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WoW Classic (1.13.2)
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CEPGP  Updated this week!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.12.6
by: Alumian [More]

For more frequent updates and more detailed change logs, please keep an eye on the GitHub page: https://github.com/Alumian/CEPGP-Retail

CEPGP Support Discord: https://discord.gg/7mG4GAr

An addon designed to handle your guild's EPGP standings by storing the respective values in your Officer Notes. Another primary function of the addon is to handle loot moderation which you must be the master looter to utilise.

For this addon to work, anyone using the addon must be able to at the very least view Officer Notes. To adjust EP and GP values you must be able to edit Officer Notes.

The addon is entirely GUI based and the frame is designed to only appear automatically on raid bosses.


Either /cepgp or /cep can be used as a valid command call
show - Shows the cepgp window
version - Allows you to check if each raid member is running the addon - and if so, what version of the addon they are using
Note: cepgp is a context sensitive addon and elements will be visible when they are relevent

Any function that involves modifying EPGP standings requires you to be able to edit officer notes to have it available to you.

The following commands can be used to get EPGP reports.

The player you whisper must be able to at least view officer notes

/w player !info - Gets your current EPGP standings
/w player !infoguild - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank within your guild
/w player !inforaid - Gets your current EPGP standings and PR rank within the raid
/w player !infoclass - Gets your current EPGP standing s and PR rank among your class within the raid

EP: Effort points. Points gained from what ever criteria.

GP: Gear points. Points gained from being awarded gear.

PR: Priority. Calculated by EP / GP.

Decay: Reduces the EP and GP of every guild member by a given percent.

Initial/Minimum GP: The GP that all new guild members start at. This also defines the minimum amount of GP any guild member can have.

Standby EP: EP awarded to guild members that are not in the raid.

Standby EP Percent: The percent of standard EP allocation should awarded to standby members.

Version 1.12.6

- Hotfixed an issue where GP could not be allocated
- Standby list is now working
- Implemented measures to prevent EPGP shuffling
- Fixed auto pass on ineligible items
- Corrected an issue with parsing old item links in the traffic frame
- Added minimum EP for loot responses
- Moved reporting channel from chat command to options
- Reporting channel can now be set to global channels
- Fixed a bug causing GP from being misallocated
- Timestamps will now show on traffic entries (for entries after and including 1.12.5 only)
- Can now set decimal places when applying a decay/inflation to guild standings


Version 1.12.5

- Loot response announcements in chat can now be suppressed
- Players will now change colour in the standby scrollframe if they are offline
- Added recipient messages for modifications to the standby list (Recipient must have addon running to see message)
- Added an addon message for when a player is removed from Standby automatically
- Fixed infoclass and inforaid requests
- Applied auto sorting to the standby frame
- Corrected the inheritance on the standby frame
- Standby roster is now a saved variable and will persist across sessions
- Traffic log will now start storing time data for new entries
- GP values on tooltips should not longer cause errors in the enchanting trade window
- Items can now be added to override by item ID
- Added toggle option for gp values on tooltips
- Extra padding will no longer be added to items added in override
- Corrected an issue preventing class colours from being detected in the raid version frame
- Added a series of mixins to detect the validity of item IDs
- Added an option to delete EPGP standings records
- Attendance frame will no longer attempt to divide by zero
- Standby players will now be removed from the standby list if they join the raid
- Corrected a bug preventing standby players from being detected on Russian clients
- info calls should be responding to requests again
- Corrected a visual bug where traffic frames would stack on top of each other until reloading UI
- GP values on tooltips should no longer display multiple times on items
- Refined version frame sorting


Version 1.12.4

- Restructured standby scroll frame
- Players can no longer be added to the standby list while you're not in a raid group
- Added initial elements fro plugin support
- Restructured the debug info frame
- Restructured the traffic frame
- Added a callback to retrieve item information for the traffic frame
- Added an option to change the minimum rarity for the loot distribution window to show
- Restructured the attendance frame
- Attendance for raids will now be shown even if a snapshot is selected
- Merged class name translation from Ardash and added improvements
- Standby players will now be recorded in attendance snapshots
- Adding players to standby will no longer cause a blank entry on the loot master's client
-Players can now toggle award standby EP by rank to offline players
- Updated expression matching to accommodate for more patterns
- Moved force synchronisation button
- Added GP values to tooltips


Version 1.12.3

- All players responding for loot should now appear in the loot distribution frame
- Fixed the version frame
- Fixed import settings
- Battle tag and real ID messages will now be correctly interpreted
- Reverted a measure which prevented scrollbars from working on non-English clients
- Added a callback when calculating item GP for when items are not cached initially


Version 1.12.2

[Bugfix] EPGP should no longer be mis-allocated for kills and loot


Version 1.12.0

[Bugfix] Attached INVTYPE_WEAPON to INVTYPE_WEAPONOFFHAND for slot weights
[Bugfix] Boss kill messages will now display correctly in chat
[Bugfix] Corrected GP values for items with the robe slot type
[Bugfix] Corrected the stock modifier coefficient to better reflect the default GP formula
[Bugfix] EP and auto award status for The Four Horsemen can now be updated correctly
[Bugfix] EP and auto award status for The Twin Emperors can now be updated correctly
[Bugfix] Game should no longer lockup when applying a guild-wide function
[Bugfix] Item information will now be correct retrieved for raid assists
[Bugfix] Loot announce GUI shouldn't unexpectedly disappear anymore
[Bugfix] Loot council functionality should now be working as intended
[Bugfix] Players will no longer double up in the version scrollframe
[Bugfix] Standby EP should now be working as intended
[Bugfix] Version checker is now working as intended
[Bugfix] Version checker will now correctly interpret addon version

[Compatability] Compatability fix for ElvUI version 1.12

[Debug] Improved debug reporting
[Debug] Tidied up debug code

[Feature] Added a button to manually award Standby EP
[Feature] Added an option to auto pass on items if they cannot be used by the player
[Feature] Added option to synchronise Standby EP list with raid assists
[Feature] Guild EPGP standings can now be exported to CSV format. Resolves #10
[Feature] Item GP decimal places can now be specified
[Feature] Loot Masters can now choose if they want all raid members to see the loot distribution window

[Optimisation] Restructured communications platform
[Optimisation] Restructured the guild frame
[Optimisation] Restructured the raid frame
[Optimisation] Reworked the raid component of the version frame
[Optimisation] Reworked the version scrollframe
[Optimisation] Rewrote the loot distribution scrollbar

[QOL] Added more tooltips to options
[QOL] Added important notice frame for Version 1.12.0

[Reworked] Restructured the communications system

[Typo] Cleaned up debug code
[Typo] Corrected the tooltips when adding/subtracting EPGP
[Typo] Re-enabled the version checker

Moved forced synchronisation to options page 2


Version 1.11.5

[QOL] The CEPGP frame will no longer automatically appear when a rare*item is found if you are not the master looter
[QOL] Master looters will now be prompted as to whether or not they would like to use CEPGP for the current raid
[QOL] Added more descriptions to addon options
[QOL] Attendance records can now be deleted

[Bugfix] Items and GP will not longer be misallocated
[Bugfix] Added an exception preventing the double awarding of EP on Majordomo Executus
[Bugfix] GUI loot frame will no longer close unexpectedly
[Bugfix] Corrected an issue preventing EP from being automatically awarded

[Debug] Improved debugging tools
[Optimisation] Removed several redundant update prompts


Version 1.11.4

[QOL] Version frame can now be alphabetically sorted

[Bugfix] Recipient clients will now correctly record items when GP is awarded for an item
[Bugfix] Fixed a bug preventing standby EP from being awarded
[Bugfix] Out of date checker is now working correctly
[Bugfix] Fixed compatibility issue with ElvUI LootFrame


Version 1.11.3

[Feature] Added a loot popup window for loot distribution
[Feature] Players can now opt to use a GUI to respond to loot rather than chat

[Bugfix] Corrected an error with custom messages on sub-threshold loot distribution
[Bugfix] Corrected an issue preventing manual setting of GP

[QOL] Created callbacks for recipient item retrieval
[QOL] Added tooltip descriptions for each non-self explanatory item in the options menu

[Optimisation] Optimisations to memory usage
[Optimisation] Further optimisations to scrollbar memory usage
[Optimisation] Further optimised polling of guild updates
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Unread 10-18-19, 06:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Great addon, I am evaluating it for my guild in Classic. I could have sworn the last time I checked there was an option to award EP to raid/standby at a set interval (e.g. every 60 minutes give everyone 5 EP) but I can't find that option. Did I remember incorrectly?
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Unread 10-11-19, 10:04 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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list only one person in guild/raid window

show only one person in guild/raid window in this versions.
if i click on "name" "class" and other it works ) but till show only 1 name w/o any other data like class,rank,ep,gp,pr

in 1.11.5 from Sep 29, 2019 work fine

ru client
no ELUA errors
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Unread 08-05-19, 11:19 AM  
Blood Threat and Fears
A Kobold Labourer

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Have any more screenshots?

Hey Alumian, great stuff! I am doing a video about EPGP for Classic. I was wondering if there were any more screenshots of the Interface - like what are the different interfaces for the members/officers/guild master. Although, the first screenshot that you've already uploaded seems to be all of the actual interface. Can you confirm?

Also, will there be a way to export a file from the addon into like a excel/html format? A file that shows EPGP and PR vaules, list of gear received [name of the gear], a list from high to low recent attendance, and overall statistics - like a document I can post on our guild discord or even the Guilded app.

Anyways, My guild and I, are looking forward to using your addon.
Last edited by Blood Threat and Fears : 08-05-19 at 11:28 AM.
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