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Version: 1.21
by: Cognar [More]

Chatbox dynamically changes the height of the default chat frame. It has settings for City, Combat, and Normal. Chatbox also has options to hide the chat frame when in combat, and to leave general chat when in an instance.

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Unread 07-21-10, 01:13 PM  
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I just tried this add-on and love the ability ot hide the chat box during combat!

With no other chat add-ons enabled it failed to hide the Chat Command and new Social button for me It also did not fade out the chat tabs.

When I enabled my other chat add-on (ChatMod -- a slightly modified version) it would completely hide the chat box, including tabs. I was also able to completely hide all the chat buttons with an option in ChatMod.

Is it possible for you to add functionality to hide the Chat Command and Social buttons as well as fade out the Chat Tabs completely?

Thanks for a great new idea in chat modifications.
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Unread 05-29-10, 09:10 AM  
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Edit: Nevermind the below question, I re-read the description like a good boy and decided to comprehend what was there. Sorry 'bout that.

But that leads me to my next question, can functionality be added to adjust the size of a different chat window? I know Prat has this functionality, but I do not want/need everything else Prat does. If you addon did just the part of resizing for all chat windows it would become a permanent part of my add-on list. Thanks for reading.

fail question....
Before I try this out, is this capable of sizing other chat boxes as well? Example: I pull out the log tab into a separate window, can I have only this window be resized?
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Unread 05-24-10, 03:39 AM  
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Re: It's always the simple ones...

I believe it should work with most other chat addons. I use it with gChat. Let me know how it works out or ya.
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Unread 05-23-10, 11:25 PM  
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It's always the simple ones...

...that are usually the best. Nice addon; I'm downloading it right now to check it out. I'm actually hoping it's compatible with the chat addon "Chatter," because that's a feature-rich chat client that I couldn't live without. Ironically though, I've never seen this simple function in any of those big chat addon suites.

Even if it doesn't play nice with other chat addons, great job for the idea!

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