordVashtal [More]

Are you a mage who finds himself struggling to keep his conjure spells together? Do you find the extra action bars intrusive and have been wishing some kind soul somewhere would create a small, simple set of buttons to automatically conjure food, water, or gems?

Well, look elsewhere. I am no kind soul, but I am a merciful lord.

Using my unique ability known as programmer-jitsu, I have toiled long and hard to craft an addon to XBar so perfect that I was hesitant to even give to the squishy masses. After much debate and a few gnome-puntings later, I now give you said addon.

To install, I prefer Method #53. Elegant, painful, and leaves only the great smell of Brute.
First, make sure you've got XBar already installed, then unzip the file into your AddOns directory. Next, simply load up WoW, pop on as your mage, and you should be good to go. Your spells will automatically add themselves to the bar as you acquire them and will update with the latest rank as well, just like every other XBar plugin.

Use it well, puny squishy.

-Vashtal, Lord of the Red Rocks

Author's Note:
This is my first mod, and I'd like to thank Dr Doom for his wonderful Xbar mod that has made my overall experience so much more manageable. Unfortunately, since I only speak English and Japanese, the only real localization you'll get with this pack is English. If there's anyone out there capable of translating for me, you're more than welcome to chime in!

Updated for XBar 3.xx
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4.0.1 Update

Any chance of an update for this mod?
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