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FinalBossTV - Bay's Legion UI (03/13/2016)  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 3.0
by: FinalBossTV [More]

Bay's Shaman/Demon Hunter UI - LEGION Update - 1920x1080p

Live Stream: FinalBossTV
Social Media: Twitter - Facebook - YouTube - Patreon

Bay's Weakauras for both his Enhancement Shaman, Havoc Demon Hunter & Survival Hunter are slightly
changed versions of the ones made by Wordup. You can find much more detail & up-to-date
download links for both of those here:
- Enhancement Shaman
- Havoc Demon Hunter

HOWEVER - Bay's are included in this UI Update Package. As well as the Raid Boss WAs too.
But the raid weak auras can be found in any of Bay's raiding videos on his YouTube channel.

Follow the steps below to install the UI Package.

1) Backup your current WTF and Interface folders.
This is very important and FinalBossTV/Bay is not responsible for any lost data during installation.

2) Download and extract "BayUI-LegionV3" to your desktop.

3) Go into the "BayUI-LegionV3" WTF folder, enter the "Account" folder and rename "YOURACCOUNTNAME" to your own account name in all caps.
[This needs to be your account name, not your battle.net account name]

4) Enter the "YOURACCOUNTNAME" folder and rename "YOURSERVERNAME" to your server's name (capitalize the first letter).

5) Enter the "YOURSERVERNAME" folder and rename "YOURCHARACTERNAME" to your character's name
(capitalize the first letter).

-Put the "BayUI-LegionV3" WTF and Interface folders into/replace the appropriate World of Warcraft folders.
--You will be modifying your folders to the copy of Bay's UI, updated with your information.
(do not forget to backup your WTF and Interface folders before this point).

6) Launch World of Warcraft and click the "Addons" button at character selection screen.
Make sure you have "Load out of date addons" checked. (Be sure you UPDATE the Addons regularly!)

7) Log into the game on whichever character you're setting this UI up for.

8) Check through Addon Profiles | Grid / Shadowed UF / Bartender / Chatter / AuraFrames / Quartz | set to "BayUI-Aug2016"
(( Some addons may break a little. Hopefully not! And may require a bit of tweaking.))

9) Be sure to setup what you want but don't tinker too long! Once you're set enough, log out to ensure all the settings save.

Things to fix after the UI is loaded:

-- Type: /vp bottom 107
-- Right Click on the Sexy Map and Toggle "Use Global Profile" at the bottom of the main menu
-- Chat Windows are not moved but will need to be moved manually
-- Feel free to adjust your Exorsus Raid Tool Cooldowns to fit your raid/screen
-- TrufiGCD has to be reconfigured to your liking, or removed
-- Download the "Curse App" and be sure to stay on top of your own updates!
-- Bartender Bar #7 is in the middle. Can be just simply toggled off.
-- You may disable or uninstall the XPBarNone Addon.

[[ Updates in 03/13/2017 Build ]]
-- Multiple updates to Weak Auras for Enh/Ele/Havoc/Survival.
-- Cleaned up the issues with multiple profiles still being enabled.
-- Several space updates to aura frames/shadowed unit frames.
-- Added Nighthold boss weak auras, and trinket/potion updates.
-- Slight changes to ExorsusRaidTools.

[[ Updates in 09/11/2016 Build ]]
-- Updated a few Handynote Addons.
-- Added in the "BlizzMove" default frames.
-- Fixed the Profiles being broken issue.
-- Few minor addon tweaks throughout.
-- Angry Assignments removed. You may download if your guild uses.
-- Removed the Master Plan addon -> Replaced with "World Quest Tracker"
-- Talking Head Frame added so you can move the talking head frame.

Bay's Overlay Art by Whammo is NOT Included in this package.
Bay's Macros are NOT Included in this package.
EPGP LootMaster - not included.

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