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Updated: 10-02-23 11:40 AM
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BigWigs Bossmods.
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Hot Fix (10.1.7)
Classic (1.14.4)
WotLK Patch (3.4.2)
TBC Patch (2.5.4)
Updated:10-02-23 11:40 AM
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Version: v10.1.38
by: funkydude [More]

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A collection of BigWigs modules for bosses found in 5-man dungeons and scenarios.

LittleWigs is open source and development is done on GitHub. You can contribute code, localization, and report issues there:

v10.1.38 (2023-10-02)
Full Changelog Previous Releases
  • Cataclysm/LostCity/Lockmaw: Fix victory detection in Timewalking difficulty
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/Yalnu: Localization
  • Update deDE (#935)
  • Update zhTW (#934)
  • Update zhTW (#933)
  • Update zhCN (#932)
  • Legion/NeltharionsLair/Rokmora: Update Crystalline Ground event
  • BfA/AtalDazar/Alunza: Spirit of Gold, ability counts, sound updates
  • Legion/DarkheartThicket/Dresaron: Timer updates
  • Legion/DarkheartThicket/ArchdruidGlaidalis: Update Nightfall option key
  • Legion/DarkheartThicket/Oakheart: Uproot, timer updates
  • Legion/DarkheartThicket/ArchdruidGlaidalis: Grievous Leap, mark Nightmare Abomination
  • BfA/Freehold/Kragg: Spawn Parrot event updates for 10.1.7 and 10.2
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/Yalnu: Font of Life, Entanglement on players, Noxious Breath, Lumbering Swipe, warmup timer, timer updates
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/AncientProtectors: Timer updates, color/sound updates
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/Witherbark: Throttle Unchecked Growth damage alert
  • Cleanups
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/Trash: Cooldown duration comments
  • Update zhCN (#931)
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/AncientProtectors: Fix Torrential Fury and Terrestrial Fury timers
  • WoD/TheEverbloom: Tweak formatting
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/Trash: Add trash module
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/ArchmageSol: Cinderbolt Storm, Glacial Fusion, Spatial Compression
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/AncientProtectors: Revitalize, Torrential Fury, Toxic Bloom, Terrestrial Fury, Noxious Charge
  • WoD/TheEverbloom/Witherbark: Unchecked Growth targeting, split Add Spawned to separate option, sound updates, timer updates
  • Legion/BlackRookHold/IllysannaRavencrest: Clear Dark Rush countdown when removed, Eye Beams timer improvement
  • Legion/BlackRookHold/KurtalosRavencrest: Unerring Shear count, Shadow Bolt Volley count
  • Legion/BlackRookHold/KurtalosRavencrest: Staging, Unerring Shear, Cloud of Hypnosis, Stinging Swarm, Dreadlord's Guile, timer improvements
  • Legion/BlackRookHold/Trash: Add trash abilities
  • Legion/BlackRookHold/Smashspite: Hateful Charge, Fel Vomit say, message updates, timer updates
  • Legion/BlackRookHold/IllysannaRavencrest: Staging, Brutal Glaive, Dark Rush, Vengeful Shear, fix Eye Beams, add timers

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