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Eclypsia ShinodaiUI2.0 (Healer layout and tanks)

Version: 5.0.5
by: Shinodai [More]

1920X1080 UI
(Based on ElvUI easy update)
Hello all it's my UI for raidings and co with my Paladin healer and tank, this ui is simple and based on ElvUI fonctionality
I'm player for Eclypsia.com tcheck my facebook : facebook.com/eclypsiaShinodai and like me if u want !
Thanx's for watching !
Instructions :

Unzip my pack !

Go into the WTF folder, enter the Account folder, and rename the folder called YOURACCOUNTNAME to your own account name all in caps.
1. Enter the YOURACCOUNTNAME folder and change the folder called YourServer into your server name.
2. Enter the YourServer folder and change the folder YourCharacter into your characters name.
3. Put my WTF, Fonts and Interface folder in the place where your own folders used to be.
4. Go in game and enter : /elvUI config
5. Go to : Profiles and apply " Yshira " say ok !
6. Switch my profiles for recount and Omen3 " Yshira "
My Omen is not config, i use this on with my feeling in fonction of fights and spec
7. /reloadUI. Enjoy !!!!

This UI is very good for low configuration computer !
You can make my UI with this commands : /moveUI

Addons :
-Deadly boss mod
-Power auras

If you have any questions Ask me !

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