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Updated: 12-10-11 02:39 AM
Updated:12-10-11 02:39 AM
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Version: 1.0.0
by: Cowmonster [More]

This is a very simple addon that adds the guild public note to messages received from guild members in the majority of channels including raid, party, guild, whisper, yell, say and channels like trade.

The point of this addon was to make it easier for my twink guild to figure out who was talking, but I thought others might find use for it as well. The reason why it is difficult to tell is because we have six rogues with names Zeroskills, Zeroskýlls, ZeroskÝlls, Zeroskţlls, Zerosk´lls and Zer˘skills. I wrote the addon and we placed our real names in the public notes, so we would be easy to distinguish, at least to our guild members, if you BG with us good luck telling us apart.

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