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Version: v8.1.5.00
by: Toadkiller, MuffinManKen

All development on my addons has been halted indefinitely pending an official ruling from Blizzard. See this thread for more information:

AutoBar is a Multi-bar mod that automatically adds potions, water, food, quest and other items you specify into buttons for easy use.

Does not use up action slots.
You can create your own categories of items, dragging items from bags, or spells from spell books into it.
You can make custom Buttons that contain 1 or more Custom or Built in categories.
You can create custom Bars to organize your Buttons to suit your interface needs.
WoW has thousands of items you may obtain. AutoBar automatically organizes frequently used items for you, saving you the drudgery of dragging stuff from your bags to an action bar. Since AutoBar does not use up the limited action slots available, you can save those for your spells and abilities.

Go to http://www.MuffinManGames.com for support. You can register on the forum with a variety of Social Media accounts (including Battle.net), so there is no need to create a new account.

The documentation project (including Known Issues and an FAQ) can be found here.

Please consider supporting my Patreon:

Other Muffin Addons:

  • Achieve It - Creates many sub-categories in the default Achievement UI to organize things better
  • MuffinFactionizer - Helps track Reputation gain with Factions

- More data updates

- Updated data for Patch 8.1.5

- Updated for Patch 8.1

- Data updates
- AutoBar's cooldown colour should match Blizzard's again
- Added new category with a button to summon a favourite random mount
- Added Mole Machine to portals (untested, I don't have access to it yet)

- Data updates
- Removed ancient DewDropLib. You can no longer right-click on the minimap button to get a popup menu. Leave me a comment if you used this feature and I`ll find an alternate way to implement it
- Improved interactions between multiple What's New dialogs

- Added new Mage portals
- Added option to reverse the sorting order of mounts

- Updated data libs
- Fixed an issue where usable items weren't showing up on the bar (Blizzard lies!)

- Fixed an error when opening the config window

- Updated embedded libs
- Small optimization in bag scanning
- Scanner runs more often, but does less work each time to address "script ran too long errors"

- Update for Battle for Azeroth

- Workarounds for Blizzards latest rounds of quietly breaking things
- Some small performance improvements

- Updated libraries
- Tries to be smarter about what items really are usable

- Updated libraries
- Removed a debug print statement
- Simplified Druid shapeshift buttons
- Toys should appear more reliably. (I hope!)
- Added "Hack PetActionBarFrame" to fix an issue where Blizzard frame extends too far and blocks access to other things. If you put anything too close to the Pet Action Bar, you can't click it.
- You can no longer add duplicate items to an AutoBar Category
- You can no longer add Toys to an AutoBar Category

- Updated data libraries
- Work-around for new Blizzard performance bug

- Updated data libraries
- Improved handling of Hearth toys
- What's new dialog is movable, Okay button is bigger, and it gained a mascot.
- Plug: Check out MuffinFactionizer for your Reputation/Faction needs

- Updated data libraries

- Updated data libraries

- Updated data libraries
- Nethershard-yielding items appear on Order Hall Resource button
- UI Fix: Button options (Show Favourites, etc) are visible even when a button is not enabled
- UI Fix: When changing button options, the buttons should update immediately
- Mount button should be better at showing proper mounts accounting for faction/professions/etc

- Updated data libraries
- Mounts button should remember last used mount
- Added better handling of Class mounts for Warlocks (TODO: Other classes)

- Updated data libraries
- Fixed harmless warnings in the FrameXML.log
- Remove references to the long-removed Offhand Buff button
- Item # of uses can go over 99 without being replaced by *
- Removed more unused locale entries

- Updated data libraries
- Added Archaeology button

- Unblocked Falcosaur mounts since Blizzard silently unbroke them
- Performance improvements
- Updated data libraries
- Added Earthbind Totem to Earth Totem Category

- TOC bump for patch 7.2
- Updated data libraries
- Removed all references to Combat Stones, including the Category and Button
- Localization cleanup; removed things that no longer exist

- Updated data libraries

- Updated data libraries
- Removed Powershift button

- Fix for Druids and the Powershift macro

- Updated Data libraries
- Fix so #show only controls the icon, not the tooltip of custom macros

- Updated Data libraries

- Improved performance when in a party/raid or when you have a pet
- AutoBar will try to detect when Quest items are acquired and add them to the Quest button
- Left-clicking the minimap/LDB button will toggle the AutoBar config dialog rather than just opening it
- Right-clicking on a button while in Move Buttons mode no longer tries to open a dropdown menu. It didn't work anyway.
- Making progress on removing old unsupported 3rd party libraries (Ace2,etc)
- Added Raid Target Button
- Added/Removed abilities for Patch 7.1.5

- Toys now show cooldowns
- Added Favourite Battle Pets to the Pet button
- Toy Box button should update immediately when you change your Favourites
- Updated Data Libs

- Blocked the Falcosaur mounts from appearing on the Mount button until Blizzard fixes them.
- Added Order Hall Resources Category
- Made Toy handling a little more efficient

- Hunter's Call Pet tooltip now shows the pet name instead of a number
- Updated Data Libs
- Added to Pet button: Summon Random Pet, Summon Random Favourite Pet, Dismiss Pet

- The Mount button was only showing Class mounts

- Simplified the handling of some spells (notably Zen Pilgrimage)
- Changed New to New Button in the Buttons UI and added a better tooltip
- Updated Muffin LibPT and LibPeriodicTable

- What's New dialog popped up on every log in

- Added Show Favourites option to Toy Box button
- Updated Muffin LibPT
- Pet Battle button has Safari Hat and Revive Battle Pets
- Pet Battle button has ornamental toys (leashes, etc). Optional.
- Added more Toy-based Portals
- Added some Fishing Toys
- Are things missing? Report them at MuffinManGames.com

- Fixed an issue on the Trinket button if you had extra trinkets in your bag

- Fixed breakage caused by patch 7.1
- Removed LibKeyBoundExtra since it's not needed
- Updated LibKeyBound
- Updated Muffin LibPT
- Monks are now considered Mana users
- Added Toy Box button on Extras bar. This is very basic, more is coming.
- Optimized some stuff

- Improved handling of WoW not having items cached
- Removed global bar alpha setting since bar-level setting always took precendence
- Lots of code cleanup
- Improved UI docs (Category Reset)
- Updated MuffinLibPT and LibPeriodicTable
- Split Order Hall button into 2: Troops & Resources
- Added Ancient Mana items to Order Hall Resources
- Added Reputation button
- Order Hall categories are more fine-grained for people who want more control over custom buttons

- Updated MuffinLibPT and LibPeriodicTable
- Added Bulging Barrel of Oil and Huge Ogre Cache to Garrison items
- Removed "Sticky Frames" option since it didn't work
- ShowExtendedTooltips was never implemented. Removed.
- Mount button wasn't showing anything if you logged in while in an inn. Removed Blizzard filtering for professions, added my own.
- Added more fishing stuff
- Removed Collapse Buttons option

- AutoBar should no longer forget your chosen mount
- Mount buttons are now sorted (with the exception of your current choice and the first one)
- Added Muffin.Garrison.Gearworks
- Added Muffin.Order Hall.Troop Recruit
- Added Muffin.Elixir categories
- Updated MuffinLibPT
- Not all built-in Categories were available to custom buttons, but now are.

- Added Pet Bandages to the Battle Pet Items button
- Added more Dalaran Lures
- Reviewed Priest Class Bar
- Profession-specific mounts shouldn't show up for people without that profession
- Added Big Fountain Goldfish to Food
- Added Pet Treats to Battle Pet Items button
- Added Order Hall button. Right now it just has "Gain Artifact Power" items.

- Updated MuffinLibPT
- Added new Dalaran Lures to Fishing button
- Hunter: Added Fetch/Play Dead/Wake Up
- Ports: Dreamway, Broken Dalaran, Hall of the Guardian

- Reviewed Class Bars: Death Knight, Demon Hunter
- ER button is a normal spell button, rather than a macro

- Moved Advanced/Debug settings to the bottom of the dialog
- Fixed "SecureCmdOptionParse" bug

- If you change your talents/spec, spells you no longer know won't stay on your bar
- No longer processes COMPANION_UPDATE messages since they fire constantly when in a city
- Removed the "New" button on custom categories since that way to add an item never worked
- Tooltips are now shown for custom macro buttons
- Updated MuffinLibPT

- Macro Buttons now show an icon if the item/spell/etc has an odd character in it (affected MOLL-E, Blingtron, and others)
- Added Dalaran Hearthstone and Flight Master's Whistle to Hearth
- If you login while in combat, AutoBar will reload itself when combat completes
- Updated MuffinLibPT
- Making changes to button options (Mounts: Show Favourites, etc) should refresh the button immediately

- Removed the Coilfang/Tempest Keep/Blade's Edge-specific categories and code.
- Performance improvements
- Added a per-button Max Popup Height gui control
- Commented out PopUpOnShift references since it doesn't work
- Updated MuffinLibPT
- Added Battle Pet Items button to Extras bar
- Added Interrupt button to Class Bar
- Reviewed Class Bars: Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, Warlock
- Monk: Zen Pilgrimage:Return is now on your Hearth. The tooltip may be wrong, but it will work.
- The "Charge" button is now a normal button instead of a macro button. Simpler, better.
- "Muffin.Potion.Health" category now shows up in the list
- Demon Hunter Support
- Added Keybinds for Garrison and Sun Song Ranch
- Fixed Mounts for Legion
- Qiraji Mounts are now filtered out by default
- Mounts load much quicker now
- Fixed Item buttons for Legion
- TOC bump for 7.0
- Updated Ace3-GUI
- Bars should no longer flash while in a vehicle
- Custom Macro buttons should now have a meaningful icon

- Added keybinds for Garrisons and Sunsong Ranch
- Data updates

- Data updates
- Reorganized some settings on the UI
- Added new SPELLS_CHANGED setting. If you have constant hitching every few seconds, try disabling this.

- Data updates
- Bars should no longer flash in pet battles

- Added new "Show Class" option for Mounts to workaround yet another Blizzard bug
- AutoBar should no longer complain about Muffin.Explosives. Really, really.
- Minor data updates

- Updated libs
- TOC bump for Patch 6.2

- What's New dialog kept popping

- Updated libs
- TOC bump for Patch 6.1

- Updated the What's New dialog with the stuff from Oops.

- Streamlined bag update handling; it should be faster but still accurate
- AutoBar will no longer show items you're too low level to use
- Monk: Fortifying Brew added to Shield button
- Monk: Storm, Earth, and Fire added to Class Pet
- Monk: ER button removed (was empty anyway)
- Druid: Potion Cooldown Mana and Mana buttons will now show Rage potions
- Rage Potions: Added Pure Rage Potion
- Garrison: Added Weapon and Armor Enhancement Tokens

- Hearth: Added Wormhole Centrifuge
- Fun: Added Walter, Blingtron 5000, Deepdive Helmet
- Mage: Removed Frost Armor from Buffs; it's Passive
- Mage: Conjure Refreshment Table is the right-click on Conjure Refreshment
- Stealth: Button is now a standard spell button with tooltips
- Hunter: Added Camouflage to Stealth button
- Monk: Added Zen Pilgrimage to Hearth
- New, hopefully better, What's New dialog

- Updated the What's New dialog with the stuff from Oops.

- More code to throttle out of control Blizzard events
- Mage: Added Ancient Dalaran Portal to Hearth button. By default it is not enabled.
- Mage: Removed Mage Armor from buffs; it's a Passive now.
- Mage: Conjure Food button is disabled on Food and Water buttons by default
- Food: Button can optionally include Combo Food (Health & Mana)
- Added a first cut at mining buff potions
- Hearth: Added Relic of Karabor

- Added code to throttle out of control Blizzard events
- Added code to stop bars from popping in briefly while pet battling

- Milling button was showing "Custom" as its name
- Garrison button now has data
- Weird "Food" and "Buttons" addons are no longer added to the Interface->Addons panel
- Milling (left-click) works again on the Milling button
- Updated Flasks

- Milling Button added on Extras bar. Left-click to Mill, Right-Click to use Draenic Mortar
- Removed Ammo categories since ammo no longer exists
- Added Oralius' Whispering Crystal to Flasks button
- Added Garrison button to Extras Bar: Miner's Coffee, Preserved Pick, Salvage, and Iron Traps.

- Lots of code clean up
- Added bait to the fishing button
- Added Worm Supreme and Ephemeral Fishing Pole to fishing button
- Added Beast Lore to button for Hunters
- Removed Rotation:Drums
- In Options window the second "FadeOut" header label now says "General"
- Fixed bug where newly empty buttons would cover populated ones
- Mount buttons options: Show Favourites, Show Non-Favourites
- What's New dialog

- Added support for button skinning via Masque. ButtonFacade support has been removed.
- Options to open skinning config from Autobar has been removed; use options provided by Masque directly
- Mounts button works, but isn't perfect. Some things show that shouldn't.
- Keybinds menu is cleaned up a bit
- Added Ashran ports for Mages
- Added Instant Poison for Combat Rogues, it's an ugly hack to work around a WoW bug

- Combo Buff food was missing. It is now on the Combo Food button.

- Hunter: Removed Aspect of the Iron Hawk
- Hunter: Added Aspect of the Fox
- Removed Mage's Incanter's Flow; it's a Passive but used the same ID as Incanter's Ward which was an Active spell
- Added Food, Bandage, Potions (Mana, Heal, Rejuv)

- Updated MuffinLibPTSets
- Acutally *use* the updated food categories

- Updates to LibPeriodicTable & MuffinLibPTSets

- Grabbed latest version of LibPeriodicTable

- Grabbed latest version of MuffinLibPTSets

- Removed reference to AceDB-3.0 since it was not used but was referenced.

- Fixed bug with Pet button. Still doesn't work, but doesn't throw an error anymore

- Updated for Warlords of Draenor pre-patch

(LibPT)Updated Consumable.Food.Feast
- Added Bountiful Feast
- Noodle Carts
- level for sorting

- Embeds MuffinLibPTSets directly since I can't get it to work as I'd like

- Openable, Trinket, and Sun Song Ranch buttons should be fixed again
- Conjure Food is no longer added to the Openable button if you're a rogue (??)

- Packaging MuffinLibPTSets

- Refresh LibPeriodicTable:
- Added Drums of Rage to the Drum Cooldown set
- Added Lorewalker's Lodestone, Time-Lost Artifact, Kirin Tor Beacon, and Sunreaver Beacon to Misc.Hearth
- Added Volatile Seaforium Blastpack to Misc.Unlock.Seaforium Charges
- Added various pet supply bags to Misc.Openable
- Uses MuffinLibPTSets

- Fixed issues with AutoBar disappearing and requiring a /reload

- Fixed breakage caused by latest WoW patch

- Refresh LibPeriodicTable
- Improved (hopefully) handling of pet battles/vehicles
- TOC bump

- Refreshed item lists
- TOC bump
- Fixed Hunter Aspect button
- AutoBar will hide when in a vehicle
- Added code to help find future breakage

- A bunch of Openables added to LibPT
- Flasks should now be up to date

- Updated for 5.1 patch
- Lots of new stuff added

- Added:
Brilliant Mana Gem
Quest: Brazier Torch, Softknuckle Poker, UDED, Transporter Power Cell, Prophetic Ink, Tahret Dynasty Mallet
Openable: Sack o' Tokens, Pouch o' Tokens
Fun: Blingotron
Fishing: Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm
Hearth: Wormhole Generator: Pandaria
Potion: Potion of the Jade Serpent, Potion of the Mountains, Virmen's Bite, Potion of Mogu Power

- Hide bars during pet battles
- For Warlocks, Soul Link is a buff not a shield
- Added:
Openable: Hero's Purse
Fishing Tool:Dragon Fishing Pole
Quest Items: Orange Painted Turnip, Li Li's Wishing Star, Mudmug's Vial, Zul'Drak Rat

- Removed Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide from Misc.Usable.Quest since it is in fact not usable (LibPeriodicTable)
- Funnel Cakes (from darkmoon faire) show up as food, even though WoW has them misclassified
- Healing and Mana potions
- Sunsong Farming button on the Extras bar
- Removed the Track button, since it hasn't done anything in a long time

More foods and drinks added. I'm experimenting with getting data in a way that no longer relies on LibPT.

- Massive updates to/of LibPeriodicTable. A lot of missing items should now be there.

- Updated LibPeriodicTable with new basic panda food and some other fixes

- Shaman: Mana Tide Totem is available now
- Hunter class bar updates
- Warrior updates
- Paladin updates.
- Hunter/Paladin Aura/Aspect button is replaced with Hunter-only Aspect button
- Added new Poison buttons on the Rogue bar
- Priests: Removed Vampiric Embrace, added Desperate Prayer to ER
- DeathKnights have pets
- Fishing on the Extras bar works again
- Basic Monk support

- Try to nicely deprecated removed button classes

- Possible fix for Shaman Water Totems not showing (I can't test it)
- Updated trinket list with a new experimental process (hopefully it works)
- Updated LibPeriodicTable
- Removed LibBabbleZone-3.0 and AceDebug-2.0
- Removed handling of Burning Crusade instance-only items
- Removed popup dialogs when right-clicking on bars
- You should delete the original AutoBar folder before upgrading since some files were removed

- LOTS of class bar fixes
- Glyph UI taint issue should be fixed
- lots of other misc fixes

- Updated embedded libs
- Updated spell id for Conjure Refreshment

- Updated embedded LibBabble-Zone and Libstub
- ptBR locale should now work (though still in English)

- Fixed errors when queueing for a battleground
- Fixed missing support for ptBR localization (all text is in English, but the addon should work)

- Backed out all mount filter-related changes until I have more time to go over it. Sorry for all of the breakage.

- Hopefully fixed the error some people were getting with AutoBarMountFilter not being defined

- LibPeriodicTable updates:
- TOC bump
- possibly other things I can't recall

- LibPeriodicTable updates:
- Moved spyglass and Jeeves from Misc.Usable.Fun to Misc.Usable.Permanent
- Removed unused Misc.Usable.Target (was only in data.lua)
- Added to Misc.Usable.Quest and Misc.Usable.StartsQuest
- Cleaned up Misc.Reagent.Ammo and Misc.Reagent.Class, many items no longer existed

- Updated (autogenned) list of trinkets

- Added Hyjal daily quest items

- Bump ToC version
- Updated LibPeriodicTable
- Updated LibBabbleZone

- Updated LibPeriodicTable
- Removed a quest item that wasn't
- Guild Perk spells are on the Extras bar
- added Hellscream's Reach Tabard to Misc.Hearth

- Updated LibPeriodicTable
- Fixed and updated LibKeyBoundExtra
- ToC bump

- Updated LibPeriodicTable
- Added Potion of Deepholm to Hearths
- Added Potion of Golemblood

- Updated LibPeriodicTable
- Added Mysterious Potion

- Added Flask of Battle
- Added The Last Relic of Argus
- Added Scalding Murglesnout

- Elixir of Deep Earth
- Elixir of the Master
- Storm Stone (quest item)
- Flame-Scarred Junkbox (Lockpickable)
- Dalaran Brilliance
- Potion of the Tol'vir

- Jeeves is no longer a quest item (really, really)
- Rogues can now poison their thrown weapons with a middle click on the Weapon Buff button

- Re-jiggered Hunter Traps
- Invigorating Pineapple Punch
- Loot-A-Rang
- Flask of the Draconic Mind
- Flask of Flowing Water
- Flask of Steelskin
- Flask of Titanic Strength
- Flask of the Winds

- Fix:Running Wild not appearing for certain classes (not tested)
- Added more potions
- Added Mage Hunter Effects
- LibPT updates

- Openable:winter veil gift
- Hearth: Innkeeper's Daughter
- Added Guild Standards
- Mythical Healing/Mana/Rejuv Potion

- Hunter Trap/Serpent Sting fix
- Lots of new items added

- TolBarad tport/portal (untested)
- Inner Will (priests) (untested)
- Running Wild (Worgen) (untested)
- Updated list of Openables
- Updated foods and drinks

- Added Cataclysm bandages
- Achaeology/Survey
- Warlock buff (Dark Intent)
- Updated list of trinkets

- More LibPT updates

- New users will have a more reasonably sized Class and Extras Bar
- Feasts and "Fun" items no longer show up on the Quest Items button, instead there is a new Misc, Fun button on the Extras bar
- Updated more items (in LibPeriodicTable), but report any missing items

- Added back Consumable.Food.Edible.Bread.Conjured & Consumable.Food.Edible.Combo.Conjured; they both simply reference Consumable.Food.Edible.Combo.Conjured for backwards compatibility.
- Added Sparkling Oasis Water
- Experimental mining of Misc.Booze

- Added a whole bunch of new quest items

- Missed a change related to Mage food

- Updated LibPT
- Fixed Hunter traps as well as I can until Blizzard fixes it
- Fixed Mage food

- Ethereal Portal has been added (really, really)
- Companion Pets button should be functional again
- Buttons should again popup
- The Popup On Shift option has been removed since it was non-functional
- Merged changes from AutoBarMuffin back into AutoBar

-- beta (r644)
-- Actually added Blessing of Sanctuary back for real. Honest.
-- Proper mount tooltip
-- A Letter from the Keeper of the Rolls 22723
-- Rework tooltip scheme a bit.
-- Fix KeyBound mode bug that kills popups
-- Fix Show Tooltips in Combat
-- Split popups longer than 8 buttons into a wide block instead of a single row
-- Fix modifier-clicks
-- New pets and trinkets according to wowhead
-- Critters now featured on the pet button
-- Pickled Egg 38427
-- Grim Guzzler Boar 11444
-- Rock-Salted Pretzel 38428
-- Blackrock Fortified Water 38431
-- Blackrock Mineral Water 38430
-- Blackrock Spring Water 38429
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