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Version: 1.0.1a
by: EGTactics [More]

By popular demand, I've finally got this interface I've been using in beta for quite some time uploaded and ready to use!

This UI is primarily used for Mistweaver Monks but with a little bit of tweaking, can be used for Windwalker and Brewmaster specializations also!

I recommend that you update addons via Curse Client. ElvUI can only be updated through their official website, tukui.org

This compilation will only be re-uploaded or updated if their are complications or changes in appearance. Individual addons updates are on YOU. We'll post reminders on our Twitter and Facebook for add-on updates that might effect the UI.

A video of the UI in use is available HERE

Tested and works on 1920x1080. Should function with minor placement modifications on other resolutions to BW, etc.

Update: Next UI build will include placement changes with (BigWigs) & (Deadly Boss Mods) though I recommend you download and edit those to how you see fit.

Included Addons
  • ElvUI
  • BigWigs
  • MikScrollingBattleText
  • Weak Auras
  • Skada

  1. Back up your Interface and WTF folders. After that delete the files from your world of warcraft folder.
  2. Download and exctract those folders from EGTacticsUI and put them into your World of Warcraft folder.
  3. Open the WTF folder and rename the following :
  • ACCOUNTNAME => to your account name.
  • ServerName => to your server name.
  • MONKNAME => to your character name.

All addons are credited to the original Authors. This is an addon compilation that I intend to keep updated with my own tweaks, I am NOT the author of any of the above mentioned addons.

Thanks to all the authors of the listed programs!

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