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WoW Launcher 2  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Bl4ckSh33p [More]

HOTFIX: ALPHA 2 is missing some images for the Realm Status display. Please download and install this small patch to fix it.
Known Issue:
- Realm Status check on startup is not always working in this release. Just click on the refresh button in the lower left corner to do a manual update.

WoW Launcher 2 contains several tools and information for World of Warcraft players in one place. It could be seen as an extended version of the Launcher. This is an early alpha preview and many features are still missing. But we want to get your feedback and suggestions!

-> Official Website

Features (so far):

  • English and German user interface
  • Show a custom website on startup (news, your guild or anything you like)
  • Browse the MMOGA Store (cheap gametime cards and game codes)
  • Install/Launch Minion to manage your addons and backups
  • Check the status of up to three realms (any region/locale)
To see a list of the latest additions take a look at the "Change Log" above please.

Planned Features*
  • Support for popular voicechat clients (autolaunch with WoW)
  • Support for combatlog uploaders (askmrrobot, warcraftlogs, worldoflogs)
*You can suggest new features here.

Just download the .zip file and extract it into a new folder. To launch the app doubleclick on "WoW Launcher 2.exe" or create a new shortcut for it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: WoWL2 does not change any WoW Files.

Updating from a previous version:
Just unzip the new file in the same folder and overwrite all files. All settings should be preserved.

v0.0.0.2 - Alpha 2
- Back / Forward buttons for the browser have been added to the top left
- The English release notes are now displayed if your system language is not German
- The status of up to three realms can be checked and displayed now
- The shop has been replaced by the MMOGA shop. You will find cheap game codes, game time cards and more there.
- Automatically checks whether a newer version of WoW Launcher 2 is available on startup.
- The Wowhead search box at the top right now remembers the last 10 entries

v0.0.0.1 - Alpha 1
The following Basic functions have been added:
- Launch World of Warcraft and Start Launcher
- Set News page
- Install / Run Minion to manage addons
- Browse Wowhead
- Automatic display of the release notes at the start of a newer version
- Feedback, Suggestions and Errors can be submitted via the menu at the top left corner
Other functions such as the start of TeamSpeak will follow in a future version.
Please tell us your opinion and make suggestions or send bug reports via the menu in the upper left corner.
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Arrow Preview for Alpha 2: Realm Status

Hi! I am currently working on the Realm Status display. It allows you to check all realms in all regions. Coming in the next upate.
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