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PowerInterface  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: LegR_v2
by: Backstabi [More]

In-game commands: /pui or /powerui

Official UI of Sativamonk/SusejFTW

Now includes a configuration menu and profiles, for easy saving and reloading of your favorite setups.

- What does PowerInterface do?
PowerInterface, in itself, is not a true UI addon, but rather a modification of the basic WoW UI. It provides you with small but useful tools for improving the basic UI, with things like being able to reposition and scale the party and arena frames, repositioning the actionbars, hiding unnecessary text, along with minor improvements such as auto-vendoring grey items and minimap improvements to function with the scrollwheel on your mouse.

Recommended addons for additional functionality:
- OmniCC by Tuller and Jaliborc
- sArena by stako04

Stay up to date with this and my other addons here

12/29/16 -- PowerUI Leg-R v2

+ Fixed FPS tag disappearing/reappearing on reloads
+ Updated .toc version number (finally)
+ Updated Sativ layout button

12/29/16 -- PowerUI Leg-R v1.5

+ Bug Fixes
+ Action bar positioning now updates based on EXP bar positioning
+ Re-upload, because I did the bad. Woops.

8/25/16 -- PowerUI Leg-PreR v5

+ Added config for show/hide background art bar (defaults to hidden)

7/23/16 -- PowerUI Leg-PreR v4

+ Fixed castbar positioning error

7/19/16 -- PowerUI Leg-PreR v3

+ Legionlol

6/3/16 -- PowerUI Leg-PreR v2

+ Fixed target frame reset bug
+ Added background texture for main action bar
+ Fixed reputation bar

4/29/16 -- PowerUI Leg-PreA v1

+ *taptap* Is this thing on?
+ Removed (hopefully?) all in-combat related bugs
+ Removed arena frames as the DRTracker code has been built into stako04's sArena addon
+ Removed unnecessary library files

10/13/14 -- PowerInterface WoD-R rev 3

+ MASSIVE reformatting across the board. Ready for WoD? Let's go.

8/7/2014 -- I CHANGED STUFF. idk.

8/14/2014 -- MoP rev 35

+ Removed /pui lock
+ Player/Target/Focus frame updates (drag movement now locks)
+ Issues after exiting vehicle with extra action bars fixed.
+ Placement of VehicleExit button fixed.

7/30/2014 -- PowerInterface_WoD_r5 // PowerInterface_MoP_r31

+ Lots of frame fixes
+ /pui lock command added

7/18/2014 -- PowerInterface_5.4_r27

+ New version format
+ Improved arena UI
+ Fixed MultiActionButton in Strand of the Ancients

-- Work on WoD Beta version begins.

6/10/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.4.2

+ Fixed some bugs with OverrideActionBar (Vehicle UI)
+ CastBar fixed

6/9/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.4.1

+ Modified actionbar placement. Again.

6/9/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.4

+ Placement of actionbars modified to better fit multiple resolutions.
+ Fixed exit vehicle button.
+ Cast bar issues fixed(?).
+ Potentially fixed issues with Vehicle UI.

6/8/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.3

+ Fixed positioning of ExtraActionButton1.
+ Optional Fonts folder included.

6/6/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.1

+ Negative values for slash commands fixed.

6/6/2014 -- PowerInterface_v2.0

+ Slash commands for modifying lock positions of Player, Target, and Focus frames added.

6/4/2014 -- PowerInterface_v1.0

+ Consolidated code; removed redundant code
+ Commented sections for easy modification/removal

-- Automatic creation of Raid Frame Profiles not possible. =(

6/4/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.2.2_BETA

+ Improved arena frame addon detection. Default arena frames should no longer appear when using such addons.
+ Castbar disappearing bug fixed.
+ Candidate for release

6/2/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.2.1_BETA

+ Moved CastBarFrame up slightly to avoid overlap with StanceBarFrame.

- Temporarily disabled spellsteal effects
- CastBarFrame sometimes disappears for no reason?

-- Next update should fix spellsteal border
-- 1.0_Release will have RaidFrame profiles

6/2/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.2_BETA

+ Cleaned up code for bars
+ Added code for StanceBarFrame

6/2/2014 -- PowerInt_v0.1_BETA

+ Initial beta release
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powerui or pui dont work for me
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