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Icicle Tracker

Version: 1.0.4
by: wardz [More]

Simple and lightweight addon that tracks your current amount of icicles stored, and also damage stored based on your mastery percentage.

I've quit playing WoW and will therefore not be updating this addon anymore. Anyways, if anyone wishes to take over this project you can get the latest development version here.
It is completely recoded and updated for WoD, but it needs a few tweaks here and there to actually work.

- Type /ict ingame to open the options panel. Or you can go
to Esc -> Interface -> Addons -> Icicle Tracker.

Curse Link: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/ice

- Added options GUI.
- Damage number is now formatted better.
- Now works with Alter Timer and Glyph of Icy veins. (Except stored dmg for icy veins)
- Added localization support.
- Bug fixes.

- Mastery percentage will now be updated everytime you have successfully cast FB/FFB.
- You can now turn off the stored damage function in the config.
- Fixed an issue with Alter Time on non english clients.
- If the stored damage number is higher than 200k, it will now change the text color to red.

- Fixed a bug that caused the addon not to load if the player client was not in default english language.

- Renamed from Ice to Icicle Tracker.
- Stored damage number will now be formatted properly.
- Counter now resets on loading screens.
- Addon will no longer load if you're not a mage.
- Small bug fix with storing damage.

- Release
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An Aku'mai Servant

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Transparency & skinning

Hey, I'd really love to have transparency settings available, maybe a global transparency with a setting that'll make it 0% transparency once 5 stacks are up.

And then some skinning options would be incredible !
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