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Bis Lists

Version: v1.2.4
by: Tercioo [More]

Bis Lists is a small addon where you can create, share and raid leaders can see the list of bis items set by each raid members during loot rolls.

How to use:

As a raid member:
Type "/bis" to show up a panel where you can create, load, upload and manage your item list.
When the list is completed, click on "commit" button to save it.
You might also want to upload your list, if you do it, other users of Bis Lists can load it from Preset button.

As a raid leader:
Type "/bis list" to access the officer control, you may paste the name of the item which is current rolling to see what players need the item.
Make sure to check the box "store list of other players".

Auto detect loot rolls:
If you have the "store list of others players" box marked, the addon search for loot rolls through the chat, reading phrases like "ROLL [item name]", "Staring Roll for", etc. You can set your own roll phrase on the "roll text" box.

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