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Classic Patch (1.13.3)
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ScrapBook (Classic)

by: Ne0nguy [More]

About ScrapBook:

So you have hundreds if not thousands of hours on World of Warcraft right? Well what do you have to show for it? Sure your character may look pretty awesome, but that isn't very relevant if your trying to figure out what you got done last week.

ScrapBook is designed to take the most candid snapshots of your ongoing adventures in the World of Warcraft.
It takes a snapshots on specified intervals (defaulting to every 10 mins), leaving a watermark in the upper left and right corners with your characters name, realm, guild, rank, level, current xp, location, and a time stamp.

This works great if you set your Desktop or Lock screen background to a slideshow of your WoW screenshots folder. You will find lots of mid-combat shots of PvE, PvP, and Raids. Many of which are humorous or very cool looking at the least.

Originally posted by xandora
I have this running every 10 minutes, along with the Windows 7 background slideshow feature and I love it! A new background every 10 minutes!
Current Features:
  • Automatic Screenshots via Time Interval (adjustable)
  • Automatic Screenshots when an Achievement is earned (optional)
  • Manual Screenshots via Slash Command (/snapshot)
  • Displays a warning before a timed snapshot occurs (optional)
  • Hides the UI while taking a snapshot (optional)
  • Screenshots taken with the UI hidden will include a watermark with character and zone info
  • Timed Screenshots never occur while Resting or AFK

  • None

Slash Commands:
  • /SnapShot (force a snapshot anytime)
  • /ScrapBook (Open the Options Panel)
  • /ScrapBook go (force a snapshot anytime)
  • /ScrapBook info (debug command: queries countdown timer)
  • /ScrapBook test (debug command: sets timer to 5 seconds)

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