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Price Answer for TradeSkillMaster

Version: 1.16
by: myrroddin [More]

Price Answer requires you to have TradeSkillMaster installed, but users sending you price inquiries do not need TSM. When playing on Classic Era (both normal and hardcore) servers, Auctionator, Auctioneer, and Auction House DataBase prices are supported, and are mapped to the equivalent TSM price sources. Not all price sources are available for Classic Era, regardless of additional addons.

People send the following commands to trigger price checks. Thanks to Bearthazar on Curseforge for the better pattern matching in version 1.09, where spaces do not matter. (EXCEPTION: when passing both N and an itemID, a space MUST exist between N and the itemID!!) The trigger price can be changed in the options.

price N item


price Nitem
Where price is localized, N is an optional quantity (default 1), item is an itemID, itemLink, or item name. If an item name is sent, YOU must have the item in your inventory.

Open the settings:
  • /priceanswer
  • /prans
  • Esc > Options > AddOns > Price Answer

Chat channels listened:
  • General
  • Trade
  • Local Defence
  • Say
  • Yell
  • Guild
  • Officer
  • Raid
  • Raid Warning
  • Community
  • Whispers
  • BN Whispers
  • Instance

TradeSkillMaster prices:
  • Min buyout
  • Market value
  • Recent (market value of an item from the last data snapshot)
  • Region market average
  • Historical
  • Region historical
  • Craft cost
  • Destroy (DE, milling, prospecting) value

There is a Help tab with some questions and answers.

Bugs and suggestions ---> GO HERE

Translate ---> GO HERE

Price Answer
1.16 (2023-11-25)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • [Classic] Fix typo in ToC file
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