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Dragonflight (10.0.2)
Shadowlands pre-patch (9.0.1)
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Version: 6.1
by: Tomate [More]

[UPDATE]Patch 8.3: I still use this addons as is, it miss some default interface add in some patches but you could still use the method describe below to add theme.

You play with Eyefinity or Surround gaming, this addon is for you.
MultiScreenSupport move default UI panels to the center screen.

By default all main panels should be center but if one is missing you could still move it using the addon settings.
If you want to know what is the frame name you want to move to the center you could use command line to help you. Simply type when hovering the frame you want to center:

/mss frame
It will display something like that in the chat:
Name: PaperDollFrame
Parent: CharacterFrame
Width: 540.00
Height: 424.00
Strata: MEDIUM
Level: 42
X: 0.00
Y: 0.00
Point: TOPLEFT anchored to CharacterFrame's TOPLEFT
If the parent is not UIParent, it's not the frame that you search to move. Then type
/mss frame "Parent"
Where "Parent" should be replace with the parent value of the previous result here "CharacterFrame"
The new result should be something like:
Name: CharacterFrame
Parent: UIParent
Width: 540.00
Height: 424.00
Strata: MEDIUM
Level: 42
X: 16.00
Y: -116.00
Point: TOPLEFT anchored to MultiScreenSupportParent's TOPLEFT
The name value here "CharacterFrame" should be in the setting panel. If it's not let me know I will add it.
If it is check the option and the panel should move to the center screen.

-Update for dragonflight.

-Update for shadowland.

-Fix for removed frame.

-Update Toc only, it will miss some new frame and I will add them later.

-Fix issue with OrderHallTalentFrame since 7.2.5 (probably because of chromie).

-Add missing frame.
-Fix issue with resolution detection.
-Update Ace library

-Update with legion frames.

-Fix version verification for default setting.
-Add DressUpFrame to default enable panel.

-Fix ZIP generation.

-Update blizzard default addon management (does not force to load those anymore).
-Reset settings (should not happen again)
-Add a lot of missing frame:

-Initiale version.
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First off, thank you for this great addon. Question: Is there a way to set where exactly I'd like the frame? For instance, I'd like it if my quest list was on my right screen instead of center.
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