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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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Diminish (BfA Beta)

Version: 2.0.0b-0.3
by: wardz [More]

Get latest versions here instead: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info23628-DiminishDRTracker.html

Diminish version above now supports both BfA beta and Legion 7.3.5. But you need to check "Load out of date AddOns" for BfA.

- Fix border indicators not being shown for some Masque skins.
- Fix bug introduced in previous update that removes active timers on target switched.
- Minor optimizations & improvements.

- Note: Upgrading from an earlier version to this version will wipe all custom settings at first load.
- Increased frame strata for icons.
- Fix profile copy/delete button not updating dropdown after being ran.
- Fix moving party1 anchor not auto moving party2/3.
- Fix changing icon size not working until reload ui.
- Anchor bar for moving icons now have less width due to accuracy issues.
- Memory improvements for timers.

- Add profile options (wip)
- Add correct spell IDs for Shockwave, Stormbolt, Fel Cleave, Hibernate.
- Fix option "Show Own Textures Only" not working.
- Remove player "Attach to Raid Frames" option. It is now shown player timers for both PlayerFrame and raid frame if those are toggled on.
- Fix icons sometimes not disappearing after timer ended.

- Add focus/target/party/self and friendly DR tracking. No longer arena only!
- Add GUI for options.
- Timers are now shown on CC start instead of removal. (May be toggled)
- Timers now have indicator color green->yellow->red instead of none->yellow->red.
- Add Masque support. (You need to run "Test frames" once before options show up for it since all frames are created on demand.)
- Update spell list for BFA. Let me know if any spells are missing or incorrect.
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