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Version: 1.1.5
by: CKlausi [More]

DiHook is a very small and simple addon for Warlocks to show missing Dark Intents/Arcane Brilliance/PW:Fortitude in your party or raid.
This addons hooks into the gametooltip and shows all players with missing Dark Intent in the button tooltip of your Dark Intent. DiHook only scans your party when you mouseover your Dark Intent button.
DiHook also notices when Arcane Brilliance, Still Water or Burning Wrath is active.DiHook also works for Mages when they mouseover Arcane Brilliance and Priests hovering over PW: Fortitude.


  • Show all missing Dark Intents/Arcane Brilliance/PW:Fortitude in your party or raid in the gametooltip
  • No settings required
  • Small and fast, you won't even notice you loaded an extra addon

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The idea of DiHook was born when I coded another Warlock addon (WarlockReminder), Many Warlocks don't need all those reminders because they use other addons to track their buffs. But Dark Intent is special, because it is cast on the entire party, you can't track it easy. DiHook is a great addition to other buff tracking addons for Warlocks.

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