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Rahien Sorei Asshattery

Version: 3.0 (20400)
by: dinesh [More]

Yes, yet another mod which plays sound clips and gets others in your party/raid who also have the mod installed to play them at the same time. This started as a guild joke project, but I've put a bit of engineering into it so thought I would release it to the wild.

Current sounds: You're the best...around, Eye of the Tiger x 2, Llama song x 2, bananaphone, firemaw chant, some Aliens sounds, some MP and the Holy Grail sounds, failure to communicate, crickets (inside joke), Benny Hill x 2, leeroy, thundercats, he-man, bringoutyourdead, repressed, violence inherent in the system, spam, deliverance (dueling banjos), A-team sounds, top gun sounds, khaaan!, bowie, jackass, zombo.com, S.U.N., Macho Man, All your Base, spaceballs, the tick, fast times, rickroll, tase, tunak, tunak2, desert, conan, chumba, ghostbusters, llcoolj, ufo****, better off dead.

to use, type: "/rsa [sound]", for example "/rsa llama"
for the list of all available sounds (and other commands), type: "/rsa"

other options: load (enable|disable), raid (enable|disable), death (enable|disable)
also, specific sounds can be enabled or disabled.

e.g. to disable, type "/rsa load disable"
to disable only during raids, type "/rsa raid disable"
to disable the death sound, type "/rsa death disable"
to disable a specific sound (say, the llama sound), type "/rsa llama disable"

Idea and some sounds stolen shamelessly from http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-1930-1-leeroyhillcatspower.html , but I've more or less completely rewritten it.

Version 3.0 is a major rewrite to a portion of the addon, allowing:

* the sound list to be sorted (alphabetically)
* when you die, a random death sound now plays, if you have the option enabled

Also added a few new sounds: ufoporno, better off dead
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This reminds me of an old addon I used to run called FunnySounds or something like that, only awesome-er
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