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NameViolation 4.3 quasi-fix

Version: Based on 1.43Fe
by: Naurbrannon [More]


This is not an update and I'm not going to maintain this addon, I've fixed the most serious errors only in order to re-enable some minimal usability to use the addon myself.

I decided to upload this file as I've seen many people complaining that they were missing the addon, but be warned, a lot of stuff is probably still broken and I'm unlikely to fix it.

If someone wants to maintain the addon then he should speak with the original author (Wachunga) and I won't suggest basing your work on this version of mine, as I just brutally commented out a few things which weren't working.


What is working:

  • Popup menu on target frame and on chat names are both working.
  • The checkbox which used to appear in the lower left corner is working and is the only way to show the report.
  • The aforementioned checkbox and the accompanying text "Show NameViolation Report" are now moveable around the screen.
  • Slash commands appear to be working, please note that you should use "/nv clear" to clear the list after you've filled your report with the usual copy-paste, as the reporting part is broken.
  • There is a limit of 8 to the number of names you can report at once, the command /script StaticPopup_Show("NAMEVIOLATION_CONFIRMCLEAR_REPORTED");
    can be used to only delete those names after you reported them, so that when you next open the message windows you'll be able to submit the rest.

What is NOT working:
  • The report window won't open/close/empty itself when filling the actual GM complain.
  • Options are still there but I just didn't test whether they work or not, you can try to play with them and if something explodes "/nv reset" is your friend.
  • Probably a lot of other stuff.

Again, please remember that I've fixed those major bugs I saw in order to use it myself and most probably I'm not going to make any further change unless I find myself getting a error window in the middle of the screen while doing raids.


This addon is now obsolete: http://us.battle.net/support/en/blog/4684045/World_of_Warcraft_Patch_434_Customer_Support_Changes-4_16_2012#blog

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Deleting reported names

Apparently the number of names you can report is limited because of a) express GM request b) the character limit in Blizzard's report.
However you may not want to delete all the names you have saved when you reported only ~8, in this case the command


should only delete those you currently have in your report message.
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