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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
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nUI [TBC Classic]

by: Xrystal [More]

Last year (sometime before 2018) Scott made the decision to step away from nUI development and maybe even WOW itself. So that his baby would go forward without his assistance he placed the addon under Creative Commons license to enable others to carry on maintaining it. I was one of the people he asked if I wanted to be one of the developers going forward. At the time I wasn't playing the game at all due to funds but as per usual, expansion came along and it was time to get my characters up to speed, as well as my addons. So I monitored the CurseForge page and found disappointing customers, I then emailed Scott and had no reply. I decided I would take up the baton and try and keep it at least running with as few problems as possible, my skills are not on par with Scott so it may take me longer to identify some errors than it would for him.

Scott's Last Patch Notes
* Updated TOC for WoW
* Re-released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical 3.0 Unported license

nUI is no longer author supported and is released to the public in the hopes that the
community will continue to support and grow nUI in the years to come. My sincere
thanks to everyone over the years who have helped make nUI what it is (was).

I will keep this maintained as long as I am able to and try to keep WOW non access to a period of working I will of course fix any errors that are identifiable without access, or available via lowbie access if money causes me to take another break.

Going Forward
Depending on the legalities of the license, I will either attempt to create a more robust version of nUI using the newer Blizzard API functionality or more likely attempt to create my own UI from scratch, that works in a similar vein to nUI for those that just can't play without it, I sure missed those InfoPanels

I've now been added as an author on the curse project for nUI so can you please post any bugs and issues there where possible so that they can be tracked that little bit easier. But feel free to post here if you are unable to.

Latest Version Uploaded
WOW Expansion: The Burning Crusade: Classic
WOW Interface: 20501
WOW Version:

nUI [Beta] - Retail / Classic / TBC Classic
> Intermediate Patches prior to moving to Release
nUI [Alpha] - Retail / Classic / TBC Classic
> Development Versions for long term testing - say for an enhancement or Pre Expansion Updates
nUI [Retail]
> Release Versions for the Current Retail Servers
nUI [Classic]
> Release Versions for the Current Classic Servers
nUI [TBC Classic]
> Release Versions for the Current TBC Classic Servers

Classic / Retail
Due to my version numbering system I have decided to keep Classic and Retail versions separate but there may be multiple Beta/Alpha versions about but the file name will confirm which nUI/WoW version it is for.

Fixed error : attempt to call global 'GetInspectSpecialization' (a nil value)

* nUI_UnitSpec.lua

Missed an AttemptToSaveBindings error - sorry I don't use key
bindings so forget to test them.

* nUI_KeyBinding.lua

Changes made to the following files fixed the problem of bar changing during combat ( rogue stealth and druid forms ) and fixing the problem with focus frame appearing behind the minimap instead of in place of.

* nU_ButtonBar.lua
* nUI_Minimap.lua


Incorporated the backdrop template system to the splash frame.
Corrected Unit Feedback due to the following error:
> nUI_UnitFeedback.lua:1063: attempt to call method 'SetBackdropBorderColor' (a nil value)

* nUI.xml
* nUI_UnitFeedback.lua

The following Blizzard Error fixed by Blizzard:
"Interface\\FrameXML\\RestrictedExecution.lua:473: Cannot call restricted closure from insecure code"

Fixed the following nUI errors:
Interface\\AddOns\\nUI\\Bars\\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:184: attempt to call global 'AttemptToSaveBindings' (a nil value)

* nUI_ButtonBar.lua

nUI now completes log in stage without errors.

================================================================ - Never Uploaded
Based on nUI Classic Version :

Changed TOC to TBC Classic
20501 > 2.5.1 patch

Fixed the following files due to the error messages:
> attempt to call method 'SetBackdrop' (a nil value)
> attempt to call global 'AttemptToSaveBindings' (a nil value)
> Font not set
> attempt to index global 'MiniMapTrackingFrame' (a nil value)

* nUI_PetFeeder.lua
* nUI_BagBar.lua
* nUI_ButtonBar.lua
* nUI_KeyBinding.lua
* nUI_InfoPanel.lua
* nUI_ChatFrame.lua
* nUI_Movers.lua
* nUI_MicroMenu.lua
* nUI_Button.lua
* nUI_Minimap.lua
* nUI_Location.lua
* nUI_SysInfo.lua
* nUI_HonorBar.lua
* nUI_XPBar.lua
* nUI_SpecialBars.lua
* nUI_FactionBar.lua
* nUI_HUD.lua
* nUI_UnitPanel.lua
* nUI_UnitFrame.lua
* nUI_UnitFeedback.lua
* nUI_UnitAura.lua
* nUI_Unit.lua
* nUI_Button.lua
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