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Version: 1.2.5
by: misosoup7 [More]

PLEASE PLEASE READ THE README.TXT Also, I've had a report of people trying to edit the localization.en.lua and the mod breaking. I'm not sure what is the cause of this yet. I will work it out undoubtedly. For the mean time, I'm using an editor called Notepad++, it can encode in multiple formats, the files I made are encoded in ANSI Windows Format. This potentially could be the problem, but I doubt it. Another potential is that you are missing a comma after a line. Make sure after each line there is a comma. And finally, make sure that you are using the correct "emote" vs "say", this shouldn't stop the mod from working but may make the sentences formed very weird. And finally your message must be LESS than 255 characters, but for the most part, this is not an issue.

/ressspeak speech will cause the add-on to say something, for details read readme.txt You Must Target A Dead or Ghost for this add-on to work. Otherwise it will not say anything!

NEW FEATURE in 1.2.2! /ressspeak ccs <spell name> will cause the add-on to match the spell to a cc spell saying defined in another table in the localization.en.lua. For example if you need to shackle something. You can put this in your focus/shackle macro to announce it. /ressspeak ccs Shackle Undead <end of new features>

This add-on also allows you to add you own sayings, but you currently have to manually edit the localization.en.lua file. Description of the methods are in readme.txt

In a future version I may add a method in game.

This add-on works for all classes that can resurrect others, in fact you could use it with a rouge using the Goblin Jumper Cables, but it doesn't make as much sense since the jumper cables are a pair of defibrillator.

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What does it do?

I see a lot of text.. read through it.. but I still have very little idea of what this mod does.

Can I suggest that you add a basic summary of what this mod is for?
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