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Fishing Buddy  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.23
by: Sutorix [More]

Fishing Buddy

Yet another fishing support add-on.

Support thread: Fishing Buddy

- 'Fish Watcher' lets you see the fish you've caught here before (or
the fish that you've caught in the current session)
- Display your current skill level and the time since you started fishing
- Choose your fishing outfit and change into it easily
- Support for automatically adding a lure to your fishing pole
- Full Titan Panel support
- myAddOns support
- Preliminary support for tracking 'cycle fish' such as the Nightfin
Snapper so you know when to go looking for them

Example commands:
/fishingbuddy or /fb
toggle the display of the Fishing Buddy window
/fb help
print the list of Fishing Buddy commands
/fb switch
wear your chosen fishing outfit, or change back

There are two actual add-ons -- the second one, OutfitDisplayFrame,
handles the pretty pane to set up your fishing outfit (it's next on
the list to be made into something more general that anyone can use).
The OutfitDisplayFrame addon can be safely left out if you have a
preferred equipment manager.

alt-clicking on an item in your outfit display will clear it

Silly stuff:
In addition to displaying the fishing bonus for your fishing outfit,
it also displays your 'style points' as inferred from Draznar's Fishing FAQ
Updated from duplicate postin: HERE.
Check there for updates if this falls behind.

Thanks to the authors of:

TackleBox -- still adding cool features to keep up with!
Impp's Fishing DB

and many, many others!

Feel free to send comments to Sutorix on the Windrunner server.


1. Unzip the '' file
2. If your unzip program allows you to specify a location, then
unzip it into the "Interface/AddOns" folder contained in your
WoW folder (the location that WoW was installed)
3. If your unzip program doesn't let you specify the destination,
then find your WoW folder (where it was installed) and drag
the 'FishingBuddy' and 'OutfitDisplayFrame' folder into the
'Interface/AddOns' folder.

Version 1.22
- Upload TOC and libraries

Version 1.20.7
- Fix addon version bug that broke translations

Version 1.20.6
- Fishing library fixes
- Update supporting libraries

Version 1.20.5
- Update TOC
- 10.1 API changes

Version 1.20.4
- Display progress on fishing gear quests
- Update TOC

Version 1.20.3
- - Full linting and cleanup pass on all the code which probably fixed some subtle bugs

Version 1.20.2
- Works with the fan-fix version of Outfitter

Version 1.20.1
- Remove outdated equpment event

Version 1.20
- Complete rewrite for improved code
- Better tracking of fishing, options to come

Version 1.19.4
- Most of the toys and bobbers work now
- Should be better behaved after entering combat

Version 1.19.3
- Revert CallbackHandler change

Version 1.19.2
- Skill display and misc fixes from Spiritwlf (thank you!)
- Update fishing library

Version 1.19.1
- Better secure button handling
- Fix a missing function error

Version 1.19
- Update mouse handling to a less intrusive model (thanks Gethe's wow-ui-source
for helping me find GLOBAL_MOUSE)
- Rewrite fish locations scrolling code
- Update LibTourist and HereBeDragons
- Use the latest Equipment Manager references
- Now requires a "partial outfit" (i.e. wearing a fishing bonus item) or a configured modifier

Version 1.18.1
- Update libraries

Version 1.18
- Miscellaneous library updates

Version 1.17
- - Update TOC and libraries

Version 1.16.11
- Update TOC for Shadowlands

Version 1.16.10
- Update libraries
- Update TOC to 9.1.5

Version 1.16.9
- Update libraries

Version 1.16.8
- A compatibility fix for Fast Loot addons (thanks Zilom!)

Version 1.16.7
- Update TOC version

Version 1.16.6
- Latest version of LibTourist

Version 1.16.5
- Latest version of LibBabble-SubZone

Version 1.16.4
- Again with the max lure issue (thanks again bolerro619!)

Version 1.16.3
- Fix max lure issue (thanks again bolerro619!)
- See if we can avoid hat buff stomping
- Add an option for the Fish Finder in the Queen's Conservatory

Version 1.16.2
- Update to latest HereBeDragons

Version 1.16.1
- Fix gossip APIs for auto-turn-in options

Version 1.16
- Turn on Find Fish when in the Queen's Conservatory

Version 1.15
- Get bait rotation to actually work with Eleysian Thade

Version 1.14
- Per-region baits work in Shadowlands, Lost Sole as a last resort
- Elusian Thade bait will be maintained if applied manually

Version 1.13
- Fix skill management (watcher works!)
- Add Bat Visage bobber
- Add special baits for Shadowlands
- Fix TOC version

Version 1.12
- Fix for WorldFrame anchoring issues
- Fix auto interact bug (thanks hanzo79!)
- Shadowlands Fishing levels are partially fixed

Version 1.11
- Update TOC
- Code fixes for Shadowlands
- Fix downstream break of other mouse watching addons when we're not fishing!
- Add peeps to the AboutBox for their incredible help getting things fixed. (MisterFox9, iWolf1976, javier_himura, Dakhran, RatiaSnowFur, CptTibas)

Version 1.10.10
- Fix a bug in fishing mode management

Version 1.10.9
- Update LibTourist
- Bug fixes

- Update libraries
- Improved fishing zone handling

- Better handling of per-subzone fishing skills (Thanks TheSpanishinq!)
- Clean up off-click handling and add an option to use the middle button (ditto!)

- More changes for fishing in Azshara (Thanks TheSpanishinq!)
- Update HereBeDragons

- Update TOC for "Visions of N'Zoth"

- Update LibBabble-SubZone

- Fix globals leaks and other code foos

- Fix a typo in the fix

- Fix a fishing state and casting key bug

- Fix a typo in the fishing library that escaped after testing

Version 1.10.8
- Update support libraries

Version 1.10.7
- Classic support changes
- Fix more Lua issues (unsed code and globals, etc.) -- thanks Globe!

Version 1.10.6
- Fix Ancient Pandaren Charm support now that it's a toy
- Fix a bunch of Lua errors (misspelled variables, bad globals, etc.)

Version 1.10.5
- Fix missing reference for raft support

Version 1.10.4
-- Update localization information using CurseForge
-- Support the Gnarlwood Waveboard
-- Rewrite to make item and lure handling cleaner

Version 1.10.3
- Update support libraries (HereBeDragons)
- Add option to allowing casting while flying (Monks!)

Version 1.10.2
- Fix some bugs in the new item handling code

Version 1.10.1
- Check cooldown when using lures, the Scarelet Lure in particular
- Don't cast while flying
- Don't clear "fishing without a pole" if on a raft and moving
- Use the "Secret Fish Goggles" as the first action in "Fish without a pole"

Version 1.10
- Update TOC

- Remove the skill check completely until I can figure out why IWOMM and nowhere else

- Make sure that the option turns off the "Check your skill" message

Version 1.9.30
- Support for the "Scarlet Herring Lure"
- Warn the player if they haven't learned the skill for the local area (Curseforge #383)

Version 1.9.29
- Fix for CurseForge #380 (error with fountain coins)
- Fixes for a bunch of issues caused by map changes in 8.1.5

Version 1.9.28
- Fix CurseForge #379 (zone lookup error)
- Update libraries

Version 1.9.27
- Improve the detection of whether or not you can use the raft toy.

Version 1.9.26a1
- Add "/fb raft" command for help in debugging raft issues

Version 1.9.26
- Fix for error when no pets selected, CurseForge #376 (thanks, robgha01!)
- Update libraries

Version 1.9.25p1
- Fix for the watcher failing to be draggable

Version 1.9.25
- Updated fishing macro support, with key binding.
- Add "watcher location by group size" feature, Curse #289

Version 1.9.24
- Hot fix for TOC change in the hotfix
- Improve looting code
- More internal code cleanup

Version 1.9.23
- Really, really get rafts working even if you can't use the toy you have (Curse #337)
- Internal code improvements

Version 1.9.22
- Rewrite raft handling to be smarter when you don't have the berg
- Actually get the watcher to stick when using the start macro (CurseForge #364)
- Fix location frame error (CurseForge #365)

Version 1.9.21
- Add option to hide trash fish in watcher
- More code improvements
- Update HereBeDragons library

Version 1.9.20
- Attempt to fix the "crash while resizing" issue
- Make the watcher window stay around when using the macro

Version 1.9.19
- Don't let side effects hide the action button if we're in combat (Curse #363)
- Add an option to only show the Legion bosses in Broken Isles
- Actually show the Fisherfriend loot correctly when in Broken Isles

Version 1.9.18
- Fix bug when custom pets selected
- Don't summon pets in combat (Curse #336, #279)

Version 1.9.17
- Fix error on catching quest fish (Curse #361)
- Fix can't equip fishing outfit (Curse #360)
- Fix fishing hat no longer working (Curse #350)

Version 1.9.16
- Work on drinking heavily while fishing
- Don't use a hat if we have a better lure
- After fishing without a pole, cast without requiring the key (option: Keep Fishing)
- Keep track of "caught so far" numbers for skill up again
- General code improvements

Version 1.9.15
- Draenor special baits are working again
- Handle who does what when better for auto-looting setting interactions
- Some code cleanup that might fix the "disappearing tradeskill window" bug

Version 1.9.14
- Add knowledge of fishing skills for Zandalar. For the Horde!

Version 1.9.13
- Use Friend instead of Raid when displaying the 'Fisherfriend" line in the watcher
- Try not to loot anything "non-fishing" except Legion Fish barrels (which aren't fishing loot, sigh)

Version 1.9.12
- Default "Partial Gear" casting to "off" (fixes surprise in Drustvar)
- Count the fish we catch when we fish without an actual pole
- Fix raft timer issue (CurseForge #348)

Version 1.9.11
- The watcher window behaves better when fishing without a pole
- Update to latest LibBabble-SubZone
- The quest API changed (CurseForge #342)
- Eliminate call to out of date API (CurseForge #344)
- Fixed uninitalized variable (CurseForge #345)

Version 1.9.10
- Try harder not to throw away Legion bonus fish if you don't need the bonus
- "Setup Skills" option so we don't get your skills at startup (TSM users)

Version 1.9.9
- Don't throw special fish if at max skill or full power Artifact pole (#335)
- Count fish in a barrel (#322)
- Fix Curse bugs #338, #339, #340

Version 1.9.8
- Fix "Show Zones" checkbox in display (finally!)
- Make the login banner optional.
- Attempt to fix CurseForge #336

Version 1.9.7
- Frame handling cleanup (needed for tracking plugin support)
- Random code improvements

Version 1.9.6
- Fix broken data collection, reclaim misplaced catches
- Random code cleanups and some prettification of data display

Version 1.9.5
- Fix bugs in frame handling so that plugins work more reliably
- Much hackery to get at per-expansion fishing skills

Version 1.9.4
- Simplify skill to be per "expansion" until subzones get sorted
- Keep track of where Margoss really lives
- Bug fixes in map handling

Version 1.9.3
- Handle map based quest items
- Handle continents better

Version 1.9.1-2
- Internal map id cleanup
- More BfA bug fixes

Version 1.9
- Minimally updated for BfA

- Update fishing library (so outfit display does transmog)

- Fix Curse bug #323 (watcher drag issue)

- Fix edge case when using Tuskaar Spear

- Start code changes for BfA (general code cleanup)
- Attempt to fix Curse bug #319 (stack overflow)

- Fix Curse bug #321 (console spam)

- Fix Curse bug #275 (protected function)
- Fix Curse bug #291 (cast button setting)
- Raid boss names were lost in translation, now they're back.

- Track the server reset times for Raid Boss changes (thanks Zeglar!)
- Use the Trawler Totem, if you have it.
- Resolve CurseForge issues #315 and #316

- More raid boss display cleanup, translations for boss names.
- Make rafts more reliable, add option to use even if using Legendary (still has some issues with buff lag)
- Fix issue with the raid code stealing the extra action bind.

- Fix raid filtering function (Curse bug #314)
- Oversized bobbers should work now (Curse bug #311)
- Remove abandoned LibCrayon (Curse bug #310)

Version 1.8.4
- Make the extra action button prettier
- Fix the "Fishing Raid" of the day code so that it actually does that
- Wear the damned hat! (Curse issue #312)
- Clean up event handling code so that it's internally consistent (part of the "Better Code for Tomorrow (tm)" effort)

Version 1.8.3
- Raid Support: Filter loot when in a raid
- Raid Support: Display today's FisherFriend boss
- Raid Support: Extra action button when you get the special item
- Raid Support: Show how many of the currency item you have
- Bug #311: Oversized bobber applied inappropriately
- Lots of little code fixes and improvements

Version 1.8.2
- Fix issue with LibStub and initialization that would cause the broker to fail

Version 1.8.1
- If "Open Quest Items" is checked, throw Legion bonus fish with every cast
- Display "The Wish Remover" status when we're near the fountain.
- "Oh, and it's also a great excuse to drink. Heavily."
- Fix the bug(s) that stopped bobber and pet choices from sticking.
- Fix the annoying bug that stopped many people from casting (thanks HarlequinBonse and Grizzly_UK!)
- Many small bug fixes, work towards better buff handling

Version 1.8a
- Fix random issues with the newly update code
- Show the count of Lunarfall Carp (since we only get 5 at a time)
- Don't use the Tuskarr Spear if we're mounted (trying to make it smarter)

Version 1.8
- Consistent bobber handling (currently it will only check when you start fishing)
- Substantial rewrite to use libraries for cleaner code
- Fix leaking variables and potential taint hazards (thanks Resike!)
- Fix raft support so that it works again.
- Make the Tuskarr spear behave better.
- CurseForge bugs 300, 301, 302, 303, 304
Version 1.7.13i
- Keep track of the new fishing friends' items
- Handle new bobbers (thanks bsmorgan!)

Version 1.7.13h
- Bump version in an attempt to work around the "Curse of Curse" bug

Version 1.7.13g
- Fix calls to PlaySound to use new SoundKit index

Version 1.7.13f
- Update LibBabble-SubZone

Version 1.7.13e
- Fix LibTourist

Version 1.7.13d
- Update TOC

Version 1.7.13c
- Always try and use the Oversize Bobber if the user wants it
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation (thanks gaspy10!)

Version 1.7.13b
- Don't globally define my custom CalendarGetDayEvent so as not to break other addons
- Update LibTourist and LibPetJournal

Version 1.7.13a
- Fix Equipment Manger support
- Fix Curse Bug #296 (calendar event change)
- Fix "Find Fish" issue
- Update libraries

Version 1.7.13
- Update TOC for 7.2

Version 1.7.12g
- Handle Truthseeker and Oathbreaker (hopefully)
- Go back to the "real" LibBabble-SubZone and use a routine suggested by the author to merge in the missing entries.
- Begin the great rewrite with a lot of code cleanup
- Prepare to group options with their related tabs

Version 1.7.12f
- Don't use the Tuskaar spear while we have*Surface Tension on (i.e. using the Legendary)

Version 1.7.12e
- Turn the special bobbers and such back on (typo during code cleanup)

Version 1.7.12d
- More library updates
- Force LibBabble-SubZone to a different (larger) version so that our default updates win

Version 1.7.12c
- Turn on the default values for missing translations in LibBabble-Subzone

Version 1.7.12b
- Fix a data corruption bug
- Don't overwrite special bobbers
- Oversize bobber wins if they're in your inventory

Version 1.7.12a
- Default drowned mana quests to false

Version 1.7.12
- Add support for new fishing bobbers
- Temporarily remove macro support while it gets rewritten
- Update support libraries

Version 1.7.11
- Update TOC

Version 1.7.10
- Force null 'name' reference to not happen (no idea why yet, other than caching issues)
- Add Arcane lure to "special" lure handling
- Display available Legion world fishing quests
- Support the new raft toy

Version 1.7.9
- Another set if nil handling changes (found a major one)

Version 1.7.8
- Faster looting
- Hopefully fix null reference bugs that occur for some people
- Better loot logic when using Artifact fishing pole

Version 1.7.7
- Force all missing subzone translations to be the English text for now
- Handle rep turn-ins for Magross, only ding on Mark of Aquaos
- Update French translations (thanks gurki35!)

Version 1.7.6
- Add Conjurer Margoss items to watcher display
- Some preliminary work to get lures working more reliably

Version 1.7.5
- Update LibBabble-SubZone to release2
- Fix item pattern reversion

Version 1.7.4
- Option to use "special" coin lures in Dalaran if you have them in your bags
- Change "Max Draenor" option to "Max Fishing", try to max out fishing in Broken Isles too

Version 1.7.3
- Mess with Equipment Manager some more (not done yet)
- Create a Macintosh compatible ZIP file regardless of which dev machine builds it

Version 1.7.2
- CurseForge bug #257 - Watch Bobber functionality broken (thanks Bodar!)
- CurgeForge bug #210 - Disconnect switching outfits on Monk (hopefully because of slowdown)

Version 1.7.1
- Curseforge bug #272 - Stuck on loading screen
- Curseforge bug #274 - Error when using Equipment Manager
- Curseforge bug #276 - Draenor Fishing Pole works again.
- CurgeForge bug #252 - lure/bait stopped being applied consistently
- Add "Max Draenor" fishing option, if enabled ignore minimum fishing level

Version 1.7
- Updates for Legion
- Support for "Oversize Bobber"
- Pet handling fixes (thanks miss_kallistra!)

Version 1.6c
- Deal with moving to a new machine and and git

Version 1.6b
- Update Russian translations (thanks PocoMaxa!)
- Attempt to fix sound issues when logging out while fishing

Version 1.6a
- More checking to make sure Nat Pagle is the only quest giver we talk to

Version 1.6
- Auto turn-in lunker quests
- Add "Corpse Worm" support for Undead fishing dailies (Curse bug #260)
- Stop dragging watcher if Escape is pressed (Curse bug #261)

Version 1.5.6
- Remove max lunker alert sound
- Update to latest LibTourist

Version 1.5.5
- Add Felmouth Frenzy support
- Update to latest LibBabble-SubZone

Version 1.5.4
- Update TOC for 6.2

Version 1.5.3
- Fix for bug #259 (error during "A True Draenor Angler" quest)

Version 1.5.2
- Better handling of when and where we're doing Nat's quest (thanks Bodar!)
- Fix for broken UIFrameIsFading making the watch bobber fail (again, Bodar!!)
- With ding fish on, "Work Complete" sound plays when you get five lunkers
- Always show the "Bladebone Hook" as an option, even if we don't have any

Version 1.5.1
- Remove the "Fragrant" Pheromone Fish support

Version 1.5
- Add "maintain only" option for Draenor bait -- keeps applying whatever you last had applied
- Update Simplified Chinese translation (thanks yuningning520!)
- Call the right function in LibTourist (Curse bug #254)
- Apply the appropriate bait if we're not just maintaining Draenor baits (Curse bug #256)
- Handle fished up things that aren't items, like Garrison Resources (Curse bug #253)
- Ding on Sea Scorpion Lunker catches
- Auto-apply "Fragrant" Pheromone Fish (might make this optional after I use it for a bit)

Version 1.4y
- Fix a random spurious character in the Draenor bait table

Version 1.4x
- Don't overwrite Draenor fishing quest baits (Curse bug #250)
- Add support for Bladebone Hook

Version 1.4w
- Use Draenor bait option is in broker menu
- Update TOC for 6.1

Version 1.4v
- Fix for watcher fish counting (thanks ProphetV!)

Version 1.4u
- Add an option to display just the current fish in the watcher (Curse #237)
- Do some fixing around Curse bug #246 (it looks like some addons turn off minimap icons)
- Updated Traditional Chinese (thanks alec65!)

Version 1.4t
- Remove UI freeze when using the Blizz bag sorter
- Add garrison cavedweller fish to "Pagle" fish list (ding on catch, list in watcher)

Version 1.4s
- Add missing file that maanged to not get into source control

Version 1.4r
- Don't use Draenor special baits while doing the Hookshot or introductory fishing quests
- Display lunkers with other quest fish in the watcher

Version 1.4q
- Now that the library is right, make sure we check it correctly for non-English clients

Version 1.4p
- Fix bug in fishing library that was messing up non-English zone lookups

Version 1.4o
- Add an option to control the application of "Draenor bait"
- More work on cleaning up all of the old lure code to handle all of the new situations

Version 1.4n
- The zone based lures should be applied appropriately, including sea scorpion
- Updated French translation (thanks Matisk, Mips, and ckeurk!)
- Updated to latest LibTourist, now knows about garrisons
- Fix Curse bug #243 (switch error while in combat)

Version 1.4m
- Don't try and remember fish schools if we're not sure where we are (Curse Bug #240)

Version 1.4k
- Fix math error in watcher when you are fishing for the first time

Version 1.4j
- Make sure Nat's Hookshot is applied whenever we're doing the Lunker quest
- Use the Worm Supreme, if we need it to get over 950
- Use the latest LibTourist, and notice if we're in the Draenor zones for skill check

Version 1.4i
- One last "boolean instead of 1" error in the locations frame
- Latest version of LibTourist (hacked for 950 skill everywhere)

Version 1.4h
- Actually fix the issue with checkboxes (Curse bug #234)

Version 1.4g
- Subtle fix for checkbox handling in options, use booleans everywhere (Curse bug #234)
- Use the latest version of LibTourist
- French translation updated (thanks Dabeuliou!)

Version 1.4f
- Use the latest version of LibTourist
- Remove Outfitter failure (I may add the tooltips back in later)

Version 1.4e
- Use the latest version of LibBabble-SubZone
- Italian translation reviewed (thanks _YuSaKu_!)
- French translation updated (thanks Dabeuliou!)

Version 1.4d
- Use the latest version of LibTourist and LibBabble-SubZone for WoD

Version 1.4c
- Don't try to summon fishing pets if we're in combat
- Make sure we autoloot things that we're opening automatically
- Better handling when both Angler's Raft and Bipsi's Berg are available
- Fix for Curse bug #231 "Watcher not toggling off automatically"

Version 1.4b
- Get my act together with respect to watch window location (thanks Grizzly_UK!)

Version 1.4a
- More work on keeping the watcher visible and onscreen (using LibWindow)
- Handle version changes and per-player settings correctly
- Fix an issue with LibTourist where it doesn't check for esMX

Version 1.4
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Attempted fix for 64-bit crash bug (#227) by using PLAYER_ALIVE
- Remove invalid frame reference in watcher window (Curse #229)
- Add "/fb fishdata reset" to clear out all fish location data (#127)
- More work on the watcher frame to try and make it stay on screen all the time

Version 1.3b
- Have "all english" command syntax to reduce confusion
- Minor internal library changes to reduce event spam during world transitions
- Fix Curse bug #215 - Stutters when phasing on your farm

Version 1.3a
- Fix moved line that escaped testing

Version 1.3
- Allow for choosing Mouse4 and Mouse5 for casting
- Add "/fb fishing start" for use in macros to turn on "fishing mode"
- Add "FishingBuddy" macro (self modifying macro that emulates the double click sequence)
- Add support for Bipsi's Bobbing Berg
- Attempt to fix Curse bug #224 (Minimap Icon moves)
- Rewrote Fish Watcher display code (some of the oldest code in FB!)

Version 1.2p3
- Fix for Curse bug #221 (error on mouse over with Gear manager)
- Updated fix for Curse bug #218 (ammo slot still has a value in it, but it's zero now)

Version 1.2p2
- Fix for UpdateMicroButtons taint

Version 1.2p1
- Update to latest LibTourist (added Timeless Isle)

Version 1.2p
- Updated TOC to 5.4
- Fixed About box, because credit where credit is due is what you do
- Better Extravaganza time handling based on code from Salty Badmunkay the Limnologist (@Shadow Council)
- Additional clean up in Extravaganza code
- Rewrite drop down handling (for FB_Broker, etc.) to not trigger Blizz raid frame bug
- Summon pets again when we start to fish
- Fix "Open Quest Item" handling
- Updated to latest versions of LibTourist and LibBabble-SubZone

Version 1.2o
- Rewrite pet menu handling to use LibPetJournal
- Fix for CurseForge bug #217 and #218

Version 1.2n
- Fix for CurseForge bug #216, error in option screen with Outfitter selected
- Latest version of LibTourist

Version 1.2m
- Update TOC for 5.3
- Better check for "in combat" and some event management updates
- Latest version of LibBabble-SubZone

Version 1.2l
- Update TOC for 5.2
- Updated LibBabble-SubZone and LibTourist for 5.2

Version 1.2k
- Updated LibBabble-SubZone, prep for 5.2
- Remove Kalu'ak Fishing Derby timer, now that it's gone for good (sniff!)

Version 1.2j
- Updated Spanish translation (thanks Magire!)
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks tiagopl!)

Version 1.2i
- Fix for Equipment Manager event misunderstanding
- Updated Russian translation (thanks Turbid121!)

Version 1.2h
- Attempt to fix memory leak and framerate losses with partial outfit option
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Updated Russian translation (thanks Turbid121 and BloodyFess!)
- Rewrite window handling to use new Blizz code and graphics
- Fixes for Curse bugs #139 and #141 from sometime in the past

Version 1.2g
- FIx a subtle bug in the Pandaren item code that hopefully will make it work for everyone else
- Updated Spanish (esES) translation (thanks karrash76!)
- Updated LibTourist to the latest version

Version 1.2f
- Updated Spanish (esES) translation (thanks karrash76!)
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Updated LibTourist to the latest version
- Make options display better with long names (CurseForge #110)

Version 1.2e
- Fishing pets work again
- Add option to display the Nat Pagle quest fish you've caught "today"
- Updated Russian translation (thanks BloodyFess!)
- Updated LibTourist library

Version 1.2d
- Add option to just "maintain" the raft if it's already on, i.e. manual engagement
- Support the Sharpened Tuskaar Spear (ugly, but it works for now)
- Fix the minimap icon setting, again
- Updated LibTourist to the latest version
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Fix summon pet errors -- BUT PETS DON"T WORK YET
- Fix Curse bugs #206, #207, #208

Version 1.2c
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation (thanks titanium0107!)
- Update the raft buff before it expires, if we can (reworking this for the next version)
- Handle Nat's Hat correctly
- Lots of small code improvements

Version 1.2b
- Add option to play the quest completed sound when you catch Nat Pagle rep fish (#203)
- More work on the pet menu to try and address the "script too long" bug some people
are seeing

Version 1.2a
- New French translation (thanks Matisk!)
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation (thanks titanium0107!)
- New German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Add Nat's Hat (duh)
- Updated the About box to thank all the translators! (I always do, calling it out :-)

Version 1.2
- Add "Partial Gear" option for casting. If enabled, wearing any item that has a fishing
bonus will let you double click cast.
- Add support for the Angler's Raft (still figuring out what to do about the spear)
- Fishing volume slider works now
- Updated Traditional Chinese (zhTW) translation (thanks titanium0107!)
- Don't include pool catches in counts (works for first time fishing in a subzone)
- Try harder to notice that we're fishing from a pool
- Fix for pet menu timeout (CurseForge #190, #198)
- Miscellaneous bug fixes (CurseForge #201, forum)

Version 1.1f
- Fix a startup bug for brand-new toons (or never fished from a pool)
- Updated Russian translation (thanks DVK!)

Version 1.1e
- Fix startup bug (CurseForge #195)
- Add a delay after we cast a lure so that it has time to show up (prevent double lures)
- Add Tiny Goldfish to the Fishing pet list
- Include CallHandler library
- Updated traditional Chinese translations (thanks titanium0107!)
- Update German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)

Version 1.1d
- Add support for Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm (Woot! Only took two days of camping!)
- More work on the pets, all should be good now

Version 1.1c
- Fishing Watcher works with "auto pole" casting
- Updated Russian translation (thanks D_Angel!)
- Fix fish caught bug (CurseForge #192, #193)
- Fix assorted issues with causing math errors in LibTourist (CurseForge #189)
- Clean up internal event handling, should help memory usage

Version 1.1b
- Fix option stickiness bugs (CurseForge #184, $187, #188)
- Include LibDataBroker explicitly (CurseForge #186)
- FIx minimap button display issues (CurseForge #185, #183, #180, #178)
- Fix meta pet menu issues

Version 1.1a
- Yet another '_' global issue (the last one, I think, after going through all the code)

Version 1.1
- Italian translation, thanks Impaler (and bER92)!
- Add support for "Fish without a pole" feature. Cast when any fishing gear is worn or
a modifier key is held down while right-clicking
- Remove Astrolabe since it causes problems with MoP (and it doesn't work well)

Version 1.0.9f
- Remove ancient custom minimap button code and use LibDBIcon instead
- Fix pet menu (again), bug #177
- Add Nat's Hat

Version 1.0.9e
- Remove references to LibBabble-Zone now that it is deprecated
- Quest Items auto-loot again (CurseForge bug #172)
- Fix pet menu (CurseForge bugs #167, #174, #176)
- Updated German translation (Thanks DirtyHarryGermany!), closes #171, #173

Version 1.0.9d
- Don't fail if there isn't a fishing pet list

Version 1.0.9c
- Fix Fishing Pet menu (I have duplicates of a lot more pets than I thought I did...)
- Latest version of LibBabble-Zone (soon to be removed)

Version 1.0.9b
- Blizz apparently uses "_" as a global, so let's make sure we have our own (#168)
- Latest version of LibTourist

Version 1.0.9a
- Latest version of LibTourist

Version 1.0.9
- Update TOC for 5.0.4
- Update to work with WoW 5.0 (fix for Curse #165, #166)
- Hack to LibTourist so that it doesn't break (temp fix for Curse #164)

Version 1.0.8b
- Fixed Video Options bug (CurseForge #159, #162, #149)
- Fixed some small issues with the Equipment Manager
- Fixed pet summoning and dismissing bug
- Update LibTourist and LibBabble-Zone to latest versions

Version 1.0.8a
- Really fix fish watcher updating bug, CurseForge #146 (Thanks WildCard_25!)

Version 1.0.8
- Complete rewrite of cast handling
- Handle auto loot internally instead of messing with the UI setting
- Make "Easy Cast" default to "on", since that's the whole point after all
- Fixes for Curse bugs: 100, 146, 155, 156, 157, 158, 160

Version 1.0.7j
- Random flailing trying to figure out why it works for some people and not others

Version 1.0.7i
- Fix casting failure after skill-up

Version 1.0.7h
- Tighten up the click-to-cast code a little bit more
- Updated German translation (thanks DirtyHarryGermany!)
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation (thanks again dh0000!)
- Update LibTourist and LibBabble-Zone (no more hacks for Darkmoon Faire!)

Version 1.0.7g
- Another attempt at fixing random "no more casting" issues
- Update LibTourist library

Version 1.0.7f
- Clean up pet handling
- Fixes for Curse Bugs: 147
- Don't look for missing fish errors anymore, since there aren't any
- Fix "stop fishing" after lure expires bug (hopefully)

Version 1.0.7e
- Fix fishing library for when LOOT_CLOSED happens before LOOT_OPENED
- Per WindShak, remove extraneous esMX translations
- Updated Chinese translations (zhTW by Andyca, zhCN by dh0000)
- Updated support libraries
- Update to nerfed fish per skill point table

Version 1.0.7d
- Clean up options pane
- Get all minimap button options in one place
- Nicer fishing pet menu
- Display tooltips on "auto-disabled options" with explanations
- Fix bad interaction when casting with Fishing Ace! loaded (CurseForge bug FA #9, 11)

Version 1.0.7c
- Updated Simplified Chinese translation (zhCN)
- Fix for CurseForge ticket 140, 91
- Clean up minimap button movement for non-standard minimap shapes

Version 1.0.7b
- Fix Blizzard Equipment Manager support
- Add Sea Pony to fishing pet list

Version 1.0.7a
- Update libraries (hopefully this will fix some issues with Darkmoon)
- Added some temporary information about fishing levels in Darkmoon
- Update Simplified Chinese translation -- thanks dh0000 on Curse!
- Update Spanish translation -- thanks Winderfind!
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translation -- thanks nomadbr on Curse!
- Update the About box to include all the new people to thank!

Version 1.0.7
- Update TOC
- Updated support libraries

Version 1.0.6a
- Fix typo in skill up handling

Version 1.0.6
- Handle zones with non-uniform skill levels (Thanks El!)
- Fix graphic for pool display
- Update supporting Lib-Babble*, LibCrayon libraries

Version 1.0.5
- Updated libraries
- Updated German translation
- Option to force the sound on if it is off when we start to fish (Curse #112)
- Make fishing volume a slider instead of always 100%

Version 1.0.4a
- Fix Curse bug #130 (and many duplicates)

Version 1.0.4
- Update TOC
- Add option for "maximum volume" while fishing
- Add option for "always turn on sound" while fishing
- Update translations
- Update libraries
- FIx CurgeForge bug #128, #129

Version 1.0.3a
- Fix a typo in the underlying fishing library (thanks callumw!)
- Fix a possible crash on startup when initializing the "caught so far" counter

Version 1.0.3
- Fix for Curse bugs #122, #123 (deDE, ruRU, zhTW)
- Another try at making sure we handle the lure of last resort correctly
- Updated support libraries

Version 1.0.2
- Update TOC for 4.1
- Updated translations (thank you Curseforge translators!)
- Don't cast while flying or mounted
- Improved Extravaganza code
- Fix for Curse bugs: 116, 117, 113
- Update fishing lure table (Glass Fishing Bobber)

Version 1.0.1
- New option to apply a lure, even if it doesn't help (Lure of last resort)
- Fix for auto-open fish stuff (thanks Bodar!)
- Fix for time display in the watcher (once you fish for over a day -- thanks Wildcard_25!)
- Update translations from Curse (thanks Valdesca, Ant1dotE, KVVVV, AlenaM and frodo10!)
- Crashes on exit should be fixed now (Curse #105 -- thanks for the hints x87bliss!)
- Fix for Curse bugs: #103 (#107), #105, #101, #109, #105, #104

Version 1.0
- An About box, finally!
- Miscellaneous small bug fixes
- Latest libraries
- Updated translations from Curse

Version 0.9.9e5
- Remove debugging code from the fishing library (doesn't effect FB, but it does have an affect on FB_Broker and Fishing Ace!)

Version 0.9.9e4
- Rewrite the fish watcher so that it doesn't do *anything* unless you:
* Catch a fish
* Change zone/subzones
* Update the elapsed time counter, if on (and it only updates *that* line)
* Smarter "number of catches" counting
- Add Korean translations from CurseForge
- Add French translations from CurseForge (Thanks PierrotIV!)
- Updated German translations from CurseForge, with fixes from Hulupaz (Thank you!)
- Update the name for the current fish in the language of choice before we display it (if it's linkable)
- Found the French translation for "Fishing Bobber" by fishing in French :-)
- Updated parts of the two Chinese translations -- they're different from CurseForge, not sure what to do about that
- Updated to latest version of LibBabble-SubZone
- Use the latest Outfitter interfaces
- CurseForge tickets #95, #93, #92, #90, #89, #88, #87, #86, #85, #84, #82
- Much better time display code (thanks Wildcard_25!)
- Additional checks for FindBestLure (thanks bsmorgan!)
- Display the number of fish we need in the contest window, be better about tracking when it starts
- More cleanup to pet code, it should be more stable and now it works the way I want it to :-)

Version 0.9.9e3
- Fix WoW client crashes when exiting with a Fishing Pole equipped and enhance sounds turned on
- Update Equipment Manager to new API changes (works again)
- Latest version of LibTourist
- CurseForge bug #81, #37

Version 0.9.9e2
- Clean up Outfitter interaction. It now uses Outfitter's "smart outfits" (NB This doesn't include the fishing hats
or boots at this time, so you'll have to add those manually)
- Yet another attempt to make logging in wearing fishing gear work correctly again

Version 0.9.9e
- Integration with FishWarden (from x87bliss). If FishWarden is enabled, FB won't attempt to auto loot.
- New option to "automatically" open quest fish
- Auto-apply "Overgrown Earthworm" if easy lure is turned on
- Address frame rate lossage when watcher window is up
- Fish needed to level is displayed
- Double click to loot and recast working
- Updated fishing pet menu that makes more sense (picks a random pet from "None", "All", or "Fishing Pets")
- Use LibBabble-SubZone library so that per-locale data isn't needed anymore (shared FB files again!)
- Latest LibTourist and LibBabble libraries
- More fixes to work around other addons that modify tooltips and Blizz issues
- Fixes for Curse bugs #71 (no rum bonus), #57 (catches to level), #51, #53, #59, #38, #52 and #33 (pets), #68 (German bonus check)

Version 0.9.9d
- New version of Astrolabe (thanks Esamynn!)
- Fix bugs in getting fishing bonuses (better tooltip management)
- Latest LibTourist and LibBabble libraries (fixes errors)

Version 0.9.9c
- FIxes for CurseForge bugs
- C#58, #C61 -- Astrolabe errors in instances and during 'porting
- C#59 -- Extravaganza announcement error
- C#55 -- Unable to move fish watcher frame

Version 0.9.9b
- Clean up tooltip handling -- pole recognition code should be more consistent
- Add code to calculate fishing bonuses since we can't get it from Blizz
- Update to latest LibBabbleZone

Version 0.9.9a
- Fixed one more UI change (GetSpellBookItemName)

Version 0.9.9
- Update TOC to 4.0.1
- Many changes to work with 4.0.1 API changes
- Added option to increase the "sparklies" on pools while fishing (thanks Lufunpsy!)
- Fixed typo in pool location calculations
- Fix for Oufitter bug not finding Fishing outfit (CF Issue #51)
- Fix some typos in various messages (CF Issue #31)
- Update to latest LibBabble-Zone and LibTourist

Version 0.9.8p1
- Bug fix for locale discovery code

Version 0.9.8p
- Clean up duplicated zones (should fix non-enUS clients)
- Hopefully don't create new zones without reason (tested with esMX client)
- Update to latest version of LibBabble-Zone

Version 0.9.8o
- Count contest fish correctly (fixed a typo)

Version 0.9.8nP1
- Fix hang in tracking options when there only a few fish in the database

Version 0.9.8n
- Make sure LibGraph is included in FB_TrackingFrame (svn error)
- Fix bad call to UpdateMinimap for option menu
- Handle default outfit manager better (and prefer ODF is we don't have a setting)
- Use the same icon as Blizz for "General" options
- Check for valid outfit right before we show it, so that it isn't red when we log in

Version 0.9.8m
- Fix missing options pane (event firing order weirdness between reload and login)

Version 0.9.8l
- Preliminary Russion translation from StingerSoft (thanks!)

Version 0.9.8k
- Fix startup error in contest timer display
- Clean up outfit manager handling
- Begin major rewrite of outfit display plugin
- Make the marked fishing more transparent
- Hide and show pools work immediately now

Version 0.9.8j
- Use GetPlayerFacing() to determine where to mark a school, since it appears
to work just fine regardless of your interface settings

Version 0.9.8i
- Generalize fish pool handling
- Add "Derby" support to the Extravaganza timer
- Use Astrolabe to display fishing pools during contests
- Update to latest version of LibTourist (3.0-r96)
- Allow option tabs to be hidden (for outfit display)
- If FishingAce is loaded, turn off easy cast (since it's basically the same code)

Version 0.9.8h
- Fixed multiple bugs from the Curse tracker ("UNKNOWN" zone handling, world mouse hook,
minimap toggling)
- Add the "None" outfit manager as the default

Version 0.9.8g
- Use latest Babble libraries

Version 0.9.8f
- Fix a bug in the locations frame checkbox handling

Version 0.9.8e
- Remove "Be Salty" option since we can't change our own titles now
- Add "Any pole" option to outfit display
- Update fishing enchantment finder code for bonus display
- Preliminary "switch to weapons" when attacked option

Version 0.9.8d
- More minor fixes to pet summoning
- Update TOC
- Fix changed method names in option frame support

Version 0.9.8c
- Add "Include all pets" option
- Fix broken pet summoning
- Add in all extra trash fish from new areas
- Upgrade to latest Babble and Tourist libraries

Version 0.9.8b
- Add "Random" as an option for the pet to bring out when you're fishing
- FIx bug where it sets your title to "None" if you don't have "Salty"

Version 0.9.8a
- Add "None" as an option for the pet to bring out when you're fishing

Version 0.9.8
- Completely rewritten options pane to handle even more settings
- Added option to control whether or not you use Captain Rumsey's Lager
- FB_Broker will now "work" standalone -- no outfit switching, just display
- Update to work with the "always catch" count of how many more fish you need to skill up
- Add "None" and "Unknown" to the fishing level display
- Double-click loot-and-recast working again
- You can now pick a title and a fishing reward pet to use while you're fishing

Version 0.9.7l
- Add "Watch Bobber" option. When disabled, FB will *not* attempt to prevent you
from double clicking on the bobber (which should match the 0.9.7c behavior)

Version 0.9.7k
- Fix a typo in the Equipment Manager support

Version 0.9.7j
- The Equipment Manager now handles the switch correctly
- Fix up a lot of places where I was using 'this' instead of 'self'
- Use the wowace version of LibTourist, now that my changes are in

Version 0.9.7i
- Fix resetting elapsed fishing time counter
- Fix "FishingOutfitTooltip" not found error when FB_OutfitDisplayFrame isn't used
- Fix missing bonus and style display in FB_OutfitDisplayFrame
- Latest LibTourist changes (I'm working on getting integrated with the official version)
- Latest LibBabble-Zone

Version 0.9.7h
- Rearrange startup order so that we can find fishing skill before we look for an outfit
- Fix some outfit manager bugs now that we have three different managers supported
- Rework event-handling for plugins so that it's completely separate
- When using the Equipment Manager, build the best fishing outfit we can from the bags

Version 0.9.7g
- Support for Blizzard's Equipment Manager
- LDB support (FB_Broker)
- "Trash Compaction" by rolling up trash into a single line in the watcher
- Don't auto-lure for random trash, only for missed fish crap

Version 0.9.7f
- Hide the tooltip if we click near the bobber, don't cast if the second click is on it as well
- If fishing skill is too low, pick the smallest lure that will get us fishing

Version 0.9.7e
- Rewrote how the watcher is displayed (dynamic creation of lines now), prep for text output
- Attempt to fix the casting issue some people are running into

Version 0.9.7d
- New Spanish translation from Fili
- New Chinese (zhTW) translation from Indra
- Update for German from Leidbringer
- Fishing watcher can be dragged around again!
- Turn off "single cast after missing the water" -- it's not worth the breakage

Version 0.9.7c
- Belt and suspenders, try multiple methods to figure out if you're wielding a fishing pole

Version 0.9.7b
- Fix index out of range error on ITEM_QUALITY_COLORS lookup

Version 0.9.7a
- Make sure we only look for UI error messages when we're fishing

Version 0.9.7
- Display your chances of catching a fish in the current zone (on the "display current zone" line)
- If you fish up junk (besides Felblood Snapper), do the auto-lure dance
- Rework auto lure so that it tries to pick the lowest possible lure for the zone
- Reduce casting to one click if the water is too shallow or the cast is out of sight
- Custom version of LibTourist with updated fishing levels and zone information
- New fishing pole detection (foolproof, as long as Blizz doesn't mess with item types)
- Fix a long-standing bug in lures about "comparing table to number"
- The fish database should once again display in non-English languages (data conversion is likely to still be spotty)
- Don't count "quest fish" in the percentage calculations of catches
- Found the issue with tooltips disappearing randomly

Version 0.9.6p
- Add "Glow Worm" to recognized fishing lures
- Blizz removed "math.randomseed", so assume we're already random enough
- Make the times in the elapsed time indicator synchronized
- Minor cleanup to the totals display from 0.9.6o
- Minor changes to the locations display

Version 0.9.6o
- Update TOC to patch 3.1
- Fix annnoying issue with swapping outfits with full bags
- Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 0.9.6n
- Update so that the various add-on sites think this is being maintained
- Add '/fb timer reset' command to re-center the extravaganza time window if it gets lost
- Update to latest BabbleZone

Version 0.9.6m
- Fishing watcher notices when you change zones again (MINIMAP_ZONE_CHANGE doesn't fire anymore!)

Version 0.9.6l
- Fix the math behind the percentages when fishing up coins in Dalaran
- Update to the latest LibBabble-Zone

Version 0.9.6k
- Only show the total number of each kind of "fountain" coin in the Fish Watcher

Version 0.9.6j
- Fix a bug that only happens if you can't catch a fish because of low skill in a new zone

Version 0.9.6i
- Fix a null reference error checking for max fishing skill in the watcher
- Put the extravaganza timer in the background again

Version 0.9.6h
- If we don't have a translation for a zone, use "UNKNOWN"
- Upgrade to version r161 of LibBabble-Zone
- Smarter item matching in OutfitDisplayFrame

Version 0.9.6g
- Support for automatically using the "Find Fish" ability when you're appropriately dressed
- By popular requeset, drink heavily while fishing
- Clean up zone and fish database display so it looks better
- Fix zone display scrolling with collapsed/uncollapsed entries
- Clean up of enabling/disabling code in the options dialog
- Update to latest version of LibBabble-Zone

Version 0.9.6f
- If there's a cooldown on a lure, skip it this time

Version 0.9.6e
- Don't process UIError message calls with no message
- Add a slider to determine how far "out" to put the minimap button

Version 0.9.6d
- Tighten up free space check in OutfitDisplayFrame
- Use the in-game calendar to find out if it's Extravaganza day
- Clean up help system so that plugin commands show up too
- Catch the "fishing skill too low" message for auto lure

Version 0.9.6c
- Catch new fishing skill too low message for auto lure
- Fishing timers work once more

Version 0.9.6b
- Extravaganza timer works again
- Use new "count empty space" functions instead of GetContainerID
- Support for playing sounds in the background while fishing (by request!)

Version 0.9.6a
- Fix problem with clock offset code in Extravaganze support

Version 0.9.6
- Rewrite for patch 3.0.2 and update TOC
- Move common fishing routines into a library
- Use LibCrayon for colors instead of custom code
- Start using LibTourist etc. to support future work

Version 0.9.5
- Not released

Version 0.9.4m
- Fix Easy Cast for Patch 2.4.3

Version 0.9.4l
- Fix for broken fishing after getting attacked while putting on a lure
- When showing elapsed time:
* Show total amount of time you've spent fishing (well, holding a pole)
* Show total time fishing in the current zone, rather than current equipped time
- Minimum check for double-click that seems to help some situations with other addons that
override right clicks with a secure frame
- Show the total skill as well as 'skill + mods' in the watcher

Version 0.9.4k
- "Show current skill" works again when you have 375 skill

Version 0.9.4j
- Fixed the "use an item" code, the new fishing hat should work just fine now

Version 0.9.4i
- Add "Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat" to lures table (I hope!)
- Add "Always Lure" option to easy lures
- Don't display fish needed to skill up when you're at 375

Version 0.9.4h
- Add "Sharpened Fish Hook" to lures table

Version 0.9.4g
- Update TOC across the board and normalize versions

Version 0.9.4e
- Fix a typo in the outfit manager code

Version 0.9.4d
- Remove all tooltip code since it wasn't working (turned on!) and was causing problems
- I think that I have fixed the "can't fish after fighting" issue

Version 0.9.4c
- Fix a bug in the Merge Database translations that caused an error in FishingSetup

Version 0.9.4b
- Updated zhTW translations from Indra (是誰 愛誰), for Merge and Tracking as well!

Version 0.9.4a
- Turn of PvP while fishing (Good luck mysticalos! :-)

Version 0.9.4
- New, smarter auto lure code. Only apply a lure if we need one (i.e. we lost
a fish or we can't fish here)
- znTW translations by Indra (是誰 愛誰)
- Make 'elapsed fishing time' a separate option and make it work like a timer
- Add the approximate number of fish you need to catch to skill up. -- Thanks
Goose and Moleculor!

Version 0.9.3i
- Update TOC

Version 0.9.3h
- Don't remove Outfitter sets unless there's more than one called "Fishing Buddy"
- Try and keep the watcher from popping over everything

Version 0.9.3g
- Make the action bar code more efficient
- Really, really remove the broadcasting of fish catches

Version 0.9.3f
- Add an option to use an action bar button to cast, instead of using the spell name

Version 0.9.3e
- Add some code to make sure we dump the auto lure information when it's done

Version 0.9.3d
- Add simplified Chinese translation (thanks biaji!)

Version 0.9.3c
- Fix a possible error when a plugin doesn't have a full set of translations

Version 0.9.3b
- Handle new sound variable names

Version 0.9.3a
- Update TOC version

Version 0.9.3
- Removed the fish broadcast, it doesn't work the way I want it (going to move it
to FishNet)
- Added Taiwanese translation (thanks Indra!)
- Fixed Eternium Fishing Line detection (thanks Shadrin!)
- Suggestions and text cleanup (Thanks Shadrin!)
- Rework casts and lures to match the Fishing Ace! version
- Cleanup upgrade code, should fix broken upgrades *and* handle upgrades from 0.8.6!
- Don't show the minimap button if we failed to initialize

Version 0.9.2b
- Fix key binding for switching

Version 0.9.2a
- Fix issues with noticing when you equip and unequip a fishing pole

Version 0.9.2
- Fix issues with fishing suddenly not working in the middle of the game

Version 0.9.1
- Better handling of automatic lures (thanks ZeroKnowledge!)
- Update toc

Version 0.9g
- Be smarter when looking for lures to apply
- Fix help message output bug

Version 0.9f
- Go back to the old way of finding out if you're using a fishing pole
- Fix tasty fish counting during the Extravaganza

Version 0.9e
- Okay, this time it really won't duplicate subzones while you fish...

Version 0.9d
- Fix bug in reorganization of location frame display code

Version 0.9c
- Fix for the long standing bug where new fish don't show up in the fish pane
- Hopefully also fix data collection errors in BC (hopefully getting it today myself :-)

Version 0.9b
- Fix for initialization error with Outfitter 2.0

Version 0.9a
- Fix TOC (20003)

Version 0.9
- Easy Cast is back!
- Easy Lures is back
- Remove Gatherer support (their API no longer handles FISH cleanly)
- Remove original ButtonHole support (it's no longer maintained)
- Remove old ButtonHole support
- Small bug fixes
- Add 'Auto Loot' option to turn on autoloot while fishing (if it's not already on)
- Don't break mouselook
- Fixed some errors upgrading from an older versions

Version 0.8.9b
- Update TOC for patch 2.0.3
- Support negative numbers in link parsing

Version 0.8.9a
- Fix a missing 'ipairs' for 2.0 compatibility in the Extravaganza code

Version 0.8.9
- Send a fish caught message using the new SendAddonMessage API
- Fix a bug where saving the outfit manager wasn't working (Thanks dwex!)
- Style points are back (and in OutfitDisplayFrame tooltips -- thanks Shadrin!)
- Update 'for' loops to be compatible with Lua 5.1
- Updated German translation (thanks Chinkuwaila!)

Version 0.8.8e
- Split out FBEnEspagnol to a separate download

Version 0.8.8d
- Update toc for patch 1.12
- Small cleanup changes

Version 0.8.8c
- Handle "Oil Spills" as fishing pools
- Fix an intermittent text alignment bug in the locations window
- Make FishingBuddyFu for Fubar 2.0 work nicely (mostly expose some functions)

Version 0.8.8b
- Add tracking selection menu to locations window

Version 0.8.8a
- Fix a nil error in the tracking popup if you haven't caught one of the
default fish
- '/fb updatedb' print out a message
- Grab the names of fish we catch if we don't know it already (old data updating)

Version 0.8.8
- Improved cycle fish tracking -- right-click to choose fish to graph
- Update the TastyFish count every time the window is shown during the
Exravaganza so that our count is always 'right'
- Fix window always showing bug

Version 0.8.7g
- Fix a typo introduced in version f
- Really, really check for Pat Nagle's Fish Terminator correctly (thanks Saur!)

Version 0.8.7f
- Put changes from d and e into the same release

Version 0.8.7g
- Fix a typo introduced in version f
- Really, really check for Pat Nagle's Fish Terminator correctly

Version 0.8.7f
- Put changes from d and e into the same release

Version 0.8.7e
- Fix missing color 'YELLOW'
- Fix translation errors that were causing string.format errors in German and Spanish
- Fix problems with the Terminator

Version 0.8.7d
- Fix broken minimap enable logic for menus
- Fix nil error in startup conversion of old versions

Version 0.8.7c
- Fix incompatibility with version 1.11 and highlight text

Version 0.8.7b
- Clean up event handling some more (only listen when we're fishing)
- Fix 'doubled' fishing location display for new fishing areas

Version 0.8.7a
- Hopefully fix an intermittent bug that crashes the client during
the Extravaganza when leaving Booty Bay
- Stop losing the OutfitDisplayFrame outfit when logging out
- Should correctly reset the Watcher Window for all toons
- Add in 'FBEnEspagnol' for Spanish-speaking fisherbuddies
- Use the now-builtin Outfitter 'find by stat' function

Version 0.8.7
- Integration with Gatherer (depends on the tooltip when you cast)
- Add a 'hide these icky fish' menu to the watcher window
- Put the keybinding for 'Suit Up and Go Fishing!' back in
- Add an option to only fish from pools during the Extravaganza
- Better (and more) French translation support from krogh
- Rework debugging output so that people don't get surprised by it anymore
- Rework zone and subzone storage to reduce space
- Don't save default values (smaller saved vars, faster loading)
- Tune event handling for faster world transitions
- Move a lot of information into tooltips in the display window
- Removed 'Fast Cast' again since patch 1.10.1 breaks it
- Fix translation loader to actually work (even in English!)
- Rewrite Extravaganza code and hopefully fix the crashes
- Add an offset menu to handle differences between game and machine time
- Fix the display bug when switching between locations and fishes
- If more than one outfit switcher is available, allow a choice
- Don't allow a recast if the fishing loot window is up
- Add 'updatedb' command to link info for fish with missing data (can disconnect!)

Version 0.8.6h
- Fast Cast is back!

Version 0.8.6g
- Fixed a nil reference bug in binding the keys that happens to some people (but
this makes easy cast not work, I still need to figure out what's happening)
- Made the Fish Watcher window relative to UIParent and implement 'hover' dragging
- Fixed the right-click menu in InfoBar support
- Made click-to-move support a little more predictable. If you don't have a casting
modifer set, then click-to-move is turned off while you're fishing.

Version 0.8.6f
- Remove some debugging that broke when DevTools wasn't installed

Version 0.8.6e
- Easy Cast is back (Fast Cast is no more). Thanks to the Cosmos team who
figured out the appropriate place for hooking in the handling code -- it
was a snap to add in!
- Removed the "Suit up and go fishing" stuff since we don't need it any more

Version 0.8.6d
- Fix a bunch of small errors that never showed up before
- Add 'mouse fishing' option that binds the middle button (BUTTON3) to
'cast now' (may not be necessary since 'Suit up and go fishing' works...)

Version 0.8.6c
- Mark OutfitDisplayFrame as version 1.10 compatible

Version 0.8.6b
- Update for patch 1.10 (11000)
- Partial Spanish translation, thanks to fili
- Some fixes that now don't make much difference because of 1.10

Version 0.8.6a
- Fixes for handling Eternium enchant correctly
- Fix bug in 'Suit up and go fishing' handler

Version 0.8.6
- Rework easy cast to work with 1.10 -- no dice yet though :-(
- Add "Suit up and go fishing" binding for an alternate 1.10 when "Easy Cast" no longer works
- Outfitter support
- Translation handling completely rewritten to eliminate missing strings
in translations
- Fix for Eternium Line enchant (the tooltip string changed)

Version 0.8.5g
- Include OutfitDisplayFrame fix for nil error when fewer than five bags

Version 0.8.5f
- Auto-set sound volumes to make the bobber noise stand out (Good suggestion SBaL!)

Version 0.8.5e
- Don't count "Nat Pagle's Fish Terminator" as a fishing pole, even if it looks like one

Version 0.8.5d
- Fix a nil error in comparison after we've shrunk a table

Version 0.8.5c
- Fix nil error in cleanup command
- Missing string in French translation for checking not to lure while clicking on the
bobber (it's still not the right translation though, hint hint!)

Version 0.8.5b
- Handle defaulting to 'English' correctly if we don't have a valid translation

Version 0.8.5a
- Fix French localization file

Version 0.8.5
- Add partial French translation, thanks to Corwin Whitehorn
- Support for Titan v2.08
- Support for InfoBar
- Rewritten to drastically reduce global namespace pollution
- Rewrote database displays to reduce memory usage
- Use item ids instead of names in fish database to make things smaller
- Rewritten graphing subsystem for future improvements
- Use per-character variable saving to simplify data access and structures
- Added 'cleanup' command to remove stale settings
- Add modifier key support for easy cast
- Show number of Tastyfish caught so far
- Try supporting ModWatcher
- Fix for menu popup outside of minimap button
- Don't do 'easy lures' if we're about to click on the bobber

Version 0.8.4f
- Change line endings to DOS again, seems to fix some LUA loading errors
- Fix location scrollbar position for 1.9
- Update to new numbering scheme for version
- Fix a bug catching tracking fish in the last week of the year
- Fix some small bugs that affect brand-new toons
- Notice if we can't display fish tooltips instead of disconnecting
- Fix bug where bringing up the outfit window would lose
what you were wearing before
- Fishing Extravaganza countdown timer
- Keep track of Tastyfish "schooling" locations

Version 0.8.3
- Update style and skill messages in outfit display to handle new 'dressing room' feature
- Make sure that errors in switching outfits don't erase what we changed out of
- Handle elapsed time even if OutfitDisplayFrame is disabled
- Make sure we're not already switching outfits before we try again
- Improved ButtonHole support

Version 0.8.2
- 'Cycle fish' graphs for the main cycle fish (additional fish coming soon)
- New minimap button support
- Display current zone in the fish watcher
- Show elapsed time in the fish watcher (not perfect yet)
- Fish watcher frame is moveable
- Support for 'auto fishing lures'
- Style points added for some of the Extravaganza rewards
- Improved support for languages (removed static strings)
- Support for 'ButtonHole' -- if that addon gets finished it'll be way cool
- OutfitDisplayFrame support improved

Version 0.8.1d
- Better German help. Thanks blackrat!
- '/fb import' import information from Impp's fishinfo, DataFish, or Fishinfo2 databases
- '/fb current reset' to restart the current session fish counts
- Some small internal code cleanup

Version 0.8.1
- Fixed an error in the German help system (I hope!)
- '/fb watcher unlock/lock/reset' to move the fish watcher
- Display percentage per zone when viewing 'by fish' so you can find those hot spots

Version 0.8
- Display your current skill in the watch frame
- Track fish by zone and subzone (converts old data as you visit your old fishing haunts)
- Track minimum skill for locations and for fish types
- Full Titan panel support
- Basic myAddOns support
- Keeping up with the Jones' and added 'Easy Lure' just like Mugendai has :-)
- A much better German translation (outfit switching should work now too) -- thanks blackrat!
- Sort by number of fish caught
- Should work with 'click to move' turned on
- Track 'cycle fish' information (very preliminary)
- OutfitDisplayFrame is now optional if you have an equipment manager you prefer

Version 0.7.9c
- Fix the I can't believe it worked! bug when looking for the Fishing skill

Version 0.7.9b
- It works even if you've never used Fishing Buddy before!

Version 0.7.9
- Really fix the per-server settings

I aplogize for those people whose options got lost -- this time I got it right! I have
no idea why the zip file didn't get uploaded last night, but the new one is good. Thank
you for your patience!

Version 0.7.8
- a very preliminary German translation
- myAddOns support
- prefs are now stored by server for each toon

The Titan panel support is still preliminary -- I want to make it default to 'on' and have a better icon. There are still things I'd like to have options for (like sorting the watch panel various ways and making it movable), but I'm going to concentrate on the outfit pieces so that they work for more situations.

Version 0.7.7
- Fix ugly display when switching between fish and locations
- Added Titan panel support (ugly icon, need to polish up my image skills and make a nice gold one)
- Sort the 'Fish Watcher' by name (for now)
- Added key bindings for window toggle and outfit switching
- Internal cleanups, prep for storing toon prefs by server

Auto-loot (shift right click) works for me 'as is' -- I'll have to play with key mappings to see if there's one that stops this from working...

Version 0.7.6
- Add an option to leave off those pesky percentages
- Add an option to only watch the fish while you're actually fishing
- Update the version of OutfitDisplayFrame

Version 0.7.5
- fix a bad memory leak on the outfit display page
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1.19 Beta 1
11-01-22 06:05 PM
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Unread 05-28-23, 10:51 AM  
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Thank you!

... for updating here!
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Unread 07-17-22, 03:56 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Love Fishing Buddy, but still super buggy when configuring.

4x ...\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0-101085.lua:1142: Usage: FishLibTooltip:SetHyperlink(link)
[string "=[C]"]: in function `SetHyperlink'
[string "@FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0-101085.lua"]:1142: in function `SetHyperlink'
[string "@FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0-101085.lua"]:2200: in function `FishingBonusPoints'
[string "@FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0-101085.lua"]:2266: in function `GetBestFishingItem'
[string "@FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0-101085.lua"]:2306: in function `GetFishingOutfitItems'
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingGearManager.lua"]:147: in function `Initialize'
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingOutfitManager.lua"]:172: in function <FishingBuddy\FishingOutfitManager.lua:168>
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingOutfitManager.lua"]:215: in function `func'
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingBuddy-1.16.11.lua"]:615: in function `RunHandlers'
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingBuddyFrame.lua"]:136: in function `onshow'
[string "@FishingBuddy\Libs\LibTabbedFrame-1.0\LibTabbedFrame-1.0-91603.lua"]:381: in function <...Buddy\Libs\LibTabbedFrame-1.0\LibTabbedFrame-1.0.lua:379>
[string "=[C]"]: in function `Show'
[string "@FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:3017: in function `SetUIPanel'
[string "@FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2862: in function `ShowUIPanel'
[string "@FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:2730: in function <FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2726>
[string "=[C]"]: in function `SetAttribute'
[string "@FrameXML\UIParent.lua"]:3582: in function <FrameXML\UIParent.lua:3561>
[string "=[C]"]: in function `ShowUIPanel'
[string "@FishingBuddy\Libs\LibTabbedFrame-1.0\LibTabbedFrame-1.0-91603.lua"]:372: in function `ToggleTab'
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingBuddyFrame.lua"]:120: in function `ToggleFishingBuddyFrame'
[string "@FishingBuddy\FishingBuddyMinimap.lua"]:14: in function `OnClick'
[string "@Bartender4\libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0-44.lua"]:144: in function <...dOns\Bartender4\libs\LibDBIcon-1.0\LibDBIcon-1.0.lua:142>

(*temporary) = FishLibTooltip {
 0 = <userdata>
 NineSlice = <unnamed> {
 textRight2Font = "GameTooltipText"
 updateTooltipTimer = 0.200000
 TextRight2 = FishLibTooltipTextRight2 {
 layoutType = "TooltipDefaultLayout"
 textLeft1Font = "GameTooltipHeaderText"
 TopOverlay = <unnamed> {
 TextRight1 = FishLibTooltipTextRight1 {
 TextLeft2 = FishLibTooltipTextLeft2 {
 needsReset = true
 BottomOverlay = <unnamed> {
 TextLeft1 = FishLibTooltipTextLeft1 {
 textLeft2Font = "GameTooltipText"
 textRight1Font = "GameTooltipHeaderText"
(*temporary) = nil
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Unread 11-08-20, 07:34 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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will this be updated or is it a dead addon?
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Unread 06-26-20, 09:23 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Re: titan panel issues with fishing buddy

Originally Posted by RLD
with FB enabled the right click on titan panel does not show the full menu available.
disable FB and titan panel works as normal.
Weird, I will see if I can recreate it.
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Unread 03-30-20, 12:46 PM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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OutfitDisplayFrame missing?

I'm just getting back into WOW after not playing since 2013 and I was happy to see this add-on still around, but something seems to be amiss. There is no OutfitDisplayFrame folder in the archive and I don't get the outfit tab when I bring up the FB window. (I also get a bunch of LUA errors after a few minutes, but I can't remember how to copy the text out of them.) What am I missing?

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Unread 03-06-19, 03:41 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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titan panel issues with fishing buddy

with FB enabled the right click on titan panel does not show the full menu available.
disable FB and titan panel works as normal.

both addons have been updated recenly so its hard to tell which one is actually at fault.

I havent had any lua errors with titan in a very long time.but before the last update of FB I had a few and had to disable some non important option with it to fix it at that time. I dont remember what option it was as it wasnt important for me to have the option enabled.
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Unread 09-09-18, 08:57 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Exclamation Double luring with consumable lure and hat lure.

Latest version double lures on the first cast without a current lure, using up a consumable lure and then replacing that with the hat lure. When it should only use the highest lure available.
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Unread 08-17-18, 11:25 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Exclamation FB is applying a lure every cast, again.

Last version fixed this. But it's back to applying a lure every single cast, in the latest version.
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Unread 08-08-18, 06:18 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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When i fish for drowned mana i get action button for mark of something to summon that miniboss there on island.Is that action button part of FB and how do you move it if it is?
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Unread 07-19-18, 07:50 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Exclamation Still buggy today with latest update, sorry :-(

2x [ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED] AddOn 'FishingBuddy' tried to call the protected function 'FishingActionButton:Hide()'.
!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573: in function <!BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573>
[C]: in function `Hide'
[string "*:OnFinished"]:2: in function <[string "*:OnFinished"]:1>

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Unread 07-20-16, 07:51 PM  
Premium Member
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Errors on login

Fresh update today, Multiple errors on login:

Date: 2016-07-20 21:45:21
ID: 4
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\FishingBuddy\FishingBuddy.lua line 897:
   attempt to call global 'GetAuctionItemClasses' (a nil value)
   FishingBuddy\FishingBuddy.lua:897: in main chunk
_ = nil
Crayon = <table> {
 COLOR_HEX_YELLOW = "ffff00"
 Silver = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:45
 Colorize = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:36
 GetThresholdHexColor = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:122
 RotateRGBHue = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:227
 Gold = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:46
 GetThresholdColor = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:104
 COLOR_HEX_BLACK = "000000"
 Blue = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:48
 COLOR_HEX_SILVER = "c7c7cf"
 COLOR_HEX_COPPER = "eda55f"
 Green = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:42
 GetThresholdHexColorTrivial = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:147
 COLOR_HEX_RED = "ff0000"
 COLOR_HEX_WHITE = "ffffff"
 COLOR_HEX_BLUE = "0000ff"
 Purple = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:47
 HueToColor = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:212
 GetThresholdColorTrivial = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:127
 Orange = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:40
 COLOR_HEX_CYAN = "00ffff"
 COLOR_HEX_GOLD = "ffd700"
 Red = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:39
 RGBtoHSL = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:152
 COLOR_HEX_ORANGE = "ff7f00"
 Cyan = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:49
 Black = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:50
 COLOR_HEX_GREEN = "00ff00"
 Copper = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:44
 Yellow = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:41
 HSLtoRGB = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:189
 White = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibCrayon-3.0\LibCrayon-3.0.lua:43
FL = <table> {
 GetZoneInfo = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:850
 AddTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:1172
 SetSkillupTable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:1045
 GetBaseZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:891
 IsWorn = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:218
 SCHOOLS = <table> {
 GetBobberName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:772
 FishingBonusPoints = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:1388
 GetSlotInfo = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:500
 IsFishingPool = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:643
 GetBaseSubZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:910
 GetSkillupTable = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:1049
 HasBuff = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:279
 SetBobberName = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibFishing-1.0.lua:768
 IsItemOneHanded = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\Libs\LibFishing-1.0\LibF
AddOns:[List of addons deleted, see last error]
  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.0.3.70000 <none>
Date: 2016-07-20 21:45:21
ID: 5
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: [string "FishingBuddyRoot:OnLoad"] line 1:
   attempt to call field 'OnLoad' (a nil value)
   [string "*:OnLoad"]:1:
      [string "*:OnLoad"]:1
self = FishingBuddyRoot {
 0 = <userdata>
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = FishingBuddyRoot {
 0 = <userdata>
(*temporary) = "attempt to call field 'OnLoad' (a nil value)"

AddOns:[List of addons deleted, see last error]
  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.0.3.70000 <none>
Date: 2016-07-20 21:45:50
ID: 10
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ...nterface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\FishingExtravaganza.lua line 302:
   attempt to call field 'GetFishie' (a nil value)
   ...nterface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\FishingExtravaganza.lua:302: OnEvent()
   [string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
      [string "*:OnEvent"]:1
self = FishingExtravaganzaFrame {
 0 = <userdata>
(for generator) = <function> defined =[C]:-1
(for state) = <table> {
 1 = <table> {
(for control) = 1
_ = 1
contest = <table> {
 zones = <table> {
 setting = "STVTimer"
 dur = 2
 continent = "Eastern Kingdoms"
 hour = 14
 yell = "Riggle Bassbait yells: We have a winner! (%a+) is the Master Angler!"
 day = 1
 name = "Extravaganza"
 kind = 4
 count = 40
 fishid = 19807
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = 19807
(*temporary) = "attempt to call field 'GetFishie' (a nil value)"
CurrentContest = nil
ContestIsOver = nil
IsContestZone = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\FishingExtravaganza.lua:75
IsTime = <function> defined @Interface\AddOns\FishingBuddy\FishingExtravaganza.lua:129
Contests = <table> {
 1 = <table> {

  Swatter, v5.21f.5579 (SanctimoniousSwamprat)
  WowheadLooter, v60014
  ACP, v3.4.27 
  AdvancedXPBar, v7.0.0.160625
  Altoholic, vr167
  Analyst, v1.3.1
  Archy, v6.2.3.2
  AutoRepair, v
  Awwwww, v2.0.1
  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)
  BadBoy, v13.021
  BadBoyCCleaner, v
  BadBoyHistory, v1.31
  BattlePetCount, v1.8.9
  BattlePetTabs, v7.0.0.160625
  BelowAverageItems, v1.17
  BetterTooltips, vv2.3.1
  BindsWhen, v6.2.2.5
  BOPCraftConfirm, v1.2.2
  BulkBuy, v1.04
  BulkOrder, vv1.18
  ChatLoot, v1.6.1
  CloakHelmToggle, v1.0.1
  Comix, v6.2.3.0
  Compass, v1.0.5
  Configator, v5.1.DEV.376(/embedded)
  CritterEmote, v1.8
  DarkmoonProfessional, v6.0.3.2
  DataStore, vr56
  DataStoreAchievements, vr42
  DataStoreAgenda, vr23
  DataStoreAuctions, v6.0.001
  DataStoreCharacters, vr36
  DataStoreContainers, vr52
  DataStoreCrafts, vr69
  DataStoreCurrencies, vr31
  DataStoreGarrisons, vr16
  DataStoreInventory, vr44
  DataStoreMails, vr45
  DataStorePets, vr39
  DataStoreQuests, vr36
  DataStoreReputations, vr37
  DataStoreSpells, vr27
  DataStoreStats, vr26
  DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.337(/embedded)
  DragEmAll, v1.0.6
  Dresser, v7.0.0.160625
  Elephant, v3.4.4
  Engravings, v6.0.0.30
  ExaltedWithTheFloor, v1.0
  ExecutiveAssistant, v1.0
  ExecutiveAssistantFileCabinet, v.99a
  Exonumist, v6.1.0.16
  FactionAddict, v1.33
  FarmIt2, v
  FishingBuddy, v1.6c
  FlightMapEnhanced, v1.7.8
  Gatherer, v5.0.0
  GemHelper, v6.0.6
  GoFish, v6.2.2.15
  Grail, v079
  GrailReputations, v007
  GrailWhen, v001
  GuildRosterButtons, v4.0
  HearKitty, v1.7.2
  HearKittySoundPacks, vVolume 2d
  IgnoreMore, v1.1.1-40300
  InFlightLoad, v6.2.001
  KeepingTabs, v1.5
  LagBar, v3.3
  LegacyQuest, vv1.0
  LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.390(/embedded)
  LightHeaded, vwowi:revision
  Linkerize, v008
  Livestock, v2.5.0
  LootCountDropCount, v
  MasterPlanA, vA
  MetaMap, v6.2.3.0
  MicroMenu, v1.2.2
  MobKillCount, v1.1
  MountFarmHelper, v2.0
  Pawn, v2.0.1
  PetFarmHelper, v2.0
  PetLeash, v3.0.16.1
  PetTracker, v7.0.0
  PetTrackerBreeds, v
  PetTrackerJournal, v
  PetTrackerSwitcher, v
  PetTrackerUpgrades, v
  Postal, vv3.5.8
  PowerTrackerBar, v70000.1
  QuestPlates, v0.8
  QuickQuestItem, v3.0
  RangeDisplay, vv4.3.2
  RaresTip, vr10
  SanityCheck, vv1.69
  SilverDragon, vv3.2.3
  SimpleDing, v0.8
  SimpleGold, v5.5.0
  Skada, vr626
  Skadacfi, v0.4b
  SkadaScroll, v1.5.2
  SlideBar, v5.21f.5579 (SanctimoniousSwamprat)
  SpeedyGonzales, v1.7.1
  StoreBeGone, v1.2
  Stubby, v5.21f.5579 (SanctimoniousSwamprat)
  SwindlerPreventer, v5.0.1 (15799) BETA
  TabardAddict, v2.32
  TargetRole, v1.2.8
  TheUndermineJournal, v4.2.20160720
  TinyPad, v2.1.1
  TipTop, v2.14.3
  TomTom, vv70000-1.0.0
  TrackOMatic, v1.7.0
  WhoFramedWatcherWabbit, v2.2
  Wholly, v057
  WowheadBagScanner, v1.11
  WoWTokenWatch, v1.0.1
  ZoneAchievementTracker, v6.1.0.15
  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v7.0.3.70000 <none>
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Unread 03-25-16, 09:09 AM  
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Updated to 1.6b

I've asked to have it updated here. :/
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Unread 09-08-15, 04:40 PM  
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Exclamation Addon Outta Date

v1.4o Is Outta Date Please Update Too v1.6
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Unread 07-07-15, 01:51 PM  
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Updated on Curse

as of July 23, 2015.
and I've asked the person before to please update here.

[June 25, 2015. ]

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Unread 11-20-14, 04:46 PM  
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Post Initiating Error With Outfitter

I am unsure which addon is the problem but my swatter, swats the following error from Outfitter when I began to fish for Fat Sleeper Fish in my Outpost in Nagrand. I also posted this in Outfitter's comments encase the actual error is in their addon.

Thank you for sharing your Force. May the Goddess bless you.
Date: 2014-11-20 11:37:01
ID: -1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\Outfitter\OutfitterOutfits.lua line 130:
   table index is nil
   [C]: ?
   Outfitter\OutfitterOutfits.lua:130: AddItem()
   FishingBuddy\FishingOutfitter.lua:54: WaitForOutfitter()
   [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1:
      [string "*:OnUpdate"]:1

  MoncaiCompare, v6.0.2
  Swatter, v5.0.0 (<%codename%>)
  WowheadLooter, v60005
  NPCScanOverlay, v6.0.3.2
  AddOnSkins, v3.08
  AskMrRobot, v17
  Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.332(/embedded)
  BittensSpellFlashKeyBindings, v60000.1.0
  BittensSpellFlashRogue, v60000.2.0
  BittensSpellFlashLibrary, v60000.3.3
  BittensUtils, v60000.1.1
  CecileMeterOverlay, v1.1.0
  Configator, v5.1.DEV.376(/embedded)
  DBMCore, v
  DBMDefaultSkin, v
  DBMPartyWoD, v
  DBMSpellTimers, v
  DBMStatusBarTimers, v
  ElvUI, v7.61
  ElvUIChatFontSize, v1.0.3
  ElvUIDataConfig, v1.01
  ElvUIEnhanced, v2.11
  ElvUIExtraActionBars, v2.24
  ElvUIGathering, v1.09
  ElvUILocPlus, v2.05
  ElvUIMicrobar, v1.6
  ElvUIVerticalUnitFrames, v6.07
  EnhancedPetBattleUI, v2.05
  FBMergeDatabase, v1.4d
  FBOutfitDisplayFrame, v1.4d
  FBTrackingFrame, v1.4d
  FishingBuddy, v1.4g
  ForteCasting, v
  ForteClass, v
  ForteCooldown, v
  ForteCore, v1.980.8
  ForteHealthstone, v
  ForteSoulstone, v
  ForteSummon, v
  ForteTalent, v
  ForteTimer, v
  Gatherer, v5.0.0
  GatherMate2, v1.32.1
  GatherMateSharing, vv1.8
  LibExtraTip, v5.12.DEV.350(/embedded)
  MacroToolkit, vv6.0.0.4
  MyRolePlay, v6.0.0.400
  Omen, v3.1.9
  Outfitter, v5.10b6
  Poisoner, v6.0
  Postal, v3.5.1
  Recount, vv6.0.3b release
  SexyMap, v2.4.21
  SlideBar, v5.0.0 (<%codename%>)
  SpellFlash, v6.17
  SpellFlashCore, v2.0.5
  TradeSkillInfo, vv2.3.1
  TradeSkillMaster, vv2.9.19
  TradeSkillMasterAccounting, vv2.4.1
  TradeSkillMasterAuctionDB, vv2.6
  TradeSkillMasterAuctioning, vv2.4.3
  TradeSkillMasterCrafting, vv2.6.11
  TradeSkillMasterDestroying, vv2.1.4
  TradeSkillMasterItemTracker, vv2.1.1
  TradeSkillMasterMailing, vv2.2.10
  TradeSkillMasterShopping, vv2.4.1
  TradeSkillMasterWarehousing, vv2.1.1
  TradeSkillMasterWoWuction, vv2.4
  WIM, v3.6.19
  WoWDBProfiler, v
  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v6.0.3.60000 <none>
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