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by: Ne0nguy [More]

About AngryMode:

AngryMode keeps you aware of your rage pool by flashing the screen and playing the Bloodlust sound after you reach your threshold.
Current Features:
  • Flashes the screen after reaching the threshold
  • Plays Bloodlust sound after reaching the threshold
  • Interface Options
  • Configurable Threshold

Slash Commands:
  • /AngryMode (opens the options panel)

AngryMode- Ryan West (ne0nguy.com)

Version (10/20/10)
- Only plays sound once per aggro-threshold
- Sound changed to Thralls "Your Time Has Come!"

Version (10/20/10)
- Initial Release
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Unread 11-08-10, 07:52 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Man, this addon is nearly perfect. It would be great if instead of flashing the whole screen if you could get it to ust flash the heroic strike button (or whatever button you chose), but other than that great job!!!

Now if I could only find an addon like DrDamage, but instead of expected damage, it printed the amount of threat that the move will cuase...then I would be in prot heaven!
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Unread 10-22-10, 09:12 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Just a quick primer to those of you a little confused by how this addon works.

This was the end result of me musing over a desired addon to ne0nguy one night. The idea is, Prot warriors, as tanks, have a lot of crap to worry about in a short amount of space. This addon is there to help some warriors augment their OODA loop by giving you a visible notice when your rage pool reaches a certain threshold.

The idea is to help you know exactly when to rage dump for TPS boosts. I set the threshold to 60 rage and when my rage pool breaks that, I get a screen flash and know to hit the Heroic Strike without having to glance away from that mob that's chasing down my healer as we speak.

Little things to make our lives easier. Thanks ne0n.

Greymane Prot Warrior
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