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Version: 1.0.0
by: Cowmonster [More]

This is a simple mod with an in-game configuration that create buttons for various class specific abilities.

My roommate asked me for an addon to make it easy to track his Inquisition on his retadin and I figured why stop at Inquisition? I've included various abilities for each class and others can be added in the [b]auras[b] table under the specific class in the core.lua file.

The various abilities that are included are simply for example and can be changed. The addon does have one caveat and that is that it won't track abilities other than what you can cast. An example being a paladin won't see a button for Deterrence and a retadin won't see Ardent Defender, but if that paladin switches specs to Protection then he will see Ardent Defender.

The basic operation of the addon is that it creates buttons for the various abilities it tracks for your class. These buttons can be clicked to use those abilities and they will track CDs for the abilities with red text and remaining duration of an aura from the ability in green. For example, if a retadin were to use Inquisition there would be green numbers counting down on the button until Inquisition was gone indicating when he needed to refresh the buff. In the case of something like Hand of Freedom, if the retadin casts it on himself he will see the green text showing time remaining then red text indicating the CD remaining, but if another paladin in the group were to use it on him it would again show green text until the buff wore off and then it would show red text if there was any CD remainin on the ability.

Left clicking on the buttons uses the abilities and right click dragging moves the bar. Holding shift, control or alt and left clicking will remove the aura.

What the addon will not do is track auras on other people even if cast by you.

The addon now has a preliminary in-game configuration which may be expanded upon in the future.

Version 1.0.1

* Added some in-game configuration and a slash command to access
it. /at or /auratracker will open the configuration panel.

* Modified aura handling to allow for more generic handling so
more auras/spells can be tracked without creating special
functions for individual auras.

* General debugging and adjusting of nuances to make the addon
perform as intended.

Version 1.0.0

* Initial release
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