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Version: r8
by: Rabbit [More]

PlaguePuppets is a fully automated plague control facility for Professor Putricide hard mode. It works for both 10 and 25man modes.

Just open the plague.lua file and fill in the names of everyone you want to use for plague dumping in the possibleTargets table, save the file and reload your interface (I just add the whole guild to it, it automatically does a is-the-person-in-the-raid-and-alive-and-connected check).

It will keep the plague on one person for 10 seconds in 25man and 15 seconds in 10man. The next person in the list who is available will be whispered "Get to TARGET: X sec!", where target is the person who currently has the plague. And when the 10/15 seconds are up, he will get a "GET IT NOW!" whisper.

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I tried this mod last night, and immediatly upon starting the encounter i got the message telling me there were no clean targets.

I assume i just replace

where player1, 2,3 are the names of people in the raid?
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