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Version: v0.4
by: AK-48 [More]

This Addon is no longer being updated due to Blizzard's removal of location APIs in 7.2.

Show Priest Aoe (Prayer of Healing, Circle of Healing and Power Word: Radiance) on Blizzard Raid Frames.

Many people like me would prefer using Blizzard raid frame than others for its simplicity and low resource consumption. However I didn't find an addon like GridPriestAoe for grid, that shows the best target of PoHs and CoHs on the raid frame.

This addons shows the following icons on Blizzard Raid Frame:

Best Prayer of Healing target and number of raid members that can benefit from PoH cast on that target The Icon gets less opacity if your PoH heals more.

Best Circle of Healing target

Best Power Word: Radiance target in terms of number of atonements generated and healing amount

-Update for legion, add Power word Radiance support
-Replaced LibMapData with native UnitPosition.
-Added support for putting icons on Grid/CompactRaid
-Bumped toc
Update for WoD
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