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Version: 0.3c
by: Nathanyel [More]

Discontinued, as 5.0 removed the talent.

This (still rather) minimalistic addon intends to revert the name of the druid feral talent Blood in the Water to its early beta glory of Nom Nom Nom - or at least its displayed name in your own client.

KeepNomming affects:

  • talent tooltips
  • talent links in chat (this excludes chat output generated by other addons or copied spell links from Wowhead)
  • chat input, when you attempt to link the talent
  • chat bubbles - this is however a plain text replacement, and will affect mentions of the talent name even if they were no spell links
  • unintended bonus feature: in BNet whispers, you can link [Nom Nom Nom] with that link text, though the recipient's tooltip will of course read the default name unless they have this addon as well.

Should work for all locales, and should catch talent links in all locales except Russian. If it doesn't, please tell me

0.3c: 4.3 .toc update

0.3b: 4.2 .toc update

0.3a: properly handle talent links, hook chat bubbles

0.3: more elegant hooking of incoming spell links in chat

0.2: full functionality, but raw hooks

0.1: basic functionality
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