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Details!: Photoshop Files

Version: 2
by: Tercioo [More]

Since the version 4.0 of Details! players can now create their own skins and bar textures.

This package contains these .PSD (may use GIMP or Photoshop to edit them) files:

- Skin Texture File for Minimalist Skin.
- A Bar Texture example.
- A Wallpaper Texture example.

How to save:
- For World of Warcraft, image files needs to be in Targa format (.tga extension), many programs can save in this particular format, GIMP and Photoshop are two of them.
- Some editors as for the amount of Bits while saving, select 32bits.
- Bar Textures has to be 256x32 pixels, Wallpapers may be 256x128 or 256x256, Skin Texture must be 1024x1024.
- Place your customized texture inside the Interface folder which is inside World of Warcraft install folder.

On Details:
- type '/de options' and go to Skins -> Custom Skin File to use a custom skin, Bars: Settings -> Custom Texture File to set a custom bar texture and Window: Wallpaper ->
Load Image for custom wallpapers.

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