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Updated: 01-24-15 01:57 PM
Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Updated:01-24-15 01:57 PM
Created:01-24-15 01:57 PM

Totemic Encirclement Fixer

Version: 1.603
by: Banknorris [More]

This addon should fix the behavior of glyph of totemic encirclement. Every time you cast a totem, all fake totems are recast.

How to use it:
1) the addon will create 15 macros in the account macros tab. They are named TOTEM_N_MMMMM. Where N varies from 1 to 4 (earth, fire, water and air) and MMMMM is the spell_id.
2) you should use those macros to replace your totems in action bars. In other words, the addon will only work if, instead of pressing a totem button or another totem macro, you use the totem macros provided by this addon.
3) It will only work if you have the blizzard totem buffs (the totem icons that show bellow your toon portrait)

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