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Mono UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 12.3.5
by: Monolit [More]

If you update to MonoUI 12.0 (+) from previous versions, you have to perform full reinstall of this UI.
Make sure to check CHANGE LOG as there's been allot of changes made including .cfg files structures.

This UI was originally designed for multiple resolutions ranging from 1280*1024 to 1920*1080.
So unless your resolution is lower than 1280*XXX you should need no changes to use this interface
Most add-ons are configured through editing lua files and do not have any GUI.
If you don't want to learn HOW TO modify those files - don't use this UI.
Also please keep in mind that I develop this interface to fit MY needs, thus
if you want some specific functionality implemented - you got to explain why that particular feature is so important.

Short Information:
specially for TL/DR people

What it is:

  • Easy to set-up,
  • Lightweight & CPU-friendly,
  • Minimalistic Interface with support for multiple resolutions.

What it's NOT:
  • easy to configure (all configuration options are located in .lua files);
  • SUPER-OMFGWTFBBQ-lightweight (because sometimes usability > memory usage);
  • single add-on UI (I like to keep it sort of modular).

1) *IMPORTANT* Back up your Fonts, Interface and WTF folders before you even look at any of the files inside the package.

2) Unpack this archive into your WoW\Interface folder

LUA Editor:
To edit lua files (like cfg.lua) you should use one of the available editors with code highlight like Notepad++ or SciTe.

Few useful slash commands
/extra - show extra action bars
/kb - enter keybinding mode
/rd - remove everyone from raid/party, disband the group
/rc - ready check
/cr - role check
/gm - open GM ticket
/ss - initiate talent specialization and gear set swap
/rtp - convert group from raid to party
/ptr - convert group from party to raid
/teleport - teleports to instance when in LFG instance

Interface tunning
/en ADDONNAME - enable specific add-on
/dis ADDONNAME - disable specific add-on
/rl - reloadUI
/clc - manual combat log reset
/pnl - spawn grid on your screen to adjust position of your addons
/tm - show all action bars holders
/gf - print full frame information under your mouse
/setchat - sets your chat window to default position
/ssr - switch resolution from 1920x1080 windowed(fullscreen) to 1280x720 windowed and back

Mount macro:
This macro will automatically pick a mount for you based on whether its possible or not using a specific type of mount.
/script Mountz("your_ground_mount","your_flying_mount","your_water_mount")
the addon will pick a propper mount depends on the location you are in (including Vashj'ir). Holding CTRL will override flyable condition, and holding ALT will override swimable condition in Vashj'ir.

Extra information (F.A.Q.):
Do not ask me any questions about how to change this interface to fit your needs.
Do not use auto-updaters to download new versions of add-ons.
BACKUP your cfg.lua files and everything else you modified before you update to the latest version.
  • hovering your mouse with ALT key pressed over an itemlink, achievement or ability in chat window will bring up the tooltip
  • you can set custom auto-invite word in m_Tweaks\cfg.lua (default one is 'inv')
  • you can access MicroMenu buttons (charracter, friends etc.) by right-clicking Minimap.
  • right click the "Config" button to make extra actionbars bars visible, middle click allows you to enter key-binding mode.
  • m_Tweaks contains various interface modifications and QoL scripts that will automate some procedures in game for you. If you want to disable some functionality check cfg.lua.
  • You can associate your equipment set with your current spec by ALT+clicking the required set in Broker_Equipment dropdown tooltip. That will 'tie' selected set to the current spec so next time you swap talents to this spec the add-on will automatically swap your gear set.
  • To set your party frames look like raid frames open oUF_mono\cfg.lua and then under raid category find and change ["party"] = false, value to true and in 'party' section ["enable"] = true, to false.
  • MonoUI v.12 introduces new way to manage your cfg.lua files and more importantly keep them when you update your UI. This feature's handled by !mCFG add-on. You can simply paste your cfg.lua files in a respective folder and all MonoUI add-ons will be able to use those local versions of configuration files. In case you want to switch back to the default state of the UI, but keep all your modifications - you can simply disable !mCFG add-on.
  • If you can't close your bags by pressing "B" hotkey, then replace your "B" key from "Open All Bags" to "Toggle Backpack" in default Key Bindings menu.

AddOns list:
  • !mCFG - provides user the ability to keep his cfg.lua files in 1 place for easier updates
  • alDamageMeter - minimalistic damage meter
  • m_ActionBars - Styles the standard ActionBars and Buttons
  • m_Bags - All in one lightweight bag add-on based on cargBags and cargBags_Simplicity
  • m_BrokerStuff - compilation of Broker plug-ins based on cargoShip lib
    - Ampere - Addon management panel
    - Durability - StatBlockDurability - durability display
    - FPS - no comments
    - Latency - ping display
    - Memory - addon memory usage display / collects garbage on click
    - Money - displays tiny gold earned/spent statistics
    - NameToggle - easy name/tittle toggling
    - Volumizer - Volume control plugin
    - Equipment - plugin for built-in Equip Manager
  • m_CombatText - lightweight add-on for tweaking default combat text
  • m_Loot - Butsu + MasterLoot + sGroupLoot compilation with some stylization
  • m_Map - WorldMap modification
  • m_Nameplates - minimalistic name plates
  • m_UI - essential UI elements
  • NugRunning - Buff/Debuff tracking
  • oUF_mono - oUF-based lightweight UnitFrames

  • Allez, Affli, Cargor, FatalEntity, funkydude, Caellian, p3lim, haste, Zork, Tekkub, Tuller, Freebaser, d87, Rabbit, Ammo, Adys, Iceblink, Curney, Torhal, Tukz, Nightcracker - for your amazing add-ons and code.
  • Tenelov, ALZA, Don_Kaban, alekk - for help and support with learning lua.

====== v. 12.3 rev 5 ======
oUF_mono: oUF core update to 1.6.6
oUF_mono: fixed few frame level issues with nameplates overlapping few unitframes elements
m_Nameplates: fixed few frame level issues with nameplates overlapping few unitframes elements

====== v. 12.3 rev 4 ======
mUI: fixed auto accept and whisper invite module
mUI: shoutCD added ability to disable 30 seconds warnings.
mUI: DBM skin fixes
m_Nameplates: reworked based on zork's code (http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46740), should be 5.4 ready

====== v. 12.3 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: added button_size value for exit vehicle button to cfg.lua (only for user-placed buttons)
m_ActionBars: adjusted default user_placed position for exit vehicle button
m_ActionBars: fixed missing micro buttons
m_ActionBars: updated state driver for override bar (should fix galakras problem)

====== v. 12.3 rev 2 ======
m_Bags: fixed consumables tab not filtering on first game load
m_Bags: fixed .toc to include mCFG_layer (thanks Warx)
m_Loot: group loot strata fixed, boss frames will not overlap loot frames anymore
m_Map: IsDisabledByParentalControls Taint fix (credits to Rotule http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10388639018)
m_UI: (chat module) complete URL copy module rewrite, doesn't conflict with oQueue anymore

====== v. 12.3 rev 1 ======
m_Bags: now sorts properly by quality
m_Bags: implemented new consumables filter (you have to add "consumables = true," to the cfg.bags section)
m_BrokerStuff: fixed 'Config' button
m_BrokerStuff: updated libs
oUF_mono: added UNIT_MAXHEALTH event to few HP tags
oUF_mono: enabled frequentUpdates on hp value
oUF_mono: ghost target frame should be properly hidden when in pet battle
oUF_mono: added pvp flag (you have to add "pvp_flag = false," to the cfg.lua under "settings" segment)
oUF_mono: arena preparation frame fixed (not tested)
oUF_mono: added absorbs display to the healing prediction bar, different colors now!

====== v. 12.2 rev 1 ======
m_UI: /model func updated
m_Bags: NewItemTexture fix for 5.4
oUF_mono: oUF core update to the latest github version
oUF_mono: raid debuffs updated for Siege of Orgrimmar

====== v. 12.1 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: fixed boss frames debuffs growth direction
m_ActionBars: re-implemented script that enables 4 additional action bars by default
m_ActionBars: force action bars grid to always be visible
m_ActionBars: fixed styling for flyout buttons with more than 6 buttons

====== v. 12.1 rev 2 ======
m_Map: removed textures from the 'map options' dropdown
m_Map: adjusted coordinates position for big map

====== v. 12.1 rev 1 ======
alDamageMeter: is no longer part of the default pack, I switched to using Skada due to several reasons
m_UI: panels are now 75 px wider
m_UI: adjusted chat width
m_UI: minimap elements font adjustements
m_UI: added tooltips for buff icons in raid buffs module; raid buff bar repositioned to reflect panels' width change
m_UI: updated default Bigwigs anchors for 1080p resolution
m_ActionBars: adjusted bars position to reflect panels' width change
m_Nameplates: updated to reflect new castbar changes in 5.3
m_Nameplates: removed cast name background
m_Map: some of the elements were removed in 5.3, so we don't need to modify them anymore
m_Map: adjusted fontsize / position for coordinates
m_CombatText: reverted 5.2 SPELL_DISPEL change
oUF_mono: added player's debuffs with timers for boss frames
oUF_mono: fix for warlocks soul shards bar (drain life glyph)
m_UI: implemented font module based on Tekkub's teckticles
m_UI: updated several modules to reflect the font change
m_UI: updated minimap font for time value
m_UI: skada skin updated
m_UI: added NoTaint module that reduces the ammount of taint errors you get (when changing glyphs/talents etc for example)
m_UI: updated BigWigs skin, huge props to Funkydude for implementing MonoUI bars style into BigWigs
m_UI: fixed PVP/dungeon finder buttons in minimap module
m_CombatText: fixed SPELL_DISPEL vars (5.2 bug)
oUF_mono: added absorbs indicator (need to enable this in cfg)
oUF_mono: removed oUF_Swing code / support as this plugin have not been updated for a while
m_BrokerStuff: added font overrides for broker modules
MonoUI: removed Fonts folder
MonoUI: .toc bump to 5.3

====== v. 12.0 rev 4 ======
m_UI: fixed lock_default_position var in NugRunning skin
m_UI: raid buff module updated, removed deprecated spellids
oUF_mono: added raid debuffs for Empress Shek'zeer
MonoUI: .toc update for 5.2

====== v. 12.0 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: fixed events list for mono:hp tag to properly indicate when unit is dead or offline
m_UI: little update for tooltip module
m_UI: skada skin was updated and disabled by default as it still needs some testing to be done
m_CombatText: added restorative mists to aoe list (resto shamans)

====== v. 12.0 rev 2 ======
m_UI: implemented a fix for cooldown_count module so it updates properly on cooldown reset
m_UI: reworked /model command, now it allows to get the model directly from Dungeon Journal with /model dj

====== v. 12.0 rev 1 ======
-- I lost the entire change log due to misstimed Git commit during GitHub maintenance and it did overwrite the original file, GG.
-- The list of v.12 changes was huge, so I am not going to spend my time restoring it, however I will breifly list the important changes here.
MonoUI: m_Chat, m_Minimap, m_Buffs, m_Chat, m_Panels, alTooltip, tullaCC: removed (merged within m_Tweaks)
MonoUI: all cfg.lua files were updated
oUF: removed (now part of oUF_mono)
!mCFG: implemented add-on that provides user the ability to keep his cfg.lua files in 1 place for easier updates, just drop your cfg.lua in the respective folder and you are good
m_Tweaks: restructured and renamed to m_UI, added allot of new modules and functionality, just too many to list (again), make sure to go through cfg.lua file and check the latest additions

====== v. 11.2 rev 3 ======
5.1 fixes + few changes, more info with the next update

====== v. 11.2 rev 2 ======
alTooltip: tooltip style for caged battle pets
alTooltip: set default border color to black
oUF_mono: altPowerBar applied to pet unit to prevent it disappearing when in vehicle
oUF_mono: repositioned player's altPowerBar
oUF_mono: added monks to dispell table
oUF_mono: added various raid tags and indicators for monks (healing)
oUF_mono: added multiple indicators for various classes, also fixed old indicators appearence
m_Bags: cargbags core update, fixed issue with oppening bags when you reload/relog in combat
m_Buffs: fixed timers overlapping icons @ debuffs; also adjusted border anchors which were off due to texture changes
m_Chat: removed styling of default time stamps (for now)
m_Map: added option to display decimal part of map coordinates
m_Map: removed tooltip fix for quest blobs
m_ActionBars: exit vehicle button when docked will always have its position locked by last available Bar1 button
m_ActionBars: PARTY/RAID events replaced with new GROUP_ROSTER_UPDATE event to properly handle mark bars
m_ActionBars: removed couple config values from RaidMark and WorldMarker bars
m_Loot: adjusted size and position of several elements; overall made loot frames bigger

====== v. 11.2 rev 1 ======
m_Bags: fixed caged battle pets being invisible in bags
m_Bags: added quality coloring for caged battle pets
m_BrokerStuff: volume controll panel restyled and repositioned
m_Chat: major changes to style function
m_Chat: added pet battle combat log stylizations
m_Chat: removed few config vars
m_MailGet: removed
m_Tweaks: added new MailGet module, added config var to cfg.lua (cfg.EnableMailGet)
m_Tweaks: raid buffs module brought back to life with updated spell ids and buffs sets
m_Tweaks: added new flask IDs to the buffs checker
m_Tweaks: minor tweaks for StyleNRun module
m_CombatText: aoe list updated for shamans
m_Minimap: added Pets Journal to the right-click menu
m_ActionBars: fixed the issue with bars not disappearing properly during a pet battle
m_ActionBars: raid mark bar will be shown in party group even if you are not a leader
m_ActionBars: 4 more buttons for the middle cluster making it 2x10buttons bar in default state
oUF_mono: player & target unitframes repositioned
oUF_mono: added missing indicators for monks
oUF_mono: fixed tags counter tags for POM, ES, etc.
oUF_mono: fixed error with abbrev function of totembar module
oUF_mono: removed abbreviations from totem bar
oUF_mono: reworked class specific powers to fit new ClassIcons design in oUF
oUF_mono: added option to undock AltPowerBar from the player frame (cfg.UnDockAltPowerBar) and set custom position for it (cfg.AltPoiwerBarPosition)
m_Loot: attempt to fix missing color varriable error
m_Loot: group loot module reworked based on teksloot, counters are back now
NugRunning: updated to the latest (5.0.8) version
MonoUI: updated .blp textures in /interface/Buttons and /interface/Tooltips

====== v. 11.1 rev 4 ======
oUF_mono: fixed tag error occuring when some tracked buffs return 0 as its' stack number
oUF_mono: added different coloring for player's own prayer of mending or earth shield
alDamageMeter: fixed OnClick script for LDB object
m_Tweaks: implemented option to disable custom bar coloring

====== v. 11.1 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: added [petbattle][overridebar] macro conditions to the OverrideBar frame (to fix some bars issues in DMF quests)
m_ActionBars: removed holy power coloring for Templar's Verdict in RangeCheck module (tullaRange update)
m_Loot:: implemented tooltip for icons at mLoot roll frames
alDamageMeter: updated to the latest version
oUF_mono: altpowerbar position replaced to the bottom of HP frame, still WIP to find a better position
oUF_mono: added option to move class-specific power bar (check cfg.lua)

====== v. 11.1 rev 2 ======
m_Loot: fixed the error
m_Tweaks: fixed auto-invite module
m_Buffs: rewwritten from the scratch, fixed multiple things like second row positioning, debuffs highlights etc.
m_ActionBars: adjusted visibility conditions for raid mark bar
oUF_mono: fixed aura timers not showing @ debuff icons when debuff source is not player
oUF_mono: implemented new reworked totembar plugin
oUF_mono: layout adjusted to reflect totembar changes
oUF_mono: implemented timers for totembar
oUF: .toc version updated
NugRunning: updated to the last version

====== v. 11.1 rev 1 ======
alDamageMeter: events updated
m_BrokerStuff: fixed durability plugin errors
m_ActionBars: fixed new action bars texture names (to hide)
m_CombatText: added Cone of Cold & Freeze spells into aoe list
m_Minimap: added 'Dungeon Finder' instead of LFD/LFR to the context menu
m_Loot: implemented localization and fixed group loot module (now it doesn't try to crush your client and kill your kittens)
oUF_mono: raid debuffs updates
oUF_mono: new Shadow orbs implementation
oUF_mono: implemented warlock, monks, shadow priest and paladin specific power bars
oUF_mono: modified DK runes to fit new style of class specific powers
oUF_mono: reworked eclipse bar for druids
oUF_mono: altPowerBar moved to the bottom of the frame, will need to figure out a better positioning for this thing
oUF: core update
NugRunning: removed some deprecated DKs' spellIDs

====== v. 11.0 rev 2 BETA ======
m_Tweaks: cfg.ThreatBar will function as intended now
m_ActionBars: added possess bar (swaps with stance bar)
m_ActionBars: added styling for possess bar
m_ActionBars: reworked how the main bar works
m_ActionBars: properly implemented OverrideBar
m_ActionBars: fixed taint issues with extra action bar (bar6)
m_ActionBars: updated raid / world mark bars spawning logic
m_ActionBars: code refactoring cfg.lua MUST BE UPDATED
oUF_mono: added full list of known raid debuffs to the raid_debuffs.lua, some of them may be useless - it's up for you to decide as I don't raid @ beta servers
oUF_mono: raid_tags.lua updated, might need some tweaks but all current IDs are up to date
oUF_mono: fixed division by zero error in ReverseBar function
oUF_mono: updated list of spellIDs in AuraTracker
alDamageMeter: updated few functions, still wip

====== v. 11.0 rev 1 BETA ======
m_ActionBars: removed depricated frames, updated styling function, fixed hooks
m_ActionBars: updated RaidMark with new group status requests
m_ActionBars: fixed extra action bar not updating on page swap, locking it to page 1
m_ActionBars: bye bye totembar, you sure wasted allot of my time
m_ActionBars: removed totembar styling functions and config vars
m_ActionBars: removed raid button from micro menu (replaced with companion and mounts button)
m_ActionBars: removed updater script to keep micro menu after swapping a spec
m_ActionBars: reworked art removing function
m_ActionBars: enabled stance bar & updated stance bar styling
m_ActionBars: Broker_Equipment updated to reflect API changes
m_ActionBars: new petbar varriable in cfg file - scale
m_ActionBars: simplified mAB.ShowInCombat function using RegisterStateDriver
m_ActionBars: added petbar holder state conditions so it's no longer clickable when invisible
m_ActionBars: fixed taint on manual page swap when in combat
m_ActionBars: updated cfg.lua, changed var names, but old versions should be fully compatible
oUF: assistant and leader module update (for some reason haste's WoW 5.0 compatibility didn't work for me)
oUF: removed 4.x compatibility for eclipsebar element
oUF_mono: fixed aura size error
oUF_mono: tags system, new syntax
oUF_mono: updated tag events
oUF_mono: raid frames updated
oUF_mono: special powers for warlocks now displayed as number @ player unit frame (temp. solution)
oUF_mono: lightning shield display fixed
oUF_mono: threat border edge size increased to 1 for party frames (needs testing)
m_Tweaks: disabled raidBuffs module untill I get a full new list of raid buffs in MOP
m_Tweaks: updated spec detection function in various modules
m_Tweaks: fixed /ptr and /rtp /radisband (/rd) commands
m_Tweaks: updated Mountz macro with new logic, so now it should never fail to understand what mount you want summoned (added underwater mounts support aswell)
m_Tweaks: StyleNRun module reworked and now working with the latest version of NugRunning, disabled totems module
m_BrokerStuff: updated /ss module and set assigning module
m_MailGet: fixed button and check boxes position
m_Minimap: removed depricated frames from hiding func
m_Minimap: added new LFG icon
m_Buffs: getting rid of consolidated buff frame hook, I just never ever use it, nor should any of you!
m_Buffs: fixed temp enchant frame position
m_Nameplates: fixed frame hooks
m_Nameplates: reworked targeting frame, fixed border distortion for targeted nameplates
m_Loot: few fixes to reflect WoW 5.0 API changes
m_Loot: disabled MasterLooter and GroupLoot module due to client crashes
m_CombatText: fixed white hits display
NugRunning: updated to the latest version
NugRunning: adjusted config vars to fit the UI style
NugRunning: updated few class-specific spells
alDamageMeter: few fixes to reflect changes in WoW 5.0 API

================================================== PATCH 5.0 ====================================================

====== v. 10.9 rev 5 ======
m_Bags: fixed taint issue
m_Tweaks: fully implemented (rewritten) RaidBuffs module to detect missing important raid buffs (requires cfg.lua update)
oUF_mono: added cfg.Enable3DPortrait to the cfg.lua file

====== v. 10.9 rev 4 ======
oUF_mono: fix for debuff module, aparently class varriable went missing ...

====== v. 10.9 rev 3 ======
m_ActionBars: slight ExtraActionBarButton1 rework
m_ActionBars: few fixes for the ButtonStyler module to avoid taint
m_ActionBars: little fix for the marking bar, now you should only see it in raid if you're either raid leader or assistant
m_BrokerStuff: fixed lua error when trying to update the set
m_Chat: cleaned up few blank functions to avoid taints
m_Tweaks: fixed spellIDs in tooltip (back to old version)
oUF_mono: small castbar fix for the latency display
oUF_mono: raid debuffs updated, removed/modified old debuffs
oUF_mono: added ability to use spellIDs instead of spell names in raid_debuffs.lua to give some certain debuff priority (screw you Deep Corruption)
oUF_mono: added debuff timers for the raid frames (new option in cfg.lua), it's on by default
oUF: core update to the latest version

====== v. 10.9 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: reposition (update cfg.lua) for new ExtraActionButton1
oUF_mono: added few Dragon Soul raid debuffs
oUF_mono: implemented oUF_Swing support (you need oUF_Swing plugin for it to work)
NugRunning: updated to the most recent version
m_Tweaks: disabled profanity filter........... (for some reason it kept turning on in 4.3)
m_Minimap: fixed Dungeon Journal button
m_Map: fixed WorldMap options dropdown position

====== v. 10.9 rev 1 ======
m_Minimap: added new RaidManager to right click menu
oUF_mono: castbar will now correctly display tick marks on 2 consecutive channeling casts with different channeling time
m_ActionBars: minor fix for RangeCheck module
m_ActionBars: marking bar will now be available in party even if you are not a leader
m_ActionBars: fixed macro text being hidden even if set otherwise in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: implemented new ExtraBar button (4.3)
tullaCC: updated to work with 4.3
m_Chat: editbox is now clickable when you copy URLs or text lines from the chat frame
MonoUI: .toc updates for 4.3

====== v. 10.8 rev 9 ======
m_ActionBars: accidentally included old version of the add-on that caused huge CPU cycles leaks, so it's fixed now

====== v. 10.8 rev 8 ======
aThreatMeter: removed (merged into m_Tweaks)
alDamageMeter: hostile npc detection fix
oUF_mono: added buffs for the boss frames
oUF_mono: reverted right click menu change, so we get our precious 'set MT/assist' options (although /mt is just much easier way to set MTs)
oUF: core update to the latest version
m_Tweaks: reworked add-on structure so it's a little easier to maintain, merged in aThreatMeter add-on
m_Tweaks: modification to the AutoAcceptDE function (now also automatically accepts greed rolls on bop items)
m_Tweaks: added CastBy module by Compost, removed old SpellID module

m_Map: removed advancedMap cVar, so it now properly funcitons @ 4.3 /PTR
m_ActionBars: reworked button styler module, now compatible with 4.3 /PTR
m_ActionBars: removed old cooldown scaling function (replaced with a simplier solution)
m_Tweaks: changed LFD- to LFGSearchStatus, compatible with 4.3 /PTR

====== v. 10.8 rev 7 ======
m_ActionBars: typo in combat visibility function for raid marks bar
m_ActionBars: raid marks bar visibility conditions
alDamageMeter: npc flags filter

====== v. 10.8 rev 6 ======
alDamageMeter: broker tooltip modifications
alDamageMeter: implemented a fix for totem and guardians pets so they properly associate with their owners
alDamageMeter: implemented "Pet" abilities indication for the detailed tooltip
m_BrokerStuff: tooltip modifications
m_BrokerStuff: world latency instead of local latency
m_BrokerStuff: modified FPS display update frequency (once every 2 seconds)
m_BrokerStuff: added toggle backpack functionality to gold display module (click to show/hide bags)
m_Buffs: added option to toggle buff timers in cfg.lua (for people who dont go well with in-game config)
NugRunning: spellIDs updated
NugRunning: added shamans t12 4p bonus proc
m_Minimap: added dungeon journal button to the right click micro menu
m_Tweaks: implemented Bigwigs styling module
m_Tweaks: added /setbw command to inject my bigwigs settings (optional and only for 1920x1080 resolution)
m_ActionBars: petbar will not 'jump' for shamans if it does not overlap with totembar anymore
m_ActionBars: added TotemBar holder to the testing function
m_ActionBars: removed 'hide side bars' option as it was a little confusing, /extra will now toggle all hidden/disabled bars instead (remember to update cfg.lua)
m_Nameplates: implemented target indicator border for nameplates
m_Nameplates: implemented totem icons display (works without localization)
oUF_mono: implemented threat indications for party frames
m_Chat: new chat tabs style
alTooltip: fixed an issue with item icons sometimes appearing behind the background

====== v. 10.8 rev 5 ======
m_CombatText: (fix) less 6 AM coding
alDamageMeter: re-added 3 states for broker display plug-in that are tied to player's role
alDamageMeter: fixed an issue with unclickable broker plugin

====== v. 10.8 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: added Dungeon Journal and Raid buttons to MicroMenu bar
alDamageMeter: fixed swing damage event var
alDamageMeter: updated LibBossIDs for Firelands, added option for showing only boss fights (default - off)
alDamageMeter: added total damage tracking
oUF_mono: added few Ragnaros and Majordomo spells in raid_debuffs.lua

====== v. 10.8 rev 3 ======
NugRunning: updated with a workaround for updating debuffs
m_Tweaks: implemented NugRunning script (StyleNRun.lua) that will set add-on's appearance and position without changing add-on itself
m_BrokerStuff: increased ammount of lines you can see in AddOns menu due to 4.2 addons menu changes
m_CombatText: restored changes made in previous revisions (thx bozo)
m_Bags: added some simple configuration options in form of cfg.lua
oUF_mono: raid_debuffs updated with Firelands debuffs

====== v. 10.8 rev 2 ======
m_Nameplates: implemented new way to set castbar point to fix the bug with misplaced castbars under specific circumstances
m_Nameplates: new level/elite/boss indicator position (it will no longer overlap with castbar icon)
m_Nameplates: interruptable castbar color tuned up to be a bit brighter to match castbar on unitframes
m_ActionBars: adjusted petbar and micromenu position due to scale of those bars, so changes in cfg.lua required for those 2 bars
m_CombatText: fixed varriables for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED change in 4.2
m_Loot: reworked link button positioning (fixing scaling issue)
m_Loot: added short list of settings in cfg.lua file
alDamageMeter: fixed varriables for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED change in 4.2
NugRunning: fixed varriables for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED change in 4.2
MonoUI: .toc version update

====== v. 10.8 rev 1 ======
m_Nameplates: implemented % hp display
m_Tweaks: shoutCD module modified, warnings will now only appear in combat
m_Tweaks: applied a small fix for shoutCD module so you don't get multiple errors when respec
m_Tweaks: implemented new slash command: /cr to check group roles
m_Tweaks: implemented cloak/helm toggle check boxes @ PaperDoll frame
m_Tweaks: modified DBM style and position to fit new UI layout (/setdbm)
m_Bags: implemented a workaround to 'OpenAllBags problem', changing keybinding to 'Toggle Backpack' is not necessary anymore
m_Bags: removed Keyring support due to 4.2 changes
m_BrokerStuff: NameToggle plug-in integrated into 'Config' data object (see tooltip for more info)
m_BrokerStuff: Volume control panel is now accesable by alt-clicking the 'Config' button
m_BrokerStuff: Top mouseover panel removed
m_BrokerStuff: removed Hatter, Volumizer and NameToggle plug-ins, their functionality is integrated in Ampere
m_ActionBars: removed old totembar scale and opacity vars
m_ActionBars: petbar repositioned to be right on top of your 2 main action bars (cfg.lua)
m_ActionBars: removed specific petbar position for Death Knights and Shamans
m_ActionBars: default value for ammount of buttons displayed @ stance bar now set to 6
m_ActionBars: fixed EVB_user_placed var
m_ActionBars: implemented 1 more action bar
m_ActionBars: modified visibility conditions for ExtraActionBar
m_ActionBars: added ability to set keybinginds for new ExtraActionBar via /kb mode
m_ActionBars: implemented experimental fix for a prowling bar hack incorrectly functioning after talent switch
m_ActionBars: removed MainMenuBar_UpdateKeyRing() call due to 4.2 changes
m_ActionBars: complete code overhaul and restructure
m_ActionBars: config file redesigned so it's easier to maintain and update it, so unfortunately you must update your cfg.lua
m_MailGet: fixed a little problem with check boxes preventing them to properly update when changed
oUF_mono: player debuffs/auras/buffs frame repositioned to the left of player unit frame
oUF_mono: optimized initial config settings for units/headers, removed few unnecessary varriables in core.lua and core_raid.lua
oUF_mono: removed 'set focus' from the player menu
oUF_mono: added option to enable/disable right-click menu for raid frames
oUF_mono: player/target frames moved few pixels down
NugRunning: moved bars to to the top of player frame
NugRunning: added script to change bars position for DKs, Druids (boomkins) and shamans with boring_totembar enabled
NugRunning: removed few outdated spellIDs
aThreatMeter added script to move threat bar if the PetBar is present

====== v. 10.7 rev 5 ======
alDamageMeter: implemented 3 new states for broker display plug-in that are tied to player role (HPS for healers, Avoidance for tanks and DPS for everything else)
m_Bags: applied search plug-in to all containers
m_Bags: adjusted few small elements positions
oUF_mono: added maelstrom weapon stacks (for enh. shamans) display to the special power indication
m_Tweaks: implemented new feature - CD shout out, see options in cfg.lua

====== v. 10.7 rev 4 ======
oUF_mono: 3d portrait fix for worgen male charracters
m_Chat: editbox repositioned to the top of chat frame, lets see if I'll be able to get used to it...
m_Bags: implemented cargbags filter for Equipment Manager, all set items will now be stored into separate section of your bags

====== v. 10.7 rev 3 ======
m_BrokerStuff: implemented new feature to Broker_Equipment, you may now Alt-click the set to assign it to the current spec
m_Tweaks: removed gear swap functionality from /ss function due to m_BrokerStuff

====== v. 10.7 rev 2 ======
oUF: updated to version 1.5.10
oUF_mono: clean up, removed useless SetAtributes
oUF_mono: added uninterruptable cast coloring for boss frames' cast bars
m_ActionBars: implemented style for flyout multicast buttons (hunters, mages and warlocks rejoice!)
m_ActionBars: fixed a bug with totembar for low level shamans who didn't have any totems yet
m_ActionBars: fix for recall totems button position
m_ActionBars: and another fix for totembar slot buttons having wrong size and missplaced anchores
m_ActionBars: reanchor totemtimers frame to buttons' slots so we can have them for any "Call" page
m_ActionBars: totembar moved down a little to compensate for summon button position adjustements
m_CombatText: added DK specific double strikes code for aoe_merge module (credits to bozo)
m_CombatText: altered crits and count display for merged spells
m_Nameplates: castbar colors adjusted to match unitframes' ones
m_Tweaks: removed GM ticket status frame code as it's no longer present in the game since 4.1

====== v. 10.7 rev 1 ======
tullaCC: reduced the minScale value to enable trinket timers @ arena frames
oUF_mono: fixed kinda missanchored default position for party/arena/boss frames (bleh...)
oUF_mono: fixed number od buffs/debuffs displayed @ player frame
oUF_mono: re-implemented aura tracker for arena frames
oUF_mono: added timer for arena aura tracker
oUF_mono: updated optional deps in .toc
oUF_mono: eclipse bar direction indicators fixed
oUF_mono: removed pet happiness color from the name tag for 4.1
m_Nameplates: remaped global regions for nameplates elements, fixed for 4.1
m_Bags: replaced OpenAllBags with ToggleBag function, so due to changes to 'Open All Bags' binding you have to modify 'B' keybinding from 'Open All Bags' to 'Toggle Backpack'
m_CombatText: fixed varriables for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED change in 4.1
NugRunning: fixed varriables for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED change in 4.1
alDamageMeter: fixed varriables for COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED change in 4.1
MonoUI: client version updates for all .toc files

====== v. 10.6 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: holy power and soul shards display is back!

====== v. 10.6 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: typo

====== v. 10.6 rev 1 ======
oUF_mono: fixed statusbar texture sometimes causing little distortions at the sides
oUF_mono: fixed party pets and arena tot frames' dimensions
oUF_mono: removed some left over stuff from raid background
oUF_mono: implemented new specific power display for party frames (supports ES for shamans, PRoM for priests and LB for druids) much like in raid frames
oUF_mono: ES, PrOM and LB raid tags has been moved from raid_tags.lua to tags.lua
oUF_mono: implemented new look for unit frames: 'Reverse HP bars', it is on by default and can be disabled in cfg.lua (cfg.ReverseHPbars)
oUF_mono: minor structure changes in lib.lua and tags.lua
oUF_mono: fixed auras overlay texture distortion
oUF_mono: reworked player auras position updater
oUF_mono: added new feature to display aura timers only for auras cast by player, new option available in cfg.lua: cfg.PlayerTimersOnly
oUF_mono: modified aura timers so they remain visible with cfg.PlayerTimersOnly enabled on player's debuffs
oUF_mono: fixed Wrack debuff tag so it doesn't give you any lua errors if it's missing time value (i.e. when you released)
oUF_mono: stack text color changed to white instead of grey
oUF_mono: aura timers colors adjusted (yellow by default and red when about to expire)
oUF_mono: increased auras size and decreased the ammount of debuffs per row for target/player units
oUF_mono: small adjustments to player/target frames' width
oUF_mono: repositioned and reworked ToT/Pet/Focus/Focus target frames
oUF_mono: pet and target frames now only display debuffs
oUF_mono: increased player, target and focus castbar size
oUF_mono: increased buffs/debuffs size and spacing on party/arena/tot/pet frames to avoid overlay texture distortion
oUF_mono: aura timers moved down a bit to avoid outline overlapping overlay texture
oUF_mono: arena, party and boss frames position adjusted
m_ActionBars: added totem timers coloring according to the totem group (earth, fire, water, wind)
m_ActionBars: fixed hotkey text on MulticastSummon/Recall button
m_Map: some structural changes, general code clean up
m_Map: fixed coordinates 'jumpy' behaviour when large world map is opened
m_Map: adjusted positions for number of elements including levelUP/DOWN buttons, WorldMapTitle frame and button, etc.
m_BrokerStuff: Broker_Money gold display modified, 'g' color -> white

====== v. 10.5 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: raid_debuffs updated
oUF_mono: implemented specific indicator for Sinestra's 'Wrack' debuff allowing players to determine the ammount of time it's been active by color (indicators.lua & raid_tags.lua)

====== v. 10.5 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: disabled default PetActionBar frame
m_ActionBars: fixed some transparent frames being clickable
m_ActionBars: petbar visibility and transparency adjusted in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: minor mono:hp tag change
oUF_mono: minor hp/pp bar size adjustments
oUF_mono: improved fake target frame
oUF_mono: removed brackets from resting indicator
oUF_mono: added Engulfing Darkness (Maloriak) debuff to the raid_debuffs.lua
oUF: core update to version 1.5.9
m_Panels: fixed panels' bg insets in panels spawning functions
m_Panels: entire layout adjusted to work with modified functions
m_Panels: fixed /pnl
m_Minimap: fixed the issue with right and middle clicks on minimap producing pings instead of just opening menus
m_Minimap: fixed right click on the Time Frame causing TimeManager to toggle, now it will properly open just Calendar frame as intended
m_CombatText: simplified the way this add-on loads to avoid confusion with blizzard's built in combat text
m_BrokerStuff: implemented world latency display in latency tooltip
m_BrokerStuff: removed unnecesarry tekKonfigScroll lib
eXPeritia_basic: removed (replaced with completely rewritten XP module within m_Tweaks)
m_Tweaks: /setdbm is now part of StyleDBM module
m_Tweaks: fully featured experience bar added, some config options may be fount in cfg.lua
m_Tweaks: proper handling of reputation updates for exp. bar
m_Tweaks: experience / reputation bar will now hide automatically whenever player enters the raid with 15 or more people

====== v. 10.4 rev 4 ======
oUF_mono: visibility fix for 40 man raid groups with party/raid5 option(s) enabled.

====== v. 10.4 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: PLAYER_TOTEM_UPDATE correctly handled as Unitless event, thus wild mushrooms display issue should be resolved

====== v. 10.4 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: bugfix for totem bar

====== v. 10.4 rev 1 ======
alDamageMeter: broker plug-in functionality altered so the damage meter will switch between damage/healing modes on click instead of toggling visibility
m_UIconfig: new set of settings for DBM (specifically for 1920x1080 resolution, type /setdbm to inject this set of settings)
m_UIconfig: removed for now, as no add-on in this UI actually require injecting saved varriables
oUF_mono: improved lightning shield display tag for shamans
oUF_mono: implemented Wild Mushrooms display as one of the specifig powers (not tested)
oUF_mono: player and target frame moved up a bit
oUF_mono: added option to choose what kind of player auras you want to see on the player frame
oUF_mono: removed frame dragging function, as it had pretty much no use
oUF_mono: properly adjusted comments and some of the config settings in cfg.lua (doesn't need any modifications if you wish to keep old config files)
m_Tweaks: /ss or /spec function has been improved so now it will also equip the corresponding set of equipment (i.e. you have to name your gear sets according to your talent specs)
m_Tweaks: another modification to /ss func; now if you have 2 simmilar specs (e.g. Fury/Fury) in order for gear swap to function correctly you have to add index number after the set name (i.e. Fury1/Fury2)
m_Tweaks: moved /config function here from m_UIconfig
m_Tweaks: new more efficient way of primary spec identification for /ss func
m_Tweaks: fixed LFD tooltip strata
m_Tweaks: fixed typo in cfg.CaptureBarPosition varriable
m_ActionBars: reworked the way TotemBar spawns, so now user has full controll of buttons (size, spacing)
m_ActionBars: new config section for totem bar in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: main/bottomleft/totem-bars moved down few pixels
m_ActionBars: totem bar will now be visible for <30 level shamans
NugRunning: improved bars look
NugRunning: repositioned, run /config to reset position
aThreatMeter: lowered bar's strata so it no longer overlapps totem flyout buttons

====== v. 10.3 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: fixed Shadow Protection buff display on raid units for other than enGB clients
m_Tweaks: general code clean up, removed some really old unused features
m_Tweaks: structure reworked so now all the configuration varriables exported to the cfg.lua
m_Tweaks: implemented special DBM style for bars and range check based on DBM-Styler (original plug-in by Affli)
m_Tweaks: updated a number of options in cfg.lua so it's much easier to enable/disable or change some specific m_Tweaks feature

====== v. 10.3 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: removed mainmenubar artwork at the bottom of the screen
m_CombatText: completely rewritten, now includes varriaty of new features like outgoing healing/damage (inspired by Affli's xCT)
m_CombatText: implemented merged damage for aoe spells
m_CombatText: implemented overhealing display
m_CombatText: added some config options and some comments in cfg.lua

====== v. 10.2 rev 5 ======
oUF_mono: implemented alternative power bar for player and boss frames
m_ActionBars: fixed hotkeys sometimes not working after talent switch
m_ActionBars: fixed the problem causing additional bars to disapear after reload ui / zoning

====== v. 10.2 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed the main action bar page for rogues during shadow dance
m_ActionBars: added little fix for world mark bar to prevent tainting (it will be hidden during the combat)
m_ActionBars: also changed available options for world mark bar
m_ActionBars: flares bar will only be visible for party/raid leaders.
m_ActionBars: implemented special visibility conditions for Main Action Bar, make sure to UPDATE CFG.LUA
m_ActionBars: added ability to completely disable main action bar
m_ActionBars: added opacity setting for totem bar
m_Map: applied a small hack to prevent World Map frame problems when map_scale = 1
oUF_mono: 8 groups layout will only toggle if there are more than 35 people in the group
oUF_mono: removed Drain Mana ticks from castbar code
oUF: core update 1.5.8

====== v. 10.2 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: bulletproof visibility options for raid frames
oUF_mono: raid background disabled by default (untill I manage to come up with some amazingly efficient way to resize it based on group size)
oUF_mono: raid debuffs updated

====== v. 10.2 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: ...bah forgot to include 'custom' in visibility condition, fixed.

====== v. 10.2 rev 1 ======
oUF_mono: removed some leftover debug code from raid frames
oUF_mono: re-implemented PartyPets
oUF_mono: new way of spawning raid groups
oUF_mono: removed 'soloON' option from config.cfg as it was useless
oUF_mono: raid frames now dynamically change their size to 8 group mode if there are more than 30 people in the group
oUF_mono: added new option to cfg.lua: cfg.raid40swap allowing you to disable dynamic raid frames resize
oUF_mono: reworked visibility conditions for raid and party
oUF_mono: arena frames will be automatically disabled if Gladius is loaded
oUF_mono: player power value will be updated 5 times a second now
oUF_mono: removed Drain Soul ticks from the castbar
oUF_mono: corrected Drain Life and Drain Mana ticks indicators on castbar
oUF_mono: MT frames are properly resizeable now
oUF_mono: de/buffs timers fixed for player and tartget, it should work correctly with existing options now
oUF_mono: BOTTOMRIGHT and TOPRIGHT indicators switched positions on the raid frames, i.e. LB/PRoM/ES counters now will be in TOPRIGHT corner
m_BrokerStuff: removed some leftover code for old threat plug-in
m_ActionBars: Removed Holy power spells that only do linear scaling (Inquisition)
m_Panels: removed minimap border
m_Minimap: added minimap border
m_Minimap: added zone/subzone text on mouseover
m_Chat: added option to enable specific time stamps and when you click on one of them it will allow you to copy the line
m_Chat: reworked url copy filter, now it should never ever ever (...) fail to copy url
m_Chat: pop-up window replaced with simple edit box opening
m_Chat: removed notifications filtering such as chat leave/join etc.
alDamageMeter: added experimental breif spell details tooltips

====== v. 10.1 rev 2 ======
m_ActionBars: implemented action bars alpha
m_ActionBars: added option to set actionbar alpha to cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: added option to set fade out alpha for action bars with "show on mouseover" enabled
m_ActionBars: new position for raid marks bar
m_ActionBars: removed pitchbar code
m_ActionBars: REMEMBER TO UPDATE YOUR OLD CFG.LUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oUF_mono: fixed error for channeling castbars in vehicles (those actually DO exist! o_O )
oUF_mono: added magic debuffs highlights on raidframes for druids and shamans
m_Tweaks: Mountz function improvements: now you don't have to set the name of the swimming mount to be able to use Abyssal Seahorse in Vashj'ir
m_Tweaks: Mountz function: and now it will only try to summon that underwater mount in Vashj'ir so it won't bother you in other zones
m_Tweaks: Mountz function: swimming override key for Vashj'ir set to Alt (so you can use your fly mount when you're at the surface)
m_Loot: added suppress_loot_spam option to the very top of m_LootGroup.lua
m_Map: small adjustments to the coordinates font string

====== v. 10.1 rev 0 ======
oUF_mono: fixed typo in core.lua preventing target frame from scaling properly
m_ActionBars: RangeCheck module update: Removed Holy power spells that only do linear scaling Tuller
m_Tweaks: removed temp. code for Mountz function thus it's now working on live realms
eXPiritia_basic: removed temp. code so now XP bar will be visible untill you hit level 85

====== v. 10.0 rev 8 ======
m_ActionBars: added HoverBind functionality for totem bar
m_ActionBars: now sets a single key binding to the selected set of totems!
m_ActionBars: getting rid of the default totem bar multicast buttons' borders
m_ActionBars: and from the "empty" totem button too!
m_ActionBars: added right click to destroy totem functionality
m_ActionBars: implemented totem timers right on the totem bar buttons
m_ActionBars: added slightly transparent background to the totem timer
m_ActionBars: added option to enable/disable totem timers in cfg.lua (cfg.totembar_enable_timers)
oUF_mono: implemented totem bar plugin based on oUF_boring_totembar
oUF_mono: added abbreviated totem names for totem bars
oUF_mono: fixed RiadBG position on entering a big raid after being part of a group
oUF_mono: RaidBG frame now has a dynamic size based on what sizes you set in cfg.lua
MonoUI: shamanized duckyea

====== v. 10.0 rev 7 ======
oUF: core update fixing name update bug and runebar sometimes incorrectly appearing on exiting some vehicle
oUF_mono: removed temporary fix for name text fields
oUF_mono: fixed safezone going beyond castbar borders in vehicles
MonoUI: added FRIENDS.ttf font to the Fonts folder to avoid display glitch with cyr. fonts in friend list

====== v. 10.0 rev 6 ======
alDamageMeter: removed some leftover debug code resulting damage meter not working
alDamageMeter: fixed gUID for absorbs (again)

====== v. 10.0 rev 5 ======
oUF_mono: Abomination might for DKs on raid frames, removed AM from BOM indicator
oUF_mono: removed OnUpdate from hpval on raid and party frames as it was slowing down the update on those fields
oUF_mono: added (again) option to turn raid frames off if there are less than 5 people in the raid group (cfg.raid5ON)
oUF_mono: added raid background with options in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: MTT frames visibility modified
m_Panels: removed raid background and updater script from layout.lua
m_Tweaks: /cl -> /clfix to avoid conficts
MonoUI: reverted UI-Tooltip-Border to the previous version

====== v. 10.0 rev 4 ======
m_ActionBars: RangeCheck update
oUF_mono: bug fixes... less 6 AM coding
oUF_mono: increased the frequentUpdate clock to 1 second which should draw close to nothing CPU usage outprint while fixing the name/hpvalue tags update bug
oUF_mono: added oUF_CombatFeedback as part of the default functionality (new option in cfg.lua)
oUF_mono: enable CombatFeedback on the target frame
oUF_mono: canged files structure a bit: Castbar.lua moved to the \embed folder
eXPiritia_basic: typo ...
m_BrokerStuff: added "wipe gathered gold data" functionality to the broker_money plug-in

====== v. 10.0 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: reverted TagEvents change
oUF_mono: added frequentUpdate to the hpval tag for raid frames in attempt to fix improperly updated names
oUF_mono: removed safezone on player vehicle's castbar to avoid it overlapping whole cast bar after relog
oUF_mono: removed dynamic castbar cooring for cast bar, thus added option to set specific cast bar color in cfg.lua (cfg.cbcolor)
oUF_mono: resting indicator moved few pixels to the right to avoid overlapping with level text
m_Tweaks: Mountz macro fixed for live realms and 4.0.3a
eXPiritia_basic: XP bar and reputation bar visibility fix for 4.0.3a
alDamageMeter: fixed nil value error on unit id if out of range
m_ActionBars: added specific option to 'disembed' exit vehicle button from the main bar and to set custom position for it
m_ActionBars: holder name and test mode for exit vehicle button

Known issues:
--Temporary fix for name and hp value tags not updating properly: added .frequentUpdate for each of them, thus it may result in a bit higher CPU outprint for raid frames.
--Wrong safezone size after entering a vehicle without triggering any cast

====== v. 10.0 rev 2 ======
eXPeritia_basic: fixed the XP bar size to properly work on lower resolutions
m_ActionBars: added overlay coloring for exit vehicle button
m_ActionBars: MiddleButton is now bindable via /kb
m_ActionBars: you can keybind spells straight from your spell book via /kb
m_ActionBars: fixed gametooltips sometimes not disappearing even if you're not in key bindings mode
oUF_mono: safezone visible at channelling cast bars
oUF_mono: fixed DDG info update being wacky at times on raid frames
oUF_mono: modified paladins' and druids' tags
oUF_mono: updated TagEvents for most of the tags to fix the issue with *stuck* name/hp/status
oUF_mono: fixed grid name tag events
oUF_mono: more comments in tags.lua
oUF_mono: implemented resting indicator
oUF_mono: removed few unused power colors
oUF_mono: removed happiness bar coloring from all the frames
oUF_mono: fixed player's pet name tag color to correctly display happiness
alDamageMeter: zero values no longer included in the reports
m_Tweaks: removed automatic UI scale function as we don't need it anymore.

====== v. 10.0 rev 1 ======
m_ActionBars: cfg.lua updated with new options so you HAVE TO reconfigure your bars
m_ActionBars: added abiliy to set spacing for each bar individually
m_ActionBars: option to show micromenu on mouseover
m_ActionBars: fixed HotKeys apearing in combat even if cfg.hide_hotkey set to true
m_ActionBars: added "show when in combat" feature
m_ActionBars: cfg.lua updated again :S Captain Obvious was waay to generous this time
m_ActionBars: added /tm or /mab function allows user to enter testmode to see bars' holders
m_ActionBars: the buttons grid on main actionbar will be hidden by default to prevent it overlaping exit vehicle button
m_ActionBars: new border texture for exit vehicle button to match other bars style
m_ActionBars: adjusted exit vehicle button's dimensions so it fits exactly @ 8th button slot
m_ActionBars: exit vehicle button now properly anchored to ActionButton8 slot
m_ActionBars: added overlay for totembar's holder
m_ActionBars: added 2 special bars: RaidIcon and WorldMarker
m_ActionBars: applied buttons style for RaidIcon and WorldMarker bars
m_ActionBars: added Mouseover and ShowInCombat functionality to special raid bars
m_ActionBars: overlay highlight for raid mark bars
m_ActionBars: orientation settings for raid mark bars now in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: raid mark bar's holder frames adjusted relatively to orientation setting
m_ActionBars: tooltip anchor changed to "ANCHOR_TOPRIGHT" for raid mark bars
m_ActionBars: fixed typo preventing /eb and /extra commands to function properly
m_ActionBars: structure reworked
m_ActionBars: integrated tullaRange instead of present range check due to better CPU usage
m_ActionBars: show grid lock removed
m_ActionBars: removed update frequency option, now it's set to 0.15 sec.
m_Tweaks: removed temp. beta code
m_Tweaks: PlayerPowerBarAlt repositioned
m_BrokerStuff: added spaces for Memory, Letency and FPS plugin lable to look more consistant
m_BrokerStuff: added tooltip for Latency plug-in displaying incoming and outgoing bandwidth
alDamageMeter: updated absorbs tracking function
alDamageMeter: .toc update (removed add-on name coloring to keep alphabetical order in the add-on list)
oUF_mono: player's name will be properly displayed in raid frames when player drives the vehicle
NugRunning: updated to the new version
NugRunning: apply style

====== v. 0.9 rev 16 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed MicroMenu bar disapearing after talent switch
m_ActionBars: enabling default action bars and enabling action buttons borders moved past Dominos load check
m_BrokerStuff: removed 2nd tooltip line on durabiity plug-in due to global string mistake
m_Loot: fixed Self Loot & Random Player strings for master looters
m_Nameplates: added 'Boss' and 'Elite' indicators to the level text display
m_Nameplates: removed hidelevel option
m_Nameplates: repositioned raid icon to the TOP of a nameplate
m_Nameplates: added specific raidIconSize option to cfg.lua
m_Bags: core cargBags update
m_Bags: complete code overhaul with few performance optimisations
m_Bags: added keyring
m_Bags: added button for toggling keyring
m_Bags: fixed the bug with tracking currencies, now it will always display money
m_Bags: added close button
m_Bags: tagDisplay error fix
m_Bags: search text field position and size adjusted to avoid overlaping with close button

====== v. 0.9 rev 15 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed vertical layout with multiple rows
m_Nameplates: added option to enable/disable level text
m_Buffs: fixed buffs position when player has 3 weapon enchants (for real this time)

====== v. 0.9 rev 14 ======
m_ActionBars: cleaned up code a bit, removed few unused variables etc.
m_ActionBars: fixed mainbar button1 anchor
m_ActionBars: fixed /eb and /extra commands (now they actually do work)
m_ActionBars: hidden bars toggling function reworked to avoid conflicts with other visibility options you may set in cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: added option to scale Micromenu
m_ActionBars: few bars position adjustments in cfg.lua
m_Buffs: index typo fix
m_Buffs: fixed buffs point anchor for temp enchant #3
m_Nameplates: due to vast code modifications dNameplates got renamed into m_Nameplates to avoid confusion with dNameplates and prevent possible update mistakes
m_Nameplates: console variables updated
m_Nameplates: set of configuration options got moved into a separate file (cfg.lua) making it easier to update modified add-on versions
m_Nameplates: removed few unused frames and textures

====== v. 0.9 rev 13 ======
m_ActionBars: fixed mainbar holder size
m_ActionBars: fixed totembar error when it's actually disabled
m_ActionBars: Captain Obvious passed by the other day and left more comments in cfg.lua file

====== v. 0.9 rev 12 ======
m_Chat: duplicate timestamps fix
oUF_mono: frames scaling fixed
oUF_mono: repositioned pet and tot frame (cfg.lua)
m_ActionBars: buttons borders always visible now
m_ActionBars: implemented "show on mouseover" feature, make sure you update you cfg file!
m_ActionBars: added micromenu, cfg.lua updated
m_ActionBars: added option to disable additional bars
NugRunning: the default position of shaman's bars will be higher to prevent overlapping due to totembar
NugRunning: now dispays only 1 Shock spell CD
m_UIconfig: cleaned up some long-time unused settings
m_Minimap: added "guild" tab to minimap dropdown
m_Buffs: fixed debuuffs type highlight at last!!!
MonoUI: removed few unused textures from \TargetingFrame\ and \Buttons\ folders, modified tooltip texture in \Tooltips\

====== v. 0.9 rev 11 ======
alDamageMeter: updated with new options to anounce to specific channel or player
m_ActionBars: few code optimizations
m_ActionBars: fixed the mainbar holder size so it doesn't screw mainbar positioning
oUF_mono: fixed raid frames stye for 8 groups layout

====== v. 0.9 rev 10 ======
dNameplates: removed castbar holder
dNameplates: fixed castbar icon sometimes staying sticked to the screen
dNameplates: fixed raid mark icon sometimes staying sticked to the screen
dNameplates: fixed nameplates HP bar improper color updates
m_Minimap: fixed "Achievements" typo.. doh..
oUF_mono: added config option to remove RaidManager button

====== v. 0.9 rev 9 ======
m_Panels: typo fix
m_ActionBars: added little script to enable default optional actionbars
oUF: core updated to v.1.5.4
oUF_mono: disabled incoming heal text by default
oUF_mono: moved up player and target frames a bit, so they don't overlap cluster backgrounds at lower resolutions

====== v. 0.9 rev 8 ======
oUF_mono: updated raid tags for paladins
oUF_mono: threat border lines
oUF_mono: core optimizations
oUF_mono: re-implemented MT targets
oUF_mono: optimized raid frames code and structure
oUF_mono: fixed earth shield raid tag
oUF_mono: implemented healing prediction support (bars and text)
oUF_mono: adjusted background color and alpha for all frames (0 opacity) makes it easier to read
oUF_mono: 3d portraits size and frame level adjustments
oUF: temporarily replaced ready check code
m_Panels: script for spawning raid background updated so you don't see it if you don't use built in raid frames
m_Panels: fixed /pnl function, adjusted grid thickness
m_Buffs: added style for the 3rd weapon enchant
m_Tweaks: updated few slash commands
m_Tweaks: fixed ALT+Right_click to buy a stack function
m_ActionBars: added key-bindings shortcuts
m_ActionBars: major code revamp
m_ActionBars: mainbar modifications are now done via RegisterStateDriver func (credits to Tukz)
m_ActionBars: config file is backward compatible!
m_ActionBars: fixed main bar size, position and rows settings
m_ActionBars: now includes ncHoverBind as module (credits to Nightcracker)
m_ActionBars: added global function name for toggling key bindings mode
m_ActionBars: OOR and OOM colors smoothened up a bit in cfg.lua
Ampere: added ability to enter key-bindings mode by clicking middle mouse button
Ampere: consolidated within m_BrokerStuff
Dominos: removed, however if you want to continue using it all the configurations are still there
caelNamePlates: implemented default set of console variables
m_Minimap: GuildInstanceDifficulty flag properly positioned @ minimap
m_Loot: replaced ASCII symbols with normal ones for UTF-8 unfriendly fonts
m_Chat: re-enabled timestamps (fixed taint issue)
m_Chat: url copy update
aThreatMeter: bar height increased and width adjusted to fit action bars width
dNameplates: replaced caelNamePlates
dNameplates: added glowing border
dNameplates: adjusted sizes and fonts
dNameplates: implemented threat display @ glow borders
dNameplates: adjusted castbar icon position
dNameplates: dimmed down the default colors
m_media: removed, therefore all the add-ons that were feeding on it got their own copy of textures

====== v. 0.9 rev 7 ======
oUF_mono: typo in raid tags
oUF_mono: fixed spell IDs for castbar ticks detection
oUF_mono: .toc bump

====== v. 0.9 rev 6 ======
oUF: updated to version 1.5.2
oUF: applied temp fix for eclipse bar
oUF_mono: added maintank frame , no MTtargets yet though
oUF_mono: updaed to work with oUF 1.5.X
oUF_mono: disabled default raid frames if cfg.showraid option is on
oUF_mono: added position and size settings for player and target cast bars
oUF_mono: reduced the ammount of debuffs displayed on pet and tot frames
oUF_mono: re-implemented threat coloring for raid frame borders
oUF_mono: updated raid tags for paladins
oUF_mono: implemented direction indicator for eclipse bar
m_Chat: removed timestamps coloring to avoid taint
m_Panels: raidBG script updated
eXPeritia: added version check so the XP bar will remain hidden @ level 80 on live (4.0.1)

alternative powerbar style missing
MTtargets missing

====== v. 0.9 rev 5 ======
Dominos: updated
NugRunning: updated
NugRunning: disabled custom colors for specific debuffs (you can re-enable this feature by un-commenting colors in the table in config.lua)
NugRunning: statubars offsets remaped
m_Buffs: repositioned count text field for ConsolidatedFrame, Buffs and Debuffs
m_Buffs: increased font size of count value
m_Buffs: increased frame level of count text field
m_Buffs: added option to set icon size
m_Buffs: added option to set time font size and Y offset, count (stack) font size
m_Buffs: fixed ConsolidatedBuffsContainer tooltip
m_Buffs: added Y-offset option for time text
m_Buffs: disabled consolidated buff frame and enabled time display by default
m_Chat: fixed few patterns issues in replacement function
m_Chat: removed spam filterring function
m_Tweaks: scoreframe and bar moved a bit down
oUF_mono: fixed background and size for Mirror Cast Bar
oUF_mono: little hack added to properly register all unitframes clicks

alternative powerbar style missing

====== v. 0.9 rev 4 ======
m_Buffs: added for skinning buffs
m_Buffs: added overlay texture to indicate debuff type
m_Buffs: enchant frame skin
m_Buffs: consolidate buffs button reworked
m_Buffs: tooltip fix for consolidate buffs
m_Buffs: added some config options
oUF_mono: removed player buff frame styling code and options values
oUF_mono: aura overlay texture modified
m_Chat: fixed URL copy error
m_Minimap: mail icon position change

alternative powerbar style missing
slow party and raid frames "click detection" (can't do a jack about that untill blizzard resolve the problem with input handling for secure headers)

====== v. 0.9 rev 3 ======
m_BrokerStuff: removed equipmentManager cvar
m_Minimap: StreamingIcon repositioned to the topright map corner
m_UIconfig: altered dominos layout and posses bar №
m_Tweaks: temporary FeedbackUI_CompanionHook() fix by SDPhantom added
m_Map: fixed "Show dig sites" button scale and positioning
oUF_mono: added orbs display for shadow priests like one of the specific powers
oUF_mono: fixed default buff frame positioning so it doesn't jump to the default position when consolidate holder is shown
oUF_mono: changed LFD role indicator from icons to text tag display (T, H, D) for both party and raid frames
oUF_mono: repositioned LFD role indicator
oUF_mono: debuff icon border altered to look sharper
oUF_mono: re-enabled raid and party frames (more or less stable)
oUF_mono: fixed power tag issue for unknown powertypes
oUF_mono: level display altered (now it won't hide info text for level 80 units)

CancelUnitBuff() is only available for BlizzardUI therefore player BuffFrame style is disabled
alternative powerbar style missing
slow party and raid frames "click detection" (can't do a jack about that untill blizzard resolve the problem with input handling for secure headers)

====== v. 0.9 rev 2 ======
Dominos: added back as my main action bar mod (m_ActionBars still awailable however)
m_ActionBars: updated add-on structure and added option to completely disable actionbars modifications
oUF_Tweaks: underwater mounts support for Mountz function
m_CombatText: fixed power update events
m_CombatText: cleaned up the code
m_UIconfig: removed MSBT options
m_UIconfig: modified Dominos layout
m_UIconfig: replaced bar 2 with bar 7
m_UIconfig: posses bar remap
m_BrokerStuff: Ampere "Config" broker plug-in modified to allow toggling actionbars visibility
m_BrokerStuff: Ampere tooltip updated, now supports Dominos and m_ActionBars
oUF: core update
oUF_mono: removed MT frames for now
oUF_mono: fixed range check
oUF_mono: added aggro indicator (small square at the bottom of the frame)
oUF_mono: implemented Soulshards and Holy power display
oUF_mono: new way of displaying combo points
oUF_mono: aura border texture adjusted

CancelUnitBuff() is only available for BlizzardUI therefore player BuffFrame style is disabled
alternative powerbar style missing

====== v. 0.9 rev 1 ======
.toc interface version bump
m_Map: removed custom group icons
m_Map: added size option for new group icons
m_Map: fixed BlobFrame toggling function
m_Map: WorldMapLevelDropDown button removed from the mini world map
m_Map: fixed WorldMapLevelUp/Down scaling on the big world map
Dominos: removed
iActionButtons: removed
m_Tweaks: added code to enable /script, /run and /dump slash commands
NugRunning: updated to cataclysm version, modified the looks
m_Minimap: fixed pvp frame toggling
m_Minimap: repositioned blizz feedback button
m_ActionBars: add-on based on AlBarMods by Allez added to replace action bar add-ons
m_ActionBars: hide all unnecessary frames
m_ActionBars: reworked positioning and spawning of the action buttons
m_ActionBars: new 8 button bars
m_ActionBars: new slash command /extra to show or hide extra bars
m_ActionBars: extra bars are hidden by default
m_ActionBars: thicker button borders
m_ActionBars: reduced buttons spacing and adjusted position
m_ActionBars: added a hack to prevent bonusbar from rescaling when in vehicle
m_ActionBars: added propper style for vehicle bar
m_ActionBars: reworked petbar positioning
m_ActionBars: option to hide shapeshift/stance bar completely
m_ActionBars: toc update
m_ActionBars: reworked ActionButtons styling
m_ActionBars: added few font related options in ButtonsStyler.lua
m_ActionBars: added totembar support for shamans
m_ActionBars: fixed style for totembars
m_ActionBars: consolidated 2 of the bar styling functions
m_ActionBars: allow player to choose the exact amount of buttons he want to see for each bar
m_ActionBars: new ability to set up to 3 rows for each action bar
m_ActionBars: bar holder size now adjusts dynamically when you change the amount of visible buttons
m_ActionBars: added option for totembar scaling
m_ActionBars: added extensive options list
m_ActionBars: all the options transfered into a new file cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: Added PitchBar modifications (position and scale may be set in cfg.lua)
m_ActionBars: cfg.enable_totembar option added to cfg.lua to replace cfg.hide_totem_bar
eXPeritia_basic: level cap -> 85
eXPeritia_basic: fixed XB bar borders display
eXPeritia_basic: XP bar width now automatically adjusts depending on your resolution
eXPeritia_basic: cleaned up varriables code, proper lua config now
OmniCC_basic: removed
tullaCC: added to replace OmniCC_basic
tullaCC: added element.noCooldownCount
oUF_mono: changed tick detection method for castbars (now requires localization though)
oUF_mono: removed rescomm and healcomm
oUF_mono: raid disabled for now
oUF_mono: added .noCooldownCount
oUF_mono: changed spellids to actual spell names in AuraTracker
oUF_mono: disabled oUF_AuraTracker for arena frames for now
oUF_mono: fixed smooth updates
oUF_mono: removed partypets
oUF_mono: temporary solution for buff frames position for Beta if cfg.stylebuffs set to false
oUF_mono: fixed range check for party frames
oUF_mono: fixed and updated aura indicators for raid indicators
oUF_mono: fixed tag events for power updates
oUF_mono: updated cfg.lua options
oUF_mono: fixed raid spawning functions
oUF_mono: temporary removed range check on raid units
oUF_mono: disabled threat display untill I figure out how to fix it
m_Panels: fixed gradient border
m_Panels: fixed little issue with /pnl command
m_BrokerStuff: fixed incorrect memmory display for values < 1mb
m_BrokerStuff: NameToggle tooltip changed, updated bindings
m_BrokerStuff: removed useless code from layout.lua + adjusted position of top plug-ins
alTooltip: changed scale of the tooltip to prevent border distortion

CancelUnitBuff() is only available for BlizzardUI therefore player BuffFrame style is disabled
no raid frames threatborders
no range check on raid units
alternative powerbar style missing
soulshards/holy power is not implemented

================================================== PATCH 4.0.1 ==================================================

====== v. 8.4 rev 1 ======
oUF_mono: oUF_CombatFeedback support
iActionButtons: removed
Dominos: removed
m_ActionBars: add-on based on AlBarMods by Allez added to replace Dominos and iActionButtons (considered as beta)
m_ActionBars: hide all unnecessary frames
m_ActionBars: reworked positioning and spawning of the action buttons
m_ActionBars: new 8 button bars
m_ActionBars: new slash command /extra to show or hide extra bars
m_ActionBars: extra bars are hidden by default
m_ActionBars: thicker button borders
m_ActionBars: reduced buttons spacing and adjusted position
m_ActionBars: workaround to prevent bonusbar from rescaling when in vehicle
m_ActionBars: added propper style for vehicle bar
m_ActionBars: reworked petbar positioning
m_ActionBars: option to hide shapeshift/stance bar completely
m_ActionBars: toc update
m_ActionBars: reworked ActionButtons styling
m_ActionBars: added few font related options in ButtonsStyler.lua
m_ActionBars: added totembar support for shamans
m_ActionBars: fixed style for totembars
m_ActionBars: consolidated 2 of the bar styling functions
m_ActionBars: allow player to choose the exact amount of buttons he want to see for each bar
m_ActionBars: new ability to set up to 3 rows for each action bar
m_ActionBars: bar holder size now adjusts dynamically when you change the amount of visible buttons
m_ActionBars: added option for totembar scaling
m_ActionBars: added extensive options list
m_ActionBars: all the options transfered into a new file cfg.lua
m_ActionBars: cfg.enable_totembar option added to cfg.lua to replace cfg.hide_totem_bar
m_Panels: removed action bars background frame
m_Panels: fixed border texture issue (getting ready for Cataclysm)
eXPeritia_basic: XP bar width now automatically adjusts depending on your resolution
eXPeritia_basic: cleaned up varriables code, proper lua config now
m_BrokerStuff: fixed incorrect memmory display for values < 1mb
m_BrokerStuff: NameToggle tooltip changed, updated bindings

====== v. 8.3 rev 15 ======
oUF_mono: reworked the way party pets spawn (again)
oUF_mono: removed cfg.showpartypet option from the config file since they are on by default now.

====== v. 8.3 rev 14 ======
aTotemBar: no longer listens to VARIABLES_LOADED event, pure lua-only config
m_Panels: raid background frame shows only if there are more than 5 people in the raid group
m_Panels: added option to disable raid background
m_Panels: updated raid background sizes for groups 1-5
m_Panels: raid background should be only spawning if oUF_mono raid frames are on (dummy proof!)
oUF_mono: disabled debuff and enabled buff types highlight for arena frames (yeah that makes more sense)
oUF_mono: Runebar's border adjusted a little to look a bit sharper
oUF_mono: added oUF_TotemBar support
oUF_mono: added oUF_AuraTracker support and it's also been integrated into arena frames
oUF_mono: added few options to set font size and icon size threshold for aura timers
oUF_mono: added option to turn raid frames off if there are less than 5 people in the raid group (cfg.raid5ON)
oUF_mono: reworked combo points display method (now mimicking rune- and totem bars)
oUF_mono: target auras will move up when combo points are being displayed
oUF_mono: few minor code optimizations
oUF_mono: adjusted raid marks' frame level so it doesn't overlap unit's name
oUF_mono: partypets reworked and now properly attach to their owners
oUF_mono: added Leader, Assist and ML icons for party and player frames
oUF_mono: changed the way frames recieve their names so be careful and make sure to check cfg.lua and edit frames' position
oUF_mono: removed old CP texture

====== v. 8.3 rev 13 ======
oUF_mono: oops.. ToT and pet frames are back again!
oUF_mono: cleaned up some cfg vars

====== v. 8.3 rev 12 ======
oUF_mono: more config varriables
oUF_mono: custom position for focus cast bar
oUF_mono: removed abbility to set position via dragging for some frames
oUF_mono: ability to set size and opacity for raid marks
oUF_mono: disable Blizzard party and focus frames when cfg.showparty and cfg.showfocus are set to false
oUF_mono: reworked sizing method for castbars and icons (now even more precies)
oUF_mono: and even MORE config options

====== v. 8.3 rev 11 ======
m_Map: major code revamp
m_Map: enabled quest blobs on the MiniWorldMap
m_Map: and now they actually work and give no errors!
oUF_mono: eh.. decreased square indicator size :S
m_Tweaks: added options for CaptureBar and ScoreFrame positioning

====== v. 8.3 rev 10 ======
oUF_mono: adjusted castbar icon size and position

====== v. 8.3 rev 9 ======
m_Panels: proper coords and scale detection for /pnl function
m_Tweaks: removed /pvpon and /pvpoff functions
oUF_mono: casting bar moved to the bottom of the arena frame
oUF_mono: added debuff icons for arena frame
oUF_mono: fixed color for vehicles with ammo and fuel
oUF_mono: fixed castbar fading
oUF_mono: fixed channeling castbar for targets
oUF_mono: fixed a glitch that would inappropriately show uninterpretable cast bar for interruptible abilities
oUF_mono: reduced the amount of aura icons you can see on player/target frames
oUF_mono: changed size and positioning for target's aura icons
oUF_mono: removed few unused functions, code clean up

====== v. 8.3 rev 8 ======
m_UIconfig: added localization for Skada broker display text

====== v. 8.3 rev 7 ======
oUF_mono: level/classification tag events fix

====== v. 8.3 rev 6 ======
m_Chat: duplicate timestamps fix
m_BrokerStuff: fixed DPS display for Skada users

====== v. 8.3 rev 5 ======
m_Panels: removed fake target and handlers from layout.lua
oUF: core update to version 1.4.3
oUF_mono: group 6-8 position is now relative to group 1-5
oUF_mono: now even more precies group 6-8 positioning!
oUF_mono: fake target frame added + option in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: added proper right click menu for player frame while in vehicle
oUF_mono: tags clean up
oUF_mono: fix to avoid partypet frames from showing if party frames disabled
oUF_mono: consolidated raid textures in a single media folder thus raid\media removed
oUF_mono: debuff icon border adjustments so it looks more clear
oUF_mono: added few explanatory comments in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: experimenting with overlay texture for aura icons: cd frame doesn't overlap the border anymore

====== v. 8.3 rev 4 ======
oUF_mono: added option to toggle aura timers
oUF_mono: added option to toggle small aura frame for player
oUF_mono: fixed aura timers so the numbers don't show up on small icons
oUF_mono: new position for small player auras for Deathknights (due to rune bar)
FreebTip: removed
alTooltip: added
alTooltip: fixed error that happens when destructable object's hp bar is shown
alTooltip: added position and guild text color options
alTooltip: added option to scale tooltips
m_Chat: fixed buttons for multiple chat windows

====== v. 8.3 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: fixed self display in grid party frames

====== v. 8.3 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: media path location fix
m_Map: option to disable group icons

====== v. 8.3 rev 1 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: removed
oUF_mono: added raid module based on oUF_Freebgrid
oUF_mono: major structure rework
oUF_mono: added more config options in cfg.lua
oUF_mono: tags update
oUF_mono: fixed group 6-8 positioning
oUF_mono: raid tags updated, replaced symbol font with normal one so you can actually see the specific buff stack at bottom right indicator
oUF_mono: the ammount of auras you can see on focus target frame now redusced to 10
oUF_mono: added raid mark icons to other than player frame
oUF_mono: fixed partypets frame sometimes not disappearing upon entering raid group
oUF_mono: all media files are now embed within add-on
oUF_mono: when player is controlling a vehicle raid frames will show his name instead of vehicle's
m_Chat: updated with few fixes
m_Chat: chat window can be resized without min/max limits
m_Chat: removed copy chat button from the bottom right corner (double click a chat tab to access this feature)
m_Map: fixed stack overflow error
m_Map: locals...well... you know that variable scoping thing...
m_Map: WorldMapUnit_Update function fix in attempt to diminish fps lag when toggling map on and off

====== v. 8.2 rev 5 ======
m_Map: fixed miniWorldMap border to inherit map's opacity
m_Map: tiny frame and text position adjustments
m_Map: new background and border texture
m_Map: close and sizeup buttons repositioned to the topright corner of the whole frame
m_Map: levelup/down and zone level dropdown buttons now also inerit map's opacity
aTotemBar: added positiion and scale settings to the very top of aTotemBar.lua
cargoShip: now embed as lib in m_BrokerStuff
m_BrokerStuff: properly structurized and now easier to configure
m_BrokerStuff: updated to LibCargoShip-2.1
oUF_mono: added new current target indicator for party and arena frames
oUF_mono: added pvp trinket support (oUF_Trinkets) for arena frames
oUF_mono: code clean up and more comments!

====== v. 8.2 rev 4 ======
m_Map: fixed coordinates OnUpdate script so it doesn't draw any CPU usage when map is hidden
m_Map: coordinates code reworked, general code clean up
m_Tweaks: added slash commands for switching specs /ss or /spec
all m_* add-ons: *.toc updated

====== v. 8.2 rev 3 ======
oUF_mono: runes backdrop rewrite so it looks a bit better
m_Map: added map special blips for party/raid members (inspired by Mapster!)
m_Tweaks: removed silly mistake with local names for autoaccept duels/invitation

====== v. 8.2 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: conditions to spawn party frames adjusted (thx Sojik), in a nutshell party frames will be visible until your raid exceeds 5 members (yay party frames in arenas!)
oUF_mono: small fix for value shortening function in tags
oUF_Freebgrid: tag fix (same thing as in oUF_mono)

====== v. 8.2 rev 1 ======
eXPeritia_basic: minimalistic simple experience bar added to the !extras folder
m_Panels: /pnl function rewritten, and works better than evah!
m_CombatText: text anchor moved slightly to the bottom
oUF_mono: fixed anchor for party frames so it doesn't overlap the chat frame at lower resolutions
oUF_mono: party frames grow upwards
oUF_mono: added druid mana tag (when shape-shifted)
oUF_mono: arenaenemys, arenatargets, partypet and boss frames are back, boss frames aren't tested though
oUF_Freebgrid: fixed anchor for MT frames so they don't overlap the minimap
oUF_Freebgrid: few tag fixes to avoid errors when raid rooster changes
m_Map: fixed an issue with mispositioned arrow on MiniWorldMap (where did this glitch come from?!)
Skada: removed, however options are still in m_UIconfig, so you may use it if you like it
alDamageMeter: minimalistic damage meter added, credits to Allez
cargoship: layout modified to display DPS feed from alDamageMeter
NugRunning: Deathknights ... err.. emm.. well.. Unbreakable Armor! (no idea what would that mean)

====== v. 8.1 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: custom castbars modification added, such as letency display, tick detection, fading etc.
m_UIconfig: NugRunning recieves proper position if player is shaman (so it doesn't overlap aTotemBar)
m_Chat: new patterns for channel replacements (added locale support + fixed GEN/LD patterns for ruRU client)
m_Bags: scaled down both bank and bag frame + few display tweaks so it meets general UI layout design
m_Bags: it's now possible to drag bags by alt-draging main backpack, however position will reset each time UI is loeaded, i.e. you still have to set up bags position manually via editing m_Bags.lua
m_Map: moved WorldMapLevelDropDown to the appropriate position
m_Tweaks: auto duel decline + auto accept invites options

====== v. 8.1 rev 1 ======
m_ChatMods renamed to m_Chat (screw long names)
m_Chat: more options added, such as fontsize, enable/disable mouseclicks on editbox etc.
m_Chat: /chatmove command renamed to /setchat (cause it does more than just moving!)
m_Chat: SetChat() function now always performs when interface is loaded, however you can disable this (AutoApply=false)
m_Chat: timestamps coloring
m_Chat: removed few unused options and textures
m_Chat: few improvements in replacing channel names logic
m_Chat: added workaround for editbox to be clickable when active and not clickable when inactive (FIXED!)
oUF_mono: default castbar color is now set to match player's power type
oUF_mono: added option to set specific color for uninterruptable casts
oUF_mono: FIXED the problem with vehicles, when player frame was incorrectly appearing as pet's.
oUF_mono: proper style and position for pet's castbar
m_Panels: small fix for fake target frame sometimes not showing up after zoning
cargBags_mono: renamed to m_Bags
cargBags: sripped down all the unused modules and now embed into m_Bags
m_Bags: repositioned bagframes slightly
m_Settings: renamed to m_Tweaks
m_Tweaks: some settings clean up
m_Tweaks: added function that sets default dominos profile when you run /config for the first time
(so you actually don't need to run /setbars manually when you load this interface for the first time!)
m_UIconfig: petbar position and scale changed to fit new unitframes position, removed some old unused functions
(remember, you have to enable this addon and run /config for those changes to take place)
aTotembar: (extras) fixed error with initial positioning of the totembar

====== v. 8.0 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: temp enchant frame fix + new style (sexier than evah!)
oUF_Freebgrid: debuff filtering fix
oUF_Freebgrid: raid_debuff.lua updated and now can define debuffs for specific instances
oUF_Freebgrid: HP display fix for MT frames
oUF_Freebgrid: MT targets are back!

====== v. 8.0 rev 1 ======
oUF: core update to version 1.4
oUF_mono: complete rewrite, new add-on structure
oUF_mono: oUF 1.4 support
oUF_mono: added raid icons
oUF_mono: highligh on mouseover
oUF_mono: tag system
oUF_mono: new overlay texture for Debuff hilights
oUF_mono: added interruption detection for castbars
oUF_mono: new smooth update behaviour
oUF_mono: added Trinkets module
oUF_mono: fixed runebar
oUF_mono: properly stylize Mirror Casting Bar
oUF_mono TODO: (fix (de)buff timers on pet/vehi frame, boss/arena/ppet frames not spawning, possibly HealComm support)
oUF_Freebgrid: oUF 1.4 support
oUF_Freebgrid: major rework
oUF_Freebgrid: new tag system
oUF_Freebgrid: removed tweaked range check (temporarily untill i find a fix)
oUF_Freebgrid: rescomm re-added
oUF_Freebgrid: new way of spawning power bars
oUF_Freebgrid: removed options for pets (FFFFFFFFFFFUK PETS) and reverse color display
oUF_Freebgrid TODO: workaround raid layout switch
m_ChatMods: ChatTabs behave as pre 3.3.5, i.e. completely fade out when not mouseovering
m_ChatMods: adjustments/fixes to channel name replacements
m_ChatMods: position adjustment for BNet notification
m_ChatMods: added BNet whispers pattern to channel replacements
m_ChatMods: sticky channels system updated
m_ChatMods TODO: (editbox clickable)
m_Panels: few panel adjustments in layout.lua
m_Panels: added fake target script
m_Map: framelevel fix so it always overlaps unitframes
cargBags_mono: BagBar texture color

====== v. 7.9 rev 3 ======
m_ChatMods: fixed for 3.3.5
m_ChatMods: /chatmove should work for everyone
m_ChatMods: still WIP, but it's stable and fully functional

====== v. 7.9 rev 2 ======
oUF_mono: Runebar repositioned (to stop it from overlapping with aThreatMeter)
oUF_mono: some minor size'n'shape fine tunning
m_Loot: close button position adjusted
m_ChatMods: fixed editbox error, /chatmove command should be fully functional now
FreebTip: tooltip scale increased

====== v. 7.9 rev 1 ======
oUF_mono, oUF_Freebgrid, m_Panels: adjusted to properly fit HD resolutions
m_Panels: tiny cluster adjustments in main layout
oUF_mono: fixed runebar position
oUF_Freebgrid: fixed bad arguments for range check for Mages and Warlocks
oUF_Freebgrid: added ResComm
oUF_Freebgrid: reworked several things: add-on structure, frequent updates for indicator timers, res/healcomm lib update
m_Map: tiny fix for coords overlapping checkbox
Skada: updated to the latest versions
m_ChatMods: minor update to fix 3.3.5 issues
cargBags: updated to new version (2.0)
cargBags_mono: Work In Progress: rebuilding my layout (for cargBags 2.0) based on cargBags_Simplicity, basic functionality is available

====== v. 7.8 rev 4 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: fixed range bug for mages and warlocks

====== v. 7.8 rev 3 ======
aTotemBar: updated with with cooldown frames allowing to spawn timers via OmniCC
oUF_Totembar: removed
oUF_mono: removed support for oUF_Totembar
oUF_mono: added option to enable glowing backdrop
oUF_mono: added castbar feature to recognize uninterruptable casts

====== v. 7.8 rev 2 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: small update for cooldown frames on
m_Panels: added 'option' to adjust width of bottom cluster panels (xadj value)
Broker_DBM, Buffet, Clique, Examiner, ncSpellalert removed from extras! folder

====== v. 7.8 rev 1 ======
MikScrollingBattleText: replaced with m_CombatText
aTotemBar: removed from main pack (still exists in extras!)
Buffet: removed
cargoShip: layout update to fix top panel
Various Broker plugins now moved to the new single add-on
AraBrokerMoney: replaced with brand new Broker plugin based on VertiBroker_Money
m_UIconfig: removed few unnecessary config functions

====== v. 7.7 rev. 9 ======
Dominos: updated
oUF: core update
NugRunning: added nontargetopacity option, anySource and target options added, deathknight module for tracking blood plague and frost fever
oUF_Freebgrid: makes use of oUF's own vehicle switch module, updated HealComm and fixed Ready Check icons
m_Map: swapped Player and Cursour coordinates' positions

====== v. 7.7 rev. 8.3 ======
m_Settings: new position GM ticket frame
oUF_Freebgrid: new debuffs
NugRunning: new debuffs

====== v. 7.7 rev. 8.2 ======
m_ChatMods: added Party Guide abbreviation as [PG]

====== v. 7.7 rev. 8.1 ======
m_Map: removed WorldMapBlobFrame from showing, therefore no more taint issues when you open map with POIs during combat.

====== v. 7.7 rev. 8 ======
oUF_mono: thicker Health bar for player and target frame
m_Panels: fake target frame update to fit new unit frames' atributes

====== v. 7.7 rev. 7.5 ======
MikScrollingBattleText: updated to the latest version
m_Map: uninterractable size up button in combat
m_ChatMods: new option to disable timestamps

====== v. 7.7 rev. 7.4 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: (bugfix) fixed reversecolor display

====== v. 7.7 rev. 7.3 ======
m_UISettings: autoscaling function updated

====== v. 7.7 rev. 7.2 ======
oUF_mono: minor fix for 3d portraits updates
m_Map: ... i actually dont remember

====== v. 7.7 rev. 7.1 ======
oUF_mono: small fix for 3d portraits alpha on target frame

====== v. 7.7 rev. 7 ======
m_ChatMods: Editbox border is now part of this addon, Editbox itself adjusted to be <more> in the middle
m_ChatMods: few new options in the config "section"
m_ChatMods: (bugfix) "scroll to the bottom" button is back to it's old position!
m_Panels: tiny modifications to the bottom cluster
m_Panels: Editbox panel removed
Dominos: updated
Broker_Durability: the value turns red when you are below 20% dura, just so you never miss it
oUF_mono: added 3d portraits (EXPERIMENTAL!!!)

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.8 ======
m_ChatMods: further code optimisations, few new options now available + spammfilter is off by default (yet again)

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.7 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: raid debuffs update

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.6 ======
m_ChatMods: (bugfix) new fix for /tt function, it now works properly even if the target is out of range
oUF_mono: (bugfix) fixed the error on boss targets frames despawn
oUF_mono: (bugfix) tot and pets debuffs are back!

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.5 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: more pets tweaking: it's now a seperate header with its own position;
it's also possible to disable/enable pets for just party frames;
check config.lua for new options

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.4 ======
m_ChatMods: fixed small issue which caused garbage leak (3rd time is the charm!), spamm filter is off by default
m_ChatMods: /tt will not give error when used without a target

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.3 ======
m_ChatMods: fixed small issue which caused garbage leak (again)

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6.2 ======
m_ChatMods: fixed small issue which caused garbage leak

====== v. 7.7 rev. 6 ======
oUF_mono: fixed pets/arenaframes' targets not coloring properly
m_Minimap: fixed strata issue for minimap itself and LFD tooltip
m_UISettings -> m_Settings: added some quick options
m_Loot: autoacceptDE function moved to m_Settings
m_BasicChatMods -> m_ChatMods: few code and structure modifications, added some general options
m_ChatMods: new option to filter spamm in chat channels
m_Map: fixed glitch with positioning of coords when WorldMap's locked

====== v. 7.7 rev. 5 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: raid debuffs update
oUF_Freebgrid: vehicles now shown as raid units
m_UISettings: fixed /pvpoff command
oUF_mono: few modificaions to boss target frame, attempt to fix minor bug on boss targets despawn
oUF_mono: reworked (cleaned up) auras code
oUF_mono: combopoints belong to target frame now
m_Loot: autoacceptDE option is set to false by default

====== v. 7.7 rev. 4 ======
OmniCC_basic: added few options for coloring/setting cooldown treshold
oUF: core update
oUF_Freebgrid: code cleanup
oUF_Freebgrid: new way of handling pets (beta state, so yes its buggy)
oUF_Freebgrid: added oRA3 MT list sorting support from original freebgrid
Broker_Equipment: updated
m_Loot: added new option to group loot module for auto accepting DE roll in partys
NugRunning: (updated) now properly handles haste buffs and recast mark, slightly modified looks and position
m_UIconfig: minor position updates for NugRunning options
oUF_mono: health text on target boss frames now displayed as shorten values (i.e. 1k,2m etc.)
m_Minimap: difficulty flag strata changed so it doesn't hide behind minimap

====== v. 7.7 rev. 3 ======
m_Minimap: fixed Minimap strata so it's not beign overlapped with panels
m_UISettings: some code cleanup
m_BasicChatMods: reworked(fixed) telltarget func, removed some unnecessary code
OmniCC(+Options): replaced by OmniCC_basic
m_UIconfig: removed OmniCC data
m_Loot: more texture specifications

====== v. 7.7 rev. 2 ======
oUF_mono: Removed glowing texture behind frames :S
m_Panels: Removed glowing texture behind fake target frame
oUF_Freebgrid: Disembed (removed) oUF core
m_Loot: local textures can be set in the very top of .lua files

====== v. 7.7 rev. 1 ======
oUF_mono: added glow backdrop to the unitframes
m_Panels: (core change) added the abbility to set blend mode for panels and fixed a propper backdrop for gradient and advanced panels
m_Panels: major layout change, restylized bottom cluster
m_Panels: commented out support for multiple resolutions, since noone actually uses it :S
oUF_Freebgrid: fixed an issue with wrong size/position updates for groups 6,7,8 when they spawned

====== v. 7.6 rev. 8 ======
m_UIconfig: slightly modified DBM settings

====== v. 7.6 rev. 7 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: debuffs texture updated/fixed so it never distorts
oUF_Freebgrid: target/focus/mana border frame also fixed from distorting at any size
oUF_Freebgrid: debuffs size got slightly increased
oUF_Freebgrid: slight code cleanup
oUF_Freebgrid: updated with a new features (see config.lua): threatborder option enables/disables threat
borders for oUF_Freebgrid, this however disables tiny dot indicator in the middle of the frame

====== v. 7.6 rev. 6 ======
m_Loot: fixed border texture for group rolls

====== v. 7.6 rev. 5 ======
m_Loot: (bugfix) error when looting chests
m_Loot: the announce function can now identify chest loot (sort of)
m_media useless textures removed

====== v. 7.6 rev. 4 ======
m_Loot: new texture for loot frame, close/link buttons restylized
cargBags_mono: close button changed
m_UISettings: added quick option for turning autoloot on and off at the very top of the file
m_Panels: fixed alignment grid

====== v. 7.6 rev. 3 ======
m_Panels: fixed updater for raid backgrop NOW FOR REAL!

====== v. 7.6 rev. 2 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: (bugfix) applyAuraIndicators() now in place and spawns indicators properly
FreebTip: changed guild tag color
m_Panels: fixed updater for Freebgrid backgrop

====== v. 7.6 rev. 1 ======
m_Minimap: anchor is set to "BOTTOMRIGHT"
cargoShip: bottom plugins now spawn from corners
m_Panels: layouts are now sepparated from the core in, layout.lua now contain all the user created panels
m_Panels: brand new background for bottom broker plugins
Clique: moved to !extras folder
Readme.txt updated with some clarifications

====== v. 7.5 rev. 1 ======
oUF_Smooth: merged with oUF_mono
oUF_AuraSort: merged with oUF_mono
oUF_mono: oUF_Totembar propper support
(extras) oUF_Totembar: updated
(extras) aTotemBar: code cleanup, removed the abbility to set position and scale ingame, lua config only
NugRunning: removed totembars timers
aTooltip: removed
FreebTip: added with some code modifications
m_UISettings: added autogreed on greens
m_UIconfig: updated with new OmniCC and NugRunning settings
Readme.txt update

====== v. 7.4 rev. 1 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: reworked spawning function, added propper toggle for 25/40 man raid layouts
oUF_Freebgrid: options for operating with Healcomm slightly changed, see config.lua
oUF_Freebgrid: oUF core and Healcomm4 updated
Readme.txt update
m_Panels: Grid background now appears when there is at least one raid member in group 3 or higher

====== v. 7.3 rev. 9 ======
m_Map: fixed background frame's strata level so it doesn't get overlapped by other UI elements
m_UISettings: added /radisband slash command for group disbanding
Skada: updated
m_UISettings: fixed typo

====== v. 7.3 rev. 8 ======
m_Map(I hate it already): fixed POI frames position after map restore.
Buffet: Updated
oUF: core update
oUF_mono: added LFD iconds for players role to party frames
m_UIconfig: cooldowns font outline changed to normal in OmniCC

====== v. 7.3 rev. 7 ======
aLoot: added filter for suppressing detailed loot info and it doesn't require localization
m_Map: removed "Big map stylizing" to fix taints :S
NugRunning: updated
Skada: updated

====== v. 7.3 rev. 6 ======
m_Minimap: removed old LFG option from "right click menu" and added new LFRaid and LFDungeon

====== v. 7.3 rev. 5 ======
m_UISettings: removed WorldMap code
m_Map: (added) addon that handles WorldMap stilization
aLoot: code cleanup
MikScrollingBattleText: updated

====== v. 7.3 rev. 4 ======
aLoot: "NEED" and "DISENCHANT" buttons swapped their places

====== v. 7.3 rev. 3 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: partypets option removeed from config file, use grouppets instead
aLoot: fixed group roll counters FOR REAL!

====== v. 7.3 rev. 2 ======
aLoot: added a little fix for group roll parser on other than enGB/US locales (untill I figure out a better way)
m_UISettings: added WorldMap stylization

====== v. 7.3 rev. 1 ======
toc updates
aLoot: added disenchant button in group loot module
aMinimap renamed to m_Minimap (the reason for that is that I actually merged 2 versions of this add-on and added some custom code)
m_Minimap: repositioned new LFG button and InstanceDifficulty icon
cargoShip: adjusted top show_on_mouseover panel
Dominos: updated to most current version
m_BasicChatMods: added "Party Leader" shortcut ("P")
MailGet renamed to m_MailGet to avoid problems with autoupdater users, adjusted button position and size
MSBT: updated to most current version
cargBags_mono: default frames position adjusted a bit
NugRunning: removed VE from priests spells
oUF: core update
oUF_Freebgrid: healcomm and core updates
OmniCC: updated to most current version
Snoopy: removed
Buffet: moved to the !extras folder
m_UISettings: removed world Map stilization
Readme.txt updated

====== v. 7.2 rev. 1 ======
oUF update (v.1.3.24)
oUF_mono: - removed temp enchant timers (screw that, use default icons)
- added timers for player's buffs/debuffs (so we don't need OmniCC for that anymore)
- added quartz-like safezone to the castbar which shows the actual delay for your casts
- changed castbar color to lighen up things a bit!
Fonts: got rid of Citynova font (skurri.ttf replaced with Calibri_Bold), so now it's one and only font for entire interface

====== v. 7.1 rev. 3 ======
oUF_mono: fixed focustarget position
oUF_Freebgrid: fixed MT frames positioning and size
oUF_Freebgrid: added MTsize option to config file
m_Panels: action bars background frames adjusted (again)

====== v. 7.1 rev. 2 ======
m_Panels: action bars background frames adjusted

====== v. 7.1 rev. 1 ======
Broker_Threat replaced with aThreatMeter
oUF_mono, m_UIconfig(Dominos): Adjusted positions of unitframes and actionbars
m_Panels: removed few unused panels

====== v. 7 rev. 1 ======
aMinimap: removed "N"
Broker_Threat: threat bar modified to fit new layout
cargBags_mono: code clean up
cargoShip: changed position of all visible elements in layout.lua
m_BasicChatMods: editbox repositioned
m_media: border.tga texture updated
m_Panels: new panels layout (pixel-perfect sort of)
m_UIconfig: initial configuration function updated for new layout
m_UISettings: removed some not necessary crap
NugRunning: new position, fixed spelltext position to be more in "center"
oUF_Freebgrid: bigger raid frames (YAY!)
oUF_mono: alot of elements got changed to fit new looks!
God Bless Russia!

====== v. 6.6 rev. 12 ======
added ncSpellalert as optional addon (find it in !extras folder)
NugRunning: updated + fixed the issue with laggy multi targets tracking updates

====== v. 6.6 rev. 11 ======
aLoot: (new feature) "Link" button when you loot anything allows you to list those items to guild or raid chat

====== v. 6.6 rev. 10 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: pets disabled (by default) for greater fucking good
m_Panels: MiddleBG panel (under raid frames) now changes it's height dynamically for 10/25 man raid groups
aMinimap: clock module rewrite, clicking on game time frame will bring up standart clock manager options
iActionButtons: (bugfix) implemented function to fix action bar grid color when you move a button (credits to zork)
oUF: updated

====== v. 6.6 rev. 9 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: party pet display options reworked (see config.lua)
oUF_Freebgrid: by default grid doesn't show up if player's in party
m_Panels: fixed raid background spawning to fit Freebgrid changes
oUF_mono: (bugfix) tot debuffs now grow towards left

====== v. 6.6 rev. 8 ======
m_BasicChatMods: added LinkHover functionality, credits to Adys
m_BasicChatMods: removed LibSharedMedia support from font.lua module
oUF_mono: no longer require oUF_Runebar to spawn rune bars
oUF_mono: changed player pet's and tot buffs/debuffs display
oUF_mono: arena and party frames look and position changed
oUF_Runebar: removed from extras

====== v. 6.6 rev. 7 ======
oUF_mono: added arena tarrget's targets

====== v. 6.6 rev. 6 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: (bugfix) earth shield tag for shamans
cargBags_mono: added new functionality - dynamic item types sorting by pressing alt + right click on the item
cargBags_mono: general code clean up

====== v. 6.6 rev. 5 ======
aMinimap: (bugfix) Minimap cluster doesn't intercept mouseclicks (in top left corner)
oUF_Freebgrid: updated with new features, such as raid pets and party pets (see config.lua)
oUF_Freebgrid: cleaned up spawning function
oUF_Freebgrid: enlarged MT(T) frames
m_UISettings: default Blizzard error frame (red text) now always hidden
oUF_mono: removed MT frames code since oUF_Freebgrid handling that
oUF_mono: reworked partypets, now spawns a tiny pet frame next to the party unit frame
oUF_mono: added fully functional arena frames (with auto disabling if Gladius loaded)

====== v. 6.6 rev. 4 ======
oUF_Freebgrid: (bugfix) healcomm bars will actually be horizontal if you set vertical = false in config.lua
oUF_Freebgrid: (updated) oUF_HealComm4
oUF_Freebgrid: minor change to raid_debuffs.lua

====== v. 6.6 rev. 3 ======
Broker_Threat: merged threat bar functionality in threat display plug-in

====== v. 6.6 rev. 3 ======
Broker_Threat: removed background from the bar so it looks much cleaner in combination with small texture panel
m_UIconfig: adjusted position and size of NugRunning bars

====== v. 6.6 rev. 2 ======
Dominos: updated to fix the issue with patch 3.3
m_UIconfig: included Gladius settings
m_UISettings: added slash command for easy Gladius profile set up; Readme.txt updated
m_UISettings: removed some old unused functions, UIErrorFrame now hidden only in combat.
Skada updated
oUF_mono: reworked (fixed) pet casting bar
aMinimap: removed unused frames from hiding function (little fix for 3.3)
Broker_Threat: added visual threat bar
m_Panels: fixed threat bar border sometimes not appearing when player is present in threat list
oUF_mono: totembar positions adjusted
rActionButtonsStyler replaced by iActionButtons

====== v. 6.6 rev. 1 ======
aLoot: removed grouploot text replacements (aparently in some cases it caused the client to crash)
oUF_Freebgrid: removed trans.tga and statusbar texture from a dummy frame to avoid the UI error in upcoming patch
cargBags_mono: adjusted default position of player's bags and bank frame so it actually look inplace without additional movements
NugRunning updated: Sync between UNIT AURA and CLEU, added commanding shout; added refresh timer indication to several casts
Variety of included addons got updated: aTotemBar, Broker_Equipment, Dominos, OmniCC, Skada
m_UIconfig: MikScrollingBattleText has its scrolling zones' position changed; variety of (useless) notification triggers are now disabled
m_UIconfig, m_Panels: adjusted dominos visible bar position + panel under it (so it even might work for orther resolutions)
m_UIconfig, Skada: changed bar colors to fit UI style
oUF_mono: fixed player's debuffs positioning (so they don't overlap 3rd row of buffs)
oUF_mono: adjusted runebar position
oUF_mono, m_Panels: changed the color of health bars
oUF_mono: power/race/lvl values position slightly readjusted
Deadly Boss Mods: removed, people may feel free to install whatever boss mod they like/want
Broker_DBM moved to !extras folder

====== v. 6.5 rev. 4 ======
oUF_mono: removed UTF8 lib and reworked function for names updates
oUF_Freebgrid: likewise removed UTF8 lib

====== v. 6.5 rev. 3 ======
oUF_mono: general code clean up, reworked some color update functions

====== v. 6.5 rev. 2 ======
fixed player's debuffs position in oUF_mono
some (class) specific addons now moved to the !extras folder, just move the ones you need to AddOns folder
applied small fix to oUF_Smooth to correctly update bars with forced value

====== v. 6.5 rev. 1 ======
m_Panels updated so it _might_ work on other resolutions
removed gradient from some panels in the middle block
NugRunning is updated with spells for shamans
ADDED: m_UIconfig addon for initial interface configuration
REMOVED: WTF folder, since m_UIconfig now contains all the options for included addons
Updated Readme.txt with new installation manual (READ IT! The installation process is now literally trivial)
Replaced old version of DBM broker plugin with official one + modified cargoship layout to properly display it @ top panel.

====== v. 6.4 rev. 5 ======
doh! I accidentally removed m_BasicChatMods, it's there now!
oUF_mono is updated and now fully supports oUF_WeaponEnchant
Mirror cast bars will be stylized properly now
DBM update (Onyxia)

====== v. 6.4 rev. 4 ======
small adjustments of temp. enchant frame in oUF_mono
added changelog (yaaay!)

Lets see if i'll be patient enough to properly log all the changes..
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Unread 12-28-17, 10:42 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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If anyone still wants to use this, I've uploaded my work on this here http://www.wowinterface.com/download...emastered.html
I've fixed as much as possible give my gameplay (DK and DH). But in general works fine.
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Unread 11-08-16, 04:06 AM  
Dodo gogo
A Murloc Raider

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If you are interested in fine work of addon OUF_Mono, please send your bug reports in this topic:
Last edited by Dodo gogo : 11-08-16 at 05:04 AM.
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Unread 11-05-16, 05:02 AM  
Dodo gogo
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Unread 10-08-16, 03:46 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey all

I'am using m_Actionbars but i miss the exit vehiclebutton wehn i am on the taxi or some other vehicels. My lua skills are not so grat to fix it myself so someone have a fix for this or can help me?
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Unread 09-17-16, 11:39 AM  
A Cyclonian
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Originally Posted by kaitsuburi
At the moment most errors I see are due to missing spells in game So that's just for this weekend to fix. Another issue I see is with the raid grid, has weird distribution of backgrounds. Also the bag addon is unusable, basically doesn't render bag content (this can be ignored). Will see how far I get this weekend.
I see. Well i posted a comment about the raid frames being shitty on the ouf_mono fan update page, so the guy should be aware of it
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Unread 09-16-16, 04:59 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally Posted by kaitsuburi
I have it more or less working. Still trying to fix some glitches with bag addon and raid frames, and other small things. Will share when I have it ready.
<3 i love you ^^
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Unread 09-15-16, 10:29 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally Posted by Arxae
Originally Posted by kaitsuburi
Originally Posted by Arxae
With the new fan update to Ouf_mono, i recreated it myself for the most part This is how it looks like at the moment:

Below is how mine looks. Unfortunately is more than just updating ouf_mono. Most of other addons require change, specially to spell/buff list.
Only things i am using to recreate now is:
  • obar (not authentic, but i like the xp bar position, and like my buttons more at the bottom)
  • m_UI (no problems/errors)
  • m_brokerStuff (no problems/error. One of the fields says n/a but i haven't looked into which one that is)
  • SexyMap (m_UI moves/scales it correctly. But there is a big chance that i am going to change it since i want a lua only config)
  • rActionButtonStyler to get the more flat buttons

The NugRunning/Skada integration still works as well.

I never really used the buff options when it still worked, so i'm not noticing anything. I don't receive any lua errors either (yes they are turned on :P). Are there any specific errors?

It's good to see the UI back Was about time :P
At the moment most errors I see are due to missing spells in game So that's just for this weekend to fix. Another issue I see is with the raid grid, has weird distribution of backgrounds. Also the bag addon is unusable, basically doesn't render bag content (this can be ignored). Will see how far I get this weekend.
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A Cyclonian
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Originally Posted by kaitsuburi
Originally Posted by Arxae
With the new fan update to Ouf_mono, i recreated it myself for the most part This is how it looks like at the moment:

Below is how mine looks. Unfortunately is more than just updating ouf_mono. Most of other addons require change, specially to spell/buff list.
Only things i am using to recreate now is:
  • obar (not authentic, but i like the xp bar position, and like my buttons more at the bottom)
  • m_UI (no problems/errors)
  • m_brokerStuff (no problems/error. One of the fields says n/a but i haven't looked into which one that is)
  • SexyMap (m_UI moves/scales it correctly. But there is a big chance that i am going to change it since i want a lua only config)
  • rActionButtonStyler to get the more flat buttons

The NugRunning/Skada integration still works as well.

I never really used the buff options when it still worked, so i'm not noticing anything. I don't receive any lua errors either (yes they are turned on :P). Are there any specific errors?

It's good to see the UI back Was about time :P
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Originally Posted by Arxae
With the new fan update to Ouf_mono, i recreated it myself for the most part This is how it looks like at the moment:

Below is how mine looks. Unfortunately is more than just updating ouf_mono. Most of other addons require change, specially to spell/buff list.
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A Cyclonian
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With the new fan update to Ouf_mono, i recreated it myself for the most part This is how it looks like at the moment:

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I have it more or less working. Still trying to fix some glitches with bag addon and raid frames, and other small things. Will share when I have it ready.
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i would like to see a update for this UI as well
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Unread 07-21-16, 01:32 PM  
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Anybody update this awesome ui ?
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anyone still using mono / planning to update it for Legion? I'm yet to find another UI that I like but with a view to Legion wondering if now is the time to move on. Any mono users here found decent other ui's?
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Unread 09-13-15, 04:03 PM  
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Originally Posted by Banoffee
Yeah this is the problem I'm having, having made the same change. Hmm...
It appears that this issue is due to the fact that Blizzard removed all the health valve information from the nameplates. So it looks like we'll have to wait for Blizz to fix that, as that's far beyond my rudimentary Lua skills.


Someone made a fix for the Tidyplates addon, which requires you to mouseover the mob and stores the info.

KuiNameplates is similar to Mono's, which I might try until the issue is sorted.
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