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Noteworthy (notes, notepad)

Version: V1.1
by: Ghost Dancer [More]

Noteworthy is a feature rich, configurable notepad with full LDB support.

Overview of features
* Enhanced EditBox functionality for intuitive editing, including auto scroll to cursor.
* Separate notes page for each character plus a Shared and Quick Notes page.

* All notes pages are accessible by all characters.
* Drag & drop items, spells and macros, creating linkable tooltips (if applicable).
* Insert game info, including character location, target name and chat logs via pop-up Edit menu.
* Change colour of selected text via pop-up Edit menu.
* Quick Notes pop-up menu adds location, target name and chat logs, even when notepad is closed.
* Reminder system can show alerts for each character.
* Notepad window toggled via minimap/floating button, slash commands, macro or as LDB plug-in.
* Notepad's behaviour controlled via comprehensive settings.
* Full LDB support.

For full details see the readme file included with the addon.

NOTE: If you are UPDATING to V1.1 from an earlier version, please delete your old Noteworthy folder first (your settings and data will be unaffected). This is just to clear out some old files that are no longer being used.

Important News
I am no longer playing WoW, so I cannot support or enhance this addon. I do check the comments occasionally and will answer any questions as best I can. If anyone wants to take over this project, please contact me - I can give you the code I was working on for some other features such as undo/redo which as I recall was near completion.

NOTE: Please delete your old Noteworthy folder before updating (your settings and data will be unaffected) to clear out some old files that are no longer being used.
* Cursor & selection behaviour:
- EditBox now automatically scrolls to cursor position.
- Clicking outside notepad window now removes focus from window.
- Right clicking in EditBox when text selected retains current selection and cursor position.
- Right clicking in EditBox with no text selected now shows link tooltip if applicable.

* Pop-up menus (general):
- New 'Close Menu' option has been added.
- Separators added to group similar options.
- Menu options are disabled if they can't currently be used (e.g. no target, no selection, etc.).
- Automaticaly closes when window closed, tab changed, world frame clicked, cursor changes or escape pressed.

* Edit menu
- Insert options grouped into one 'Insert Info' sub-menu.
- New option: Insert Info -> Character Name.
- New option: Insert Info -> Date.
- New sub-menu: Text Colour (Set selected text to one of nine preset colours).
- New option: Clear Formatting (Remove colours and hyperlinks. If no selection will apply to whole page).

* Quick Notes
- Now inserted at the cursor position if notepad opened on quick notes page. Note that text added this way must be saved manually.
- New option on Settings tab to disable this new behaviour.

* New 'Chat logging' setting to disable this feature in case it causes performance issues for some users (due to the numerous chat filters it uses).
* Changed position of link tooltip to keep it within window as much as possible.
* Various other improvements to performance and memory usage.
* Bug fixes:
- Quick notes prefix now adds current character name, not the name selected on the character dropdown menu.
- Link tooltips now detected correctly using actual hyperlink, not text colour.

* Scribble sound now only plays when window is actually saved & closed (and appropriate settings are enabled).

* Release version.
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Unread 04-25-13, 07:31 AM  
Ghost Dancer
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Originally Posted by kasca
I been trying to use this how do u drag and drop? I cant seem to do it.
You can drag items, spells and macros onto the edit area and the relevant link/info should be inserted at the text cursor. What happens when you try to do this? I've not had any problems with this feature but I'll give it a thorough test next time I'm playing. Any further details you can give me will be a great help. i.e. what are you trying to drag? where are you dragging it from? etc.
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Unread 04-21-13, 11:38 AM  
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I been trying to use this how do u drag and drop? I cant seem to do it.
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