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Battle for Azeroth (8.0.1)
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StayFocusedUI (BfA PTR)

Version: 180723-00010
by: stayfocusedongame [More]

Minimalistic UI replacement for PvE and PvP.

UI modifications :

Move FPS frame on bottom left corner
Merge minimap's calendar button and minimap's tracking button
Adjust hall and garrison scales
Hide UIErrorFrame, unwanted bar elements and unwanted minimap elements
Move objective tracker on upper left corner
Set objective tracker max height at 75% screen
Clean chat frame and messages
Move chat frame to lower left corner
Move player, target and focus frames on right side closer to center
Move, adjust scales and clean cast bars (player, target and focus)
Replace portraits by class icons (player, target and focus)
Colorize unit frames background with class color (player, focus and target)
Colorize unit frames health bar with class color (player, target and focus)
Hide player and pet hit indicator
Hide target buff and debuff
Move boss frames on left side closer to center
Move arena enemies frames on left side closer to center
Hide boss banner
Hide talking head
Colorize action bar, units, minimap with faction color (horde, alliance and neutral)
Replace end caps with customized ones (horde, alliance and neutral)
Show paper doll item level
Show weapons and armors item level in bags
Colorize item level when greater than 90% of equipped item level
Collapse objectives in pvp
Colorize PvE nameplates by threat for all roles (green : threat status corresponding to your role, red not corresponding, orange for status warning, blue for offtank) and resize nameplates while tanking

Preferences :

Set game variables (raid frames, advanced combat logging, floating combat text, sound, camera, threat, screenshot ...)

Functions :

Enable mousewheel zoom on minimap
Auto quests module (accept, complet, skip details) when multiple quest available, stand by for player choice, stop automation when shift key pressed
Send chat messages in raid warning with specific sound (guild, guild officer, instance, instance leader, party, party leader, raid, raid leader, whisper and battle net and targeticons)
Confirm disenchant roll
Confirm loot roll
Confirm bind on pickup loot
Speed up looting
Open mails except GM's mails and ones with cash on delivery
Repair equipment and sell junk when visiting a merchant
Learn available recipes when visiting a trainer
Release corpse in pvp
Announce minimap : rares, treasures except garrison cache (raid waning and sound)
Confirm summon
Announce spell interruption when player in party or raid
Enable double click fishing with or without fishing pole equipped
Enable double click survey

Slash commands :

/sf rl to reload ui
/sf debugon to enable LUA warnings and LUA errors
/sf debugon to hide LUA warnings and LUA errors
/sf fps to enable and disable FPS frame
/sf gridoff to hide screen grid frame
/sf gridon to show screen grid frame
/sf rc to perform ready check
/sf pull to start boss pull countdown
/sf stop to stop boss pul countdown

First install :

Download or install with the curse client, delete the file "layout-local.txt" in each WTF character folder (World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\AccountName\CharacterName\).

Update :

For people who had changed CVars or lua in previous versions, remember to repeat your changes on new version.

Follow progress via github :

Contact via email : [email protected]

Live version addon 8.0.1

Code clean up
New horde skin
FUNC-005 & TECH-006 cleaned up and fixed
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