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Classic Patch (1.13.4)
Visions of N'Zoth (8.3.0)
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Select 3 - beta

Version: 3.0.0-beta-01
by: Gello [More]

This addon adds the /select macro command you can use instead of /use or /cast to use an item or spell among a list. Right-clicking your macro from the bars will pop out a menu where you can change the item or spell to use.

Note: This is a beta version for Retail (8.3) and Classic (1.13) versions of WoW. For the current stable version and more details about this addon, go here.

05/10/2020 version 3.0.0-beta-01
- Select has been completely rewritten to work on both retail and classic clients, to add new capability, and to make it more ammenable to change.

Changes include:

  • This version supports both Retail and Classic WoW clients. Elements that aren't available on Classic (such as mount:search, toy:search and profession:search) will not be loaded or enabled.
  • New filter equipslot:<slot> will allow you to select and equip items for the given slot. For instance: /select equipslot:13 will let you swap trinkets to the top trinket slot on a right-click of the macro, and use the top trinket on a left-click or keybind of the macro.
  • You can choose which direction a flyout opens with flyout:<direction> in the macro. For instance /select equipslot:14, flyout:left will open a flyout to the left of the button containing the macro.
  • To select items or spells with commas in their name, surround them with quotes, such as: /select Magic Rooster, "Yulei, Daughter of Jade", Core Hound.
  • Right click will select an item or spell from the flyout menu now.
  • The /select command by itself will summon the options window.
  • The options window has been updated to reflect new settings and filters.
  • Added new option 'Select Only Soulbound Equipslots' to not include bind-on-equip gear that you loot into select flyouts.
  • Added new option 'Use Item Or Spell On Right Click' that will make right-clicks mimic the behavior of the Alt modifier, and use an item or spell as it's selected. Note: for equipslot:<slot>, selecting will always equip the item regardless of click or modifier.
  • If the option 'Use But Don't Select with Alt' is enabled, this will also apply to the Right Click if 'Use With Right Click' is enabled.
  • When units are involved in conditionals (out of range, invalid, etc), the macro should now reflect that unit during the condition (if the action button/bars supports this behavior) before the action is used.
  • Items in the flyout now have a colored border to reflect their rarity, if applicable.
  • Open flyouts can now be dismissed with the ESCape key (or whatever you've mapped to the game menu) while in combat.
  • Passive spells will no longer show in spell:search filters (but you can add them separately to a /select if you still want them).
  • When a filter:search is used, items and spells are added to the flyout in alphabetical order for that specific filter:search. For instance "/select Magic Rooster, type:Quest, spell:Portal" will add the Magic Rooster first, then all quest items sorted alphabetically, then all Portal spells sorted alphabetically last.
  • Mounts found as the result of a mount:search that are not currently summonable will now add to flyouts, such as the Darkwater Skate that only works under water.
  • Added new option 'Only Select Summonable Mounts' to remove these mounts that can't be currently summoned from mount:search flyouts.
  • Caches will only be used if a filter is used. For instance if you don't have any item:<search> filters, then the item cache will not run.
  • Flyout button creation is deferred until needed.
  • Fix for some default flyout spells like spell:Polymorph only picking one spell.

Notes for users of Select 2.x:
  • Options like 'Use But Don't Select with Alt' will carry over from 2.x to 3.x.
  • All existing /select macros should continue to work without change.
  • After updating from 2.x to 3.x, the initial loaded selection from every flyout will reset to the first available item or spell across all characters. This one-time reset is due to the new heirarchy of secure frames.
  • If you're updating this manually, you will need to exit the game completely before updating. There are new files that won't be recognized if added while logged into the game.
  • If you're updating this manually, I also recommend removing the old Select folder first to remove files no longer used; but it's not necessary. (Saved data is rarely stored in the AddOns folder and almost always in the WTF folder.)

Known issues:
  • If you're on a Classic client you'll need to load out of date addons for this addon to show up/work. It's targeted to Retail clients and Blizzard has not provided a way for an addon to be up to date to both clients at the same time.
  • There's a known issue where selected items or spells may occasionally revert to default (and rarely revert to no selection) on a cold login. This requires some further work; but until then you'll need to select something (or /reload may work).
  • When two macros share the same name, the client will occasionally swap their position on a login, confusing Select so it can't know what you had loaded in the slot in a prior session. On a login or reload, these may revert to the initial selection of the other same-named macro or the first available item or spell. To avoid this while a fix is researched, avoid using same-named /select macros. If you're using spaces to hide macro names, consider using a different number of spaces in each name.

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An update on this if any curious, since it's been a couple months with no updates. I consider this beta to be feature complete and would ordinarily have switched it over to the release version by now--I use it every day--except for one flaw that doesn't seriously impact its behavior once set up, but it requires a bit of a redesign: When you add new macros before or between other /select macros, many of those other /select macros lose track of what was previously selected.

The much larger part of the rework (cache and secure frame hierarchy) is unaffected, so the redesign isn't drastic; but some extra thought was needed in how to fit the keeping-track-of-what's-selected in the new system. I think I have a pretty good idea how to handle this now, and the rewrite of TinyPad is basically done, so I'll be turning focus back to Select.
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A Firelord
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If you find any issues, please leave a comment or PM me.

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