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Classic Patch (1.13.3)
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Bing (Classic)

by: Ne0nguy [More]

About Bing:

Some quests and achievements can be very tedious. Especially when you have to keep focused on your tooltips the whole time to find the objective.

Whether you are looking for a single person out of a large crowd, or you are just out doing your dailys and looking for herbs. Bing helps speed your search process.
Simply type /bing followed by your query and Bing will search every tooltip upon mouseover of a player, object, or npc. If a match is found a sound will play, a target icon will be set (if possible), and information about the result will appear in your chat window.
This will allow you to be able to be less distracted by your tooltips and more focused on what you are searching for.

Useful Searches:
/Bing Requires Herbalism
/Bing Lost Mail
/Bing Blood Elf Warlock
/Bing easter
Current Features:
  • Searches tooltips for text upon mouseover of a player or object
  • Searches combat log for player or unit name for "nearby" results
  • Plays a sound when a result is found
  • Shows result information in the chatlog
  • Sets a target icon over mouseover matches (when possible)

  • Query only matches text contained in the GameTooltip or Combat Log
  • Does not match item or spell searches

Slash Commands:
  • /Bing (stops searching)
  • /Bing <query> (searches for query)
  • /Bing easter (Searches for females above level 18 for the "Shake Your Bunny-Maker" Achievement)
  • /Bing female (Searches for females above level 18 for the "Shake Your Bunny-Maker" Achievement)

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