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The Burning Crusade Classic (2.5.1)
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CTMod (TBC Beta)

Version: TBC
by: DahkCeles [More]

CTMod for The Burning Crusade Classic

See also: Shadowlands and Classic versions on WoWInterface, and development at GitHub
CTMod is one of the longest-running collections of addons for World of Warcraft (since Vanilla), developed at first by Cide and TS who can boast that many of their innovative features were later incorporated into the actual game. Resike and Dahk (DDC) have supported these addons since 2014 and 2017 respectively.

CTMod customizes your interface to include hotbars, buff timers, statistics recording, and much more. This project commits to tailoring the existing Blizzard UI wherever possible, instead of completely replacing it like some other addons do.

CTMod is actually thirteen addons designed to work together -- you can disable undesired parts at the character selection screen. (CT_Library is necessary for all the others to work.)
  • Action Bars
    • CT_BarMod
    • CT_BottomBar
  • Raiding, Unit Frames and Buffs/Debuffs
    • CT_BuffMod
    • CT_RaidAssist (also called "CTRA")
    • CT_UnitFrames
    • CT_PartyBuffs
  • Mailbox, Map, and General Utility
    • CT_Core
    • CT_MailMod
    • CT_MapMod
    • CT_ExpenseHistory
    • CT_Timer
    • CT_Viewport (20 Apr 2021)
- Fixed: Counting spell reagents when using macros with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Multiple issues with the performance monitor in Classic with CT_BottomBar
- Fixed: Quickly navigating the options menu with CT_Core
- Fixed: Returning the assist frame to Classic with CT_UnitFrames
- Several updates in anticipation of The Burning Crusade Classic (27 Mar 2021)
- Fixed: Font loading issue that affected some clients with CT_BuffMod
- Updated: Titan Panel drop down menu compatibility with CT_Library (7 Mar 2021)
- Fixed: Logging onto each alt for the first time in wiped other toons' settings with CT_Viewport
^^^ if you used last month, log onto your main(s) first before unused alts to apply this fix.
- Improved: Shape a custom screen using finer half-point (0.5) increments with CT_Viewport
- Improved: Importing and exporting settings with CT_Library
- Improved: Compatibility to game font addons and non-latin character sets with CT_BuffMod (2 Feb 2021)
- New: Optional recharge sweep while off-cooldown with CT_BarMod
- New: Optional health text custom raid frames with CT_RaidAssist
- Fixed: Displaying optional column and row labels with CT_RaidAssist
- Fixed: Intermittent error during boot with CT_UnitFrames
- Improved: Addon loading during initial login with CT_BarMod
- Improved: Shadowlands herb and ore icons with CT_MapMod
- Improved: Larger drag frame around stance bar for some classes with CT_BottomBar
- Improved: Import and exporting settings between characters with CT_Viewport (18 Dec 2020)
- Fixed: The movable Loss of Control frame does not interrupt mouse clicks with CT_Core (13 Dec 2020)
- Fixed: Detecting Elethium mining nodes with CT_MapMod
- Fixed: Clearing the new-ability frame after dragging zone abilities to custom bars with CT_BarMod
- Tentative fix: Preventing one possible source of tainting party, player and pet frames with CT_UnitFrames
- New: Option to move or hide the Loss of Control frame in Shadowlands with CT_Core (21 Nov 2020)
- Fixed: Health and power bars sometimes obscuring text behind them with CT_UnitFrames
- Fixed: Messages may orient beside or under the micro-menu bar to stay on the screen with CT_BottomBar
- Fixed: Herb and ore icons will default to the smaller, less intrusive appearance with CT_MapMod
- New: Option to show undiscovered destinations at flight masters with CT_MapMod
- New: Limited support for Simplified Chinese localization when mining with CT_MapMod (谢谢: 萌丶汉丶纸)
- New: Boss mechanics for Classic Naxxramas, and Shadowlands Castle Nathria with CT_RaidAssist
- New: Modern glow effects, auras and icons on Retail focus and assist frames with CT_UnitFrames
- Addon conflict: Preventing overlapping text when combining UnitFramesImproved with [b]CT_UnitFrames (26 Oct 2020)
- Fixed: Hiding macro names on default bars with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Clicking through empty space between buttons with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Changing the number of action buttons in each bar with CT_BarMod
- Fixed: Performing arithmetic on nil after moving the quest tracker with CT_Core
- Fixed: Showing levels in the quest log in Shadowlands with CT_Core
- New: Importing settings between accounts via the clipboard with CT_Library (12 Oct 20)
- Fixed: Click-casting bug introduced in to Classic with CT_RaidAssist
- New: Left, right or middle mouse-clicks can aim at other units (focus, self, pet) with CT_BarMod
- New: Search bar and filtering added to the mail log with CT_MailMod
- Improved: More control over buff sorting using non-secure frames with CT_BuffMod
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