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AffDotsPriest  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 58
by: Alea [More]

plugin to Affdots for Shadow Priests

Requires the Affdots!.


v58 fix error with Timeless Spotter

v56 fix nameplate aura border

v52 bar transparent

v49 math update

v48 Add MF and MF(I)

v42 fix for new elv ui nameplates

v40 update for 5.4

v35 Fix SWD icd with glyph

v34 Add new ElvUI nameplates support

v30 Add "Floating DoT threshold" more about
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Unread 02-16-14, 07:06 PM  
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Thanks for the addon but I can't see how this works?

It tells me to recast just after i put dots on the target with all my procs active, why shoud I refresh them when they already have better dmg?

I tested it and made 10k less dps then without recasting.

I have tested to switch to 30% from 20% but its still the same.
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