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Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
BfA content patch (8.2.5)
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Mute Annoying WoW Sounds  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: BFAv8.3.1
by: kiingz [More]

This addon will mute some of the annoying sounds of WoW. If you are updating from version 8.1 or lower please read the 8.2 section as the installation instructions have changed.

Changes in patch 8.2
Patch 8.2 broke the way this addon originally worked and so has had to be reworked.
This addon is now installed into the Interface > Addons directory just like any other addon.

Since this change required a complete rework of the addon there are around ~2500 sounds missing from this version that the previous version muted.

You can safely delete the old versions installation folder "Sound" in your World of Warcraft directory.

This version only works on Retail.

Custom Sound Mutes:
If you want to mute sounds that aren't already included in the addon I've created a small tool to help you do so using sound ids found on wowhead.

To clarify, this is NOT needed to make this addon work, this is something extra and entirely optional for those who'd like to mute sounds not already included.

The download and instructions for using it can be found here:

The above link also contains the complete source code for anyone interested.

Basic List: Please note this isn't a complete list, it's a small sample to give an idea of whats been muted.
- Players: All race combat grunts as well as emote sounds like train and worgen sniffs. All footsteps.
- Classes: Select sounds like Path of Frost, Fan of Kives, mage armors & portals, hunter pet calls, shaman shields and spell cast fizzles.
- Mechanical Mounts: Choppers, Flying Machines, Goblin Trikes, Mechastriders and Rockets.
- Biological Mounts: Summon roars, mount special, idle and footstep sounds for most mounts. Dismount sound also included.
- Battle Pets: Idle sounds like Lil'XT, Lil'Ragnaros, Singing Sunflower and Thor.
- Hunter/Mage/Warlock Pets: Creature combat sounds, footsteps, flying and idle sounds. Mage elemental loops also included.
- Voice Acting: World bosses, Rhonin & Kalecgos city speech and Headless Horseman speech.
- Toys: Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, Train Sets and Brewfest Mole Machine.
- Daily Hubs: Isle of Thunder, Isle of Quel'Danas and Tol'Barad.
- Misc: City clock sounds, ethereal vendor hubs, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, fires and fireworks.
- Battlegrounds: Victory/Defeat, Alert and Herald sounds.
- Instances: Select boss speech and combat sounds, loops sounds like the beating heart from SoO. All instance portals.
- Creatures: Kovok, Elemental loops and deaths.
- Tradeskills: Alchemy, Leatherworking, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Jewelcrafting sounds.

- Huge rework
- AddOn now installed to the AddOn directory.
- Added code to allow for custom sound mutes.

- Preliminary legion patch.
- All races new grunts, cries and shouts (hopefully all of them, there was a lot I may have missed some).
- Includes Demon Hunters variants.

- Warrior Spells Added:
-- Whirlwild, Wildstrike, Victory Rush, Thunderclap, Stormbolt, Recklessness, Shield Bash, Shield Slam
-- Revenge, Ravager, Rampage, Raging Blow, Piercing Howl, Mortal Strike, Inner Rage
-- Ignore Pain, Heroic Strike, Heroic Leap, Gladiator Stance, Focused Rage, Execute, Die By The Sword
-- Devastate, Demoralizing Shout, Deep Wounds, Commanding Shout, Colossussmash, Cleave, Charge
-- Bloodthirst and Avatar.
- Warrior Artifacts Added:
-- Scales of the Earth, Odynsfury, Warbreaking, Neltharions Fury
-- Artifact + spell sounds are all named spell_wr_<spell> located in the spells folder.

- Creature Sounds:
- New bear creature sounds.

- Added Garrison UI sounds. (Mission/Building/Work Order Complete/Fail/Start/Progress)
- Added Barbershop UI sounds.
- Added Glyph UI sounds.
- Added Loot UI sounds.
- Added Weapon Sheath UI sounds.
- Added Quest Failed UI sound.
- Added Raid Warning and Raid Boss Warning UI sounds.
- Added Battleground Timer UI sounds.
- Added Bonus Loot Roll UI sounds.
- Added Guild Vault UI sounds.
- Added Draenor Talbuk Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Draenor Wolf Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Draenor Elekk Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Draenor Clefthoof Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Draenor Boar Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Dread Raven Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Corehound Mount sounds.
- Added Skyreaver and Rylak Mount/Creature sounds.
- Added Mushan Mount and Creature sounds.
- Added Enlarge sounds. (Elixir of Giant Growth/Coren Direbrew Brew sounds)
- Added Brewfest Music.

- Added Hunter Disengage sounds.
- Added Rogue Sinister Strike sounds.
- Added Warlock/Mage Pyroblast!/Hotstreak sounds.
- Fixed Heart of the Aspects mount sounds.

- Added Additional Pandaren Phoenix sounds.
- Added Additional Warforged Nightmare sounds.
- Added Paladin Speed of Light sounds.
- Added Druid Rejuvenation and Wild Mushroom sounds.
- Added Priest Power Word: Shield and Levitate sounds.
- Added Shaman Lavaburst sounds.
- Added Hunter Cobra Shot sounds.
- Added Warlock Doomlord Pet sounds.
- Added new footstep sounds. If you've been hearing footsteps since 6.0, this will fix it.
- Added new Motorcyle mounts sounds.
- Added Frost cast sounds.

- Added all player grunts.
- Added electrical noises in Shrine of Seven Stars Auction House area.
- Added Nalak voice acting.
- Added Chief Salyin voice acting.
- Added Warforged Nightmare Mount sounds.
- Added Water Elemental non-combat pet loops.

- Added Paladin Beacon of Light, Eternal Flame, Divine Purpose, Holy Prism, Blessings and Infusion of Light sounds.
- Added Siege of Orgrimmar Heart beating sounds.
- Added Smelting sounds.
- Added Druid Wildgrowth, Nourish and Survival Instincts sounds.
- Added Shaman healing spell sounds.
- Added Shrine Metal floor footstep sounds.
- Added sprint/dash sounds.
- Added Monk Legacy buff/Healing Sphere sounds.
- Added Dwarf Male laugh.
- Added Rogue Shadowblades.
- Added Priest Heal impact sounds.
- Added Goblin rocket jump sounds.
- Added Lockpick sounds.
- Added additional misc looping sounds.
- Added various nature/holy cast impacts.
- Fixed Mage Water Elemental loops.

- Added Mage Iceblock, Ice Barrier, Ice Lance, Cone of Cold sounds.
- Added Priest Divine Star, Prayer of Mending, Renew, Pennance sounds.
- Added Paladin Light of Dawn, Sacred Shield, Shield of the Righteous sounds.
- Added Druid Lifebloom sounds.
- Added weapon swing miss "woosh" sounds.
- Added additional wolf sounds.
- Added Orc combat grunts.
- Added Sky Golem mount sounds.
- Added Hearthsteed mount sounds.
- Added Wind Steed mount sounds.
- Added Pierre pet idle sounds.
- Added Kite pet idle sounds.
- Added Baby Triceratops pet idle sounds.
- Added Iron Juggernaut boss looping sounds.
- Added Iron Juggernaut mount sounds.
- Added Tortos boss sounds.
- Added Steel Warhorse mount sounds.
- Added misc mechanical unit sounds.

- Added Mount & Player water step sounds.
- Added Water Strider land step sounds.
- Added Sunsong Ranch Plow sounds.
- Added Direhorn sounds. (This should also mute Horridon)

- Added Dinosaur Footsteps and Mount Specials, Includes tamed versions.
- Added Additional Fire Loops.
- Added Sun Lute Riffs.
- Added various Isle of Thunder sounds.
- Added Stampeding Roar sounds.
- Added Creepy Crate sounds.
- Added Various Looping sounds.

- Added Lil' Canny sounds.
- Added Warrior Heroic Leap impact sounds.
- Added Siberian Tiger "yawns".
- Added Invicibles Reins wingflaps.
- Added Cloud Serpent mount sounds.
- Added All race crying sounds.
- Added Battle Pet wingflap sounds.
- Added Mage Nethertempest and Arcaneblast/Missiles sounds.
- Added Armoured Turtle footstep thuds.
- Added Waterstrider movement squeals.
- Added Jinho's and Taijing's crane kick sounds.
- Added Pandaren "Slow down" greetings.
- Added Monk Zen Flight sounds.
- Added Alliance Brawlers guild mechanical sounds.
- Added Both Faction Brawlers guild crowd sounds.
- Added Mage Frost Orb sounds.
- Added Mage Ring of Frost sounds.
- Added Monk Stat Buff sounds.
- Added Monk Jade Lightning sounds.
- Added Warlock Immolation Aura sounds.
- Added Warlock Hand of Guldan sounds.
- Added Hunter Aspect cast sounds.
- Added Hunter Wasp Pet sounds.
- Added Hunter Chimaera frost breath sounds.
- Added Zone Wide Krasarang Crane/Crab/Tiger cries.
- Added Spell fizzle sounds.

- Pandarian Pots, fires, waterfalls, torches have been silenced. Pandaland is a much quieter place.
- The auction houses in the shrines have been silenced, except for Lil Canny in the alliance shrine. Still looking for his sounds.
- Way too many to list here.

- Fixed Quilen Mount sounds.
- Added Kunchong creature sounds. (Kovok from Dread Wastes and the rest of his kind).

- Added Goblin combat grunts.
- Added Death Knight ghoul pet sounds.
- Added Additional Death Knight spell sounds.
- Added Kalecgos city wide voice acting.
- Added Rhonin city wide voice acting
- Added Paladin Hammer of the Righteous sounds.
- Added Cooking sounds.
- Added Quilen Mount sounds.
- Added Quilen Pet sounds.
- Added Onyx Panther Mount sounds.
- Added Additional misc sounds.

- Added ToC crowd cheers.
- Added Basilik and Crocolisk creature sounds.
- Added spider idle sounds.
- Added Human, Draenei and Blood Elf combat grunts.
- Added Hunter aspect cast sounds.
- Added Bow sounds.
- Added Death Knight Death and Decay sounds.
- Added additional random looping/ambience sounds.
- Fixed goblin weather machine mutes.

- Added Diablo Shaman Fetish pet sounds.
- Added player footstep sounds.
- Added all foley sounds (armor sounds when you walk).
- Added Spider walking sounds.
- Added Basilisk and Crocalisk creature sounds.
- Added Loque'nahak creature sounds.
- Added pebbles loop sounds (I think, if you still hear it let me know).
- Added additional firehawk mount sounds.
- Added additional spell cast sounds (including hunter aspects).
- Added additional ambient sounds (torches, campfires, goblin/gnome machinery & draenei technology hums).

- Added the new shadow spell sounds added in 4.3.
- Added additional warlock sounds.
- Added whirlwind sounds.
- Added rocket missile sounds.

- Some of the Tyraels Charger sounds were missed, should now be completely muted.

- Added "Lil'XT" companion pet sounds.
- Added additional "Tiger Cub" companion sounds.
- Added "Tyraels Charger" mount sounds.
- Added Hallows End wand cast sound.
- Added additional Headless Horseman sounds.
- Added additional mechanical unit loops.
- Added additional fires, torches and lamp loops.
- Added additional class spell loops.
- Added additional generic spell loops.
- Added additional doodad loops.
- Added Voidwalker loops.
- Added Void Wraith loops.
- Added Transmogrification hub loops.
- Added Well of Eternity loop.
- Added Druid cyclone sounds.

- Added Crab Footsteps.
- Added "Vrykul Drinking Horn" sound effects.
- Added Brazier/Torches/Bonfire loops.
- Added Rockflayer sounds
- Added additional Skeletal Raptor sounds.
- Added Lava loops.
- Added additional city sounds.
- Fixed Phoenix mount wingflaps.
- Fixed Warlocks demonic circle sounds.
- Fixed Firehawk Wingflaps.

- Added Hippogryph mount sounds
- Added Flaming Hippogryph mount specials.
- Added Phoenix mount up roars.
- Added additional Hallows End sounds.
- Added additional Love is in the Air sounds.
- Added additional Brewfest sounds.
- Added Feast of Winter Veil sounds.
- Added Sunwell raid instance sounds.
- Added Achievement Earned sound.
- Added Mage evocation and Warlock soul harvest sounds.
- Added additional Warlock demonic circle sounds.
- Added Druid moonkin form cast screeches.
- Added Druid shapeshift sounds.
- Added Warlock demon armor cast sound.
- Added Thunderfury wind loops.
- Added Paladins holy light sound.
- Added Monkey sounds that were missed.
- Added Firehawk fire crackling loop.

- Added Firework sounds.
- Added Firehawk wingflaps.
- Added Mage refreshment table sounds.
- Added Lobster sounds. Used in the daily fishing quest "Live Bait" in Ironforge.
- Added Naruu creature loops.
- Added select fireland raid ambient sounds.

- Added Succubus idle sounds.
- Fixed the Deathy Firebreath and burping sounds.

- Added Player Character roar emote sounds.
- Added Fire Elemental aggro and death sounds. #These sounds are spammed in the new firelands hub.
- Added Fire Revenant aggro and death sounds. #These sounds are spammed in the new firelands hub.

- Replaced the doodads folder with the older files as it was having the same issues as the emitter folders in 1.10.
- Added the Goblin Weather Machine sounds.

- Added Worgen combat snarls.
- Added Worgens "Running Wild" growl sound.
- Added "Grunty" companion pet sounds.
- Added Devilsaur creature sounds.
- Added the city wide midsummer buff sound.
- Added Raptor creature & mount sounds.
- Added Proto-Drake and Stone Dragon mount roars.
- Added Winged Guardian loop sounds.

- The emitters folder was causing weird problems when using the smaller size sound files. If you moved around near a sound that had been muted it would mute all other sounds. I have replaced it them with the larger files again.
- Added sound files that I missed when converting to small sizes.

- Greatly reduced addon size (so small windows rounds to 0 bytes!)
- Added Midsummer Firebreath sounds
- Added Mining sounds

- Added Midsummer Fire Festival zone wide bonfire buff sounds.
- Added Female dwarf death sounds.

- Added "Pandaren Monk" companion pet sounds.
- Added Paladins judgements of the pure spell sound.
- Added Rogue poison affliction spell sounds.

- Added Worgen form train noises.
- Added Worgen Human form train noises.
- Added "Deathy" Companion Pet idle sounds.
- Added Frog Companion Pet movement croaks.

- Fixed Battleground Sounds

- Added Hydra Pet Idle sounds.
- Added Druid Flight Form cast sound.
- Added Additional Gryphon sounds.
- Added Mage Frost Armor sound.
- Added Warlock Fel Armor sound.
- Added Enchanting/Jewelcrafting crafting "ding" sounds.
- Added "Lil' Ragnaros" Companion Pet loop sounds.
- Added "Singing Sunflower" Companion Pet movement sounds.
- Added Tol Barad Searchlight loops.

- Added Stormwind dock bells.
- Added Death Knight Frost & Blood Presence sounds.
- Added Death Knight Bloodboil sound.
- Added Jewelcrafting crafting sounds.

- Added Flying vehicle gearshifts.
- Added Gryphon mount up roars.
- Added Wyvern mount up roars.
- Added MechaStrider mount footsteps.
- Added Winged Guardian mount sounds.
- Added Quest complete & accept sounds.
- Added "Perky Pug" companion pet sounds.
- Added Crowd scream sounds (when new deathknights walk through the cities)
- Added Wolf idle howl sounds.
- Fixed Elekk sounds.

- Added Wrath & Burning Crusade Drake mount up sounds.
- Added Flying carpet mount sounds.
- Added Orgrimmar Brazier sounds.
- Added Blacksmithing crafting sounds.
- Added Blacksmith bellow sounds.
- Added "Enchanted Broom" companion pet sounds.
- Added Rocket mount summon sounds.

- Added "Singing Sunflower" companion pet sounds.
- Organized sound list file.

- Initial Upload
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Unread 05-08-20, 06:44 AM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Are the sounds toggle on or toggle off, or is it install and permanently muted until the addon is disabled?
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Unread 03-04-20, 05:25 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Anyone know the file # for the Paladin class mount summons?
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Unread 07-20-18, 10:21 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Darkmoon Dirigible

Does anyone know the path for these files: http://www.wowhead.com/sounds/name:dirigible
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Unread 01-28-18, 06:52 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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The Sounds of the Shaman Spell Rainfall are horrible too ^^

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Unread 12-24-17, 08:50 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Wing Flaps

Hi everydoby,

I did some tries but nothing works..

The sounds that I want to mute are: http://www.wowhead.com/sound=37605/m...teed-wingflaps

Can anybody know what I have to do to mute them? Please

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Unread 11-30-17, 08:02 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Need help

Hi. Does anyone here know how to remove the sounds for the 2 mounts "Fel Annihilator" and "Stormwind Skycharger"? As well as the Legion menu ambient noise? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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Unread 05-21-17, 03:12 AM  
Mugiwara no Lucy
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Does anyone know how to mute the cranes sounds?


I've been trying on my own creating sound files named after the ones in the link above, but I can't get it to work, probably don't have the right folder name (tried Crane and IvoryTuftedCrane).

Hunters use this pet for combat ress which by itself is great, but its sounds are really annoying.
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Unread 04-18-17, 05:52 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Fel Flame Companion Pet

Anyone know how to mute the Fel Flame companion pet's fire sound loop? I just need the path to it. Thanks!
Last edited by pinmouse : 04-18-17 at 05:55 AM.
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Unread 04-15-17, 02:37 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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has anyone figured out how to mute the sound warriors make when they 'teleport' in to a FP?
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Unread 12-20-16, 10:11 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Unread 10-22-16, 03:28 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally Posted by Aisenfaire

Would it be possible to mute the Azure Water Strider mount footsteps? I tried using the "WATERSTRIDER" in the Creatures folder, but I guess it isn't the same.
Would most likely be in creature -> footsteps
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Unread 10-22-16, 12:03 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Last edited by Zathan666 : 10-23-16 at 07:20 PM.
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Unread 09-16-16, 06:21 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Would it be possible to mute the Azure Water Strider mount footsteps? I tried using the "WATERSTRIDER" in the Creatures folder, but I guess it isn't the same.
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Unread 09-13-16, 08:05 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Question Unit select "thump" sound

When clicking on a mob, NPC or another player, the act of selecting them makes a very annoying "THUMP!" sound. Really bad when wearing earphones. Any idea on if your addon has the muted version of that sound?
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Unread 08-07-16, 07:39 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Needs a 7.0+ update, please, some of the sounds are new and not being muted.
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